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Bridging The Gap Between Patients And Providers

Close The Gap With Explainer Video


Engaging explainer video is the connection to all

Video Explainers videos take health care industry to a new level where they can easily and effectively communicate message to patients and other constitute in this industry. We understand and thus wanted to make sure that the patients can feel heard and get the information in a way that they can understand.

Video Explainers is one of the leading providers in creating animated explainer video for innovative people that are in health care industry. We take complicated and complex information related to disease, treatments, technologies and medicine and deliver it in a quick simple and easy to understand visual messages.


Our aim is to create visual images that will help to connect the patient and the provider together both sides to understand each other better while ensuring a better future for our patients. Video explainers have covered topics such diabetes, technologies and more.

How Can Explainer Videos Help Healthcare Industries

The message delivery of any kind of healthcare product or service can be bit complex because of the medical terms which cannot be understood by everyone, and at times health care departments have to aware people around with such disease or product which is new in the market so for that animated explainer videos are the best as you can animate or design anything which is not possible in live video shoots.

As in this video whiteboard style is used to show the complex message of how you can use lenses, even though the video was very simple it is just the drawing which made the brand message so strong.


Some Of Our Videos For Healthcare Industry