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10 Ways Infographics Can Help You Increase Brand Visibility

We live in an era where brands focus on their business’s visibility instead of selling their products. 


Because brands want to sell their experiences and core messages- these two things are irreplaceable. On the contrary, products are replaceable and change frequently. 

So, it is simple. The more a brand does the marketing of its business, the more visible, it gets- and the more revenue they generate. 

An impeccable way of marketing is through infographics. Emerge yourself with a professional explainer video company for the finest infographics. The whole game of marketing depends on the awareness of your audience about the brand. And if you are looking to educate your audience, share information with them. But, if you want them to retain that information for longer, show them in the form of visuals. 

That is where infographics come in handy! 

What Exactly Are Infographics? 

A literal definition of infographics (aka information graphics) is showing information or data visually. But infographics are much more specific than that. 

We use infographics when we have to give a go-to overview of the topic. We use images and visual representations of data like statistics, charts, or diagrams seasoned with some minimal text to make it more understandable.

How Are Infographics Linked With Brand Visibility, And How Explainer Video Company Can Help? 

We can’t convince our customers to read everything about our new product or a newly launched campaign. But we can convince them to see a visual representation of that information. About 65% of learners are visual learners, and our brains retain 90% of the visual information.  

Let’s suppose our customer spot an infographic about the newly launched product. And their brain retained the info about it. So the next time they need to buy the product, their brain will trigger that memory. 

Infographics are a part of an explainer video. Only a good explainer video company can meet your brand’s requirements, offer your suggestions, and make it memorable for customers. 

Here Are Ten Ways To Use Infographics To Promote A Brand’s Visibility    

Infographics are a popular promotional tool, but one condition here is to make them look professional. Many explainer video companies will promise you the world and cost you a fortune, but the quality they deliver is just poor. So be aware that if the quality is poor, it will impact the audience. 

1. Infographics Build A Brand’s Presence

Building a presence for your newly launched business is no easy task- every brand’s owner has a dilemma of when and how to introduce themselves. 

Are you facing this dilemma right now? Then trust us. There is no better option than an infographic to introduce your brand. 

These graphics will send a direct message to the audience about the services and the kind of product you own. Make sure to put extra care into the credentials, like the logo, website, and CTA. 

2. Helps In Retaining Information

Let us take a reality check. What did you read last day? Possibilities are you find it difficult to remember, and if you consumed that information visually, your brain would have retained it for more than two days. 

The reason why it happens is that infographics break down a complex topic into bits and chunks. A good infographic video will follow a pattern, pictures, and data in a fun and humorous way that the audience couldn’t help but stop by and consume the information. But don’t expect any explainer video company to do this job.

Just look at the Community Sprint App video on how they used round infographic vectors and delivered a complex topic into digestible chunks.  

3. With Infographics, Flaunt Your Growth 

We all love watching ourselves succeed. It keeps us motivated. This statement is true for all situations. If you want your employees to be motivated, show them the significant sales you made this year. 

Do you want to celebrate the anniversary of the brand? Showcase the growth with infographics- from where you started and where you have reached. 

The world is changing, and so do our attention span. As visual creatures, we must learn to deliver everything in the form of a story so that it engages everyone. Only infographics can deliver data like a story. 

And a story won’t fascinate unless it is delivered right- so make sure to connect your brand with a good explainer video company

4. Infographics Help You To Compare Products

Let us suppose- you launched a product, and due to some reasons, the product faced backlash from the audiences, so you discontinued it. 

So to relaunch the product, you can opt for comparison infographics. And you can compare the before and after versions of the product. 

This move will imprint on the audience’s mind that you respect their suggestions and care about them. 

5. Engages Audience

Engaging the audience is easy- also hard at the same time. If you want the audience to notice your content, make it eye pleasing. 

But things get a bit difficult when you want them to hook. The public doesn’t want to read too much, and infographics are just right to be eye-pleasing and deliver just the right amount of information.

6. Delivers Clear Message 

To acknowledge the audience about your brand is the first step toward building the brand’s visibility. 

Writing piles of words to introduce them to services and products is not a good idea, but using infographics as a tool, to deliver new information is. Colorful graphics and minimal text are key to catering to the audience and making an impact. 

Just like iRecruit managed to convey a message about the struggles everyone goes through while applying for a job.

7. Tell A Story With Infographics

Do you remember those storybooks from our childhood that had illustrations and too little text? Those pictures spoke the story without words. 

The same goes for this. Infographics can tell a story when data or statistics can overwhelm the audience. Use vectors instead of numbers and notice how much it will make the content more user-friendly.   

Heylo Mobile App’s video will explain our point, just have a look at the connection between the story and the product they made.     

8. They Are Helpful In SEO

When you publish infographics on the website and share them on other social media forums, it helps you with SEO. But don’t forget to put, backlink to your website. It will bring organic traffic, hence resulting in boosting engagement.   

9. Trendy Infographics Can Go Viral

When you utilize trends to market your brand, it enables you to have a breakthrough. Chances are high that your content can go viral on social media. Researching is essential if you have this approach because the more you gather data about the trends, the more your content will be relatable. 

You can take help from explainer video companies because they are well aware of the trends.   

10. Enhances Brand Awareness

Almost 86% of marketers enhanced their brand awareness while posting engaging content on social media. Infographics are proven to be engaging for the audience. That makes them a great promotional tool.

Whenever people see your infographics on social media, they are more likely to open your website. This aids in increasing the brand’s visibility and enhances awareness among potential audiences.   


Throughout the blog, we have discussed Ten proven ways infographics can help us boost the brand’s visibility. Although, infographics are not a new tool for promotion. And right now, these are the hottest topic in the marketing world. But some companies deliver poorly made infographics that are decreasing their worth. 

So it is essential to connect your business liable resources and a professional explainer video company to get a better start.

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