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Video Optimization Tips For Your Online Presence

If you are contemplating an explanatory video for your company, you need to define its purpose before deciding on its form. Even though it may not technically be an advertisement in the mind of the business owner, an explanatory video is subject to the same audience, the public. One of the video optimization tips is to mold it from the beginning to fill its role.

Chris Atkinson, in his online review of the San Francisco Summit, Video Optimization Tips for Your Online Presence:

Once all the introductions and everything got out of the way, Julie Perry made mention that the ad spends in 2013 would be $4 billion. She tells clients when it comes to an ad they want to run to think backward in the video’s life cycle. Instead of figuring out what the ad is going to be right off the bat, you need to figure out where it’s going to run, and what format it will run in, and work all the way back to the creative stage.

Tailor Your Effort To Your Audience

These comments are pertinent to any marketing strategy, not just advertising. In the process of optimizing a video choice for presenting your business to the public, be aware that the public is more sophisticated as a result of many years on the web. This sophistication is enhanced by the recent infiltration of paid media into social sites and goes beyond merely adding polish to the production of a video. A video targeted to the correct audience and placed appropriately for consideration in the right format will command predictable results.

Your Marketing Intention

Your goal is the first thing to examine. It will be the deciding factor of whether to include the video as one part of a larger campaign, of whether to include skip options, or whether to place the video where the viewing is mandatory before being allowed to view more compelling content.
An explanatory video is often the greeting message to a company website. The implications of this placement are that your ideal customer has already found your website and is looking for more depth than would be offered by a shorter initial enticement.

Video Optimization Tips For Your Online Presence From The PROS

The experts at the San Francisco Summit agreed on some key points of Video Optimization Tips for Your Online Presence:

  • You have 5 to 15 seconds to grab attention.
  • While shorter is better in many cases, some situations demand depth and require more time.
  • The craft of a longer video includes a use of emotional cues to build trust and to engage the viewer on a deeper level.

Manufacturing A Celebrity

One of the sure-shot methods to grab the attention of the public is a celebrity endorsement. A celebrity has access to a consumer’s emotions, their trust, and perhaps more importantly, their benevolent interest. Celebrities are expensive, but the creation of a willingness to engage can be created by animation.

Once awakened, attention can be maintained by the good use of storyboards, humor, and professional scripting and voice inflection, all creating a personal connection. The creative scope of an imaginative animated video can summon the same types of bonding that a celebrity commands without the price of endorsement that a celebrity requires.

Examine Your Current Place In The Market

One of the suggestions put forth at the Summit was that you have to find out how accessible you already are. Take some time to sit down in front of a computer and search for your business.

  • How broad is your brand recognition?
  • Does a general product or service search produce information on your company?
  • Is your service widely known enough that potential customers will search for you by name?
  • Does a name search bring up your website, or is more information involved?

Decide If You Need Help

There is a possibility that making your own video may be an acceptable option for you, but a simple inquiry with a few pointed questions may save you wasted effort, time, and money.

  • A creative video will not help you if it doesn’t reach your audience.
  • A well-placed effort at increasing your name recognition will be less effective if the public finds it irrelevant or just plain boring.
  • Do you have the necessary connections to place your efforts? With $4 billion dollars acting in this market, it isn’t as simple as it was three years ago.




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