Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is the most effective video style. It engages the viewer by its astounding way of elaborating the story with the eye-catching images.

Keeping the viewers hooked

The best part about whiteboard animation is that it brings an urge and eagerness in the viewer to know what would happen next. It brings expectations in his mind and he keeps hitched to the video. It’s creative way of briefing the concept of the product through verbal and visual means makes it most effective means of Product marketing.


What makes whiteboard animation so unique is its simplicity. The other styles have vibrant colors, but whiteboard animation has no colors, but yet it is so impactful. The presence of story, script, and images make it so powerful that it doesn’t require the usage of vibrant colors.

Explaining Complex Concepts

It holds the quality of explaining complex concepts. An average whiteboard video is of 90-120 sec. But if the further explanation of product/service concept is required, whiteboard animation can be used since the viewer doesn’t lose interest in whiteboard animation videos.

Less Costly

Whiteboard animation video is less costly and takes less time as compared to other video styles.


The characters used in Whiteboard make it more eminent. The audience relates the characters to themselves. They feel a deep connection with them and understand that through these characters their problems are being addressed.

Business Introduction

It enables new businesses to introduce themselves as unique, innovative and creative.

Understanding of the Business

These videos offer better understanding to the viewers. The new startups that come up with entirely new concepts can use whiteboard animation to convince viewers about their new business idea.

Whiteboard animation videos are good at depicting the problems which users face. The display of product/service as the solution makes it more effective and effectual.

With whiteboard animation, difficult product concepts can easily be explained. Considering that images and story doesn’t lose their grip.