Top 5 Insider Secrets to Use Videos to Drive Signups and Increase Conversions

Let’s face the facts: Videos are hot right now.
From funny cats to the little boy claiming that Charlie bit his finger, it can start to feel like a new video goes viral every single day.
Truthfully, that just may be close to the truth. YouTube has over one billion users, which equates to almost one-third of all people on the internet, and every single day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.
Whether we want to face these facts or not, there is no denying the impact it has on society. YouTube’s mobile app alone reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S. Let’s think about that for a moment. A mobile app reaches more 18-49 year olds than any U.S. cable network in existence.
But it isn’t just the United States that YouTube has had this profound impact on. In fact, 80% of YouTube’s views come from outside of the United States, and the site has launched local versions in over 80 countries with the option to navigate in a total of 76 different languages.
That makes up approximately 95% of the internet population.
That’s mind blowing.
Online videos haven’t just changed how the consumer receives their information, either.
Just ask Felix Kjellberg, better known by his YouTube alias “Pewdiepie”, who is the single most subscribed to a person on YouTube with over 44 million unique subscribers. He has turned his entertainment/gaming play through videos into a multi-million dollar business venture, with an annual income of over $12 million.
I’m not saying that you should go out and start an entertainment YouTube channel right now, but I am saying that the impact that online videos have on the internet right now is unparalleled. If you want to connect with a larger audience, and in turn drive signups to your site and increase conversions, you just may want to look into creating videos.
The most important part, at least in my opinion, is to first learn how to use videos to effectively market your business.
That’s where we come in.
In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 insider secrets to use videos to drive signups and increase your website conversions with ease.

Insider Secret #1: Provide product walk throughs to increase new customer acquisition

To gain full respect and trust from potential clients, you must first put yourself in their shoes. Assuming that you were a person looking to buy a particular product, what would you want to know about it?
Well, for starters, chances are that you would want to become acquainted with the interface — how does it work? Is it easy? These are the questions that your walk through should answer. Start from the very beginning, watering the process down for even the least tech-savvy person in the room. You want your walk through to cover everything and leave no questions left unanswered.
That’s exactly what the makers of Honey Book did with their nearly 22-minute full product walk through YouTube video.
Making something like this is easy, too. If you’re a MAC user, you can easily do something like this with QuickTime. PC users can download something like ScreenRecorder for an easy, painless experience as well.

Insider Secret #2: Provide how-to videos to increase traffic

I know what you’re probably thinking: “How does this differ at all from the walk through video?” Well, I’ll explain.
In a walk through video, you are teaching the audience how to use your product. In a how-to video, you are teaching the audience how to do something that uses your product. Let’s take this video How To Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos  and use them as an example, shall we?
In this video its not just the presenter telling the tips and trick of properly optimizing your you tube account but he’s sharing the information in a way to increase his product which is his own profile to increase its visibility. You do not plug or sell your product in a how-to video.
You rely on your audience’s intelligence to know that, if they are interested, they will seek the drill out for themselves.
Pro Tip: Post your video on your site, and include the step-by-step instructions as a way to extend the reach of your content. You can document anything like these bloggers who create income reports that share their earnings.

Insider Secret #3: Provide product description videos to increase conversions

The most difficult task is to describe your product in a way that instantly attract the attention of the targeted audience and convince the potential buyers but Hey, don’t you have to worry as Explainer Videos are to the rescue, the whole purpose of explainer videos s to explain the most complex ideas in a fun and engaging way, the best part about these videos is due to flexibility you can use them for any industry. Explainer videos are the go to go option when you have to stand out in the crowd to make your product shine.
Not only this a single product explainer video can boost up your conversion rates up to 60% all you need to do is get your explainer video right.

Insider Secret #4: Provide product testimonials to promote proof of concept

At this point, I think everyone on the planet has seen at least one Proactiv commercial starring a beautiful celebrity with ‘hard to manage’ skin. What makes these commercials so successful is the conversational tone to them. Celebrities ranging from Jessica Simpson to Adam Levine to supermodel Lily Aldridge all sit down in front of a camera and talk their acne struggles.
You don’t need a handful of celebrities in your corner to promote your product, although I’m sure it would be nice.
Simply having a few happy customers who attest to the usefulness of your product is all you need. Reach out to a few people and ask them to describe their experiences, as well as what problem(s) your product managed to solve for them.

Insider Secret #5: Provide video ads to increase sales
If you ask some, the best part of the Super Bowl is the funny commercials that come between plays.
If you want to reach a wider audience, you should consider advertisement. Of course, YouTube and Facebook are great avenues to promote your product, but short ad videos on social media sites like Instagram and Vine are starting to pick up as well.
Just check out this Lowe’s Instagram ad, which generated nearly 49,000 likes for the home improvement chain.
The biggest piece of advice I can offer here is to remember that advertisements can be tricky. Be sure to target your audience as precisely as you possibly can, as ads are expensive and a bad targeting job can result in a dramatic loss.

How Video Marketing Made Wasel’s Gift Video A Success Journey

About Moussally LTD

Moussally LTD launched a mobile app Wasel Gift for people with age range 18-40. The whole idea behind the app and the product development was to help people send gifts internationally through an app.

“The result was superb – a well designed and animated video that concisely explains the Wasel’s Gift App.”


Make the Happy Occasions Memorable With Wasel’s Gift App

The objective was to create a world-class mobile application which is able to perform the operation of sending gifts in the form of credits. This application is specifically designed for those who live far away from their loved ones.

Why Moussally needed an explainer video?

To let their audience know a convenient way through which they can easily send and collect gifts across the globe.  So they needed a video that concisely captured the mobile apps benefit and how does it work.
As the client wanted to convey the message about their app in an innovative way which can instantly grab the attention of the viewers. We were tasked with creating a short and simple animated video named Wasel Gift Video that explains what Wasel Mobile Application is and the overall app benefit letting their audiences know how the app can be beneficial in saving time and celebrating occasions with love and happiness.

Our Solution:

Creating a compelling explainer video to explain how one app can save the time and hustle of going to the market to get gifts

Moussally required an explainer video for its Wasel’s app  that could concisely capture the mobile app benefits and its mechanism and so we chose to create a 60-90 sec motion graphic explainer video that shows the true value of their product.
The main idea behind creating this animated video was to aware the audience about the benefits of Wasel App.  Video explainers took a step forward and crafted a video along with the script and animation that not only highlighted the value of Wasel App but also its features.
Hence, the video was able to successfully communicate the core message of the app in an engaging and fun way.


A Video Understood and Loved By Every Viewer

As a result, the video was helpful in engaging the Wasel’s audiences in getting increased downloads. Moreover, it has been currently used as an introductory video by their sales teams in meetings with large organizations.

Client’s statement:

The result was superb – a well designed and animated video that concisely explains the Wasel’s Gift App.

Project Breakdown

Concept: Created by Video explainers
Artwork & Design: Designed by Video explainers artists
Tone & Style: 2D Cartoon Animation
Video Production: By Video explainer’s team

[Case study] – (Otix) How One Video Helped In Getting More Sign Ups Leads to Their Website

About O-tix:

O-tix is an event technology platform that offers event ticketing, registration and data capture to companies.
O-tix combines event ticketing with visitor data capture on a single platform. Moreover, it includes registration, event apps, websites and even e-commerce to help you create events that delivers more.

“The result was superb – a well designed animated video that concisely explains the O-tix products.”


Breaking the new ground; Let the 1000+ visitors knows about the platform and its products.

Setting up, they wanted to create a world class SaaS platform that combines ticketing, data-capture, registration and product sales through one single integrated platform.

Why O-tix needed an explainer video?

They wanted to let their audience know a much easier way through which they can easily collect their data and so they needed a video that concisely captured the product’s benefit and how does it work.
As the client mentioned about the complexity that their brand has, we were tasked with creating a short and simple animated video that explains what O-tix is and the overall product benefit to let their audiences know how the platform can be useful in delivering more ROI specifically to exhibitors and event managers.

Our Solution:

Creating an inspiring explainer video to explain how one platform could deliver more ROI to exhibitors and organizers.

Otix required an explainer video that could concisely capture the product benefits and its mechanism and so we chose to create a 60-90 sec motion graphic explainer video that shows the true value of their product.
The main goal of making this video was to aware the audiences about the products benefits. Video explainers took an approach and crafted a video along with the script and animation that not only highlighted the value of o-tix products but also also its mechanism.
Hence, the video was able to successfully communicate the core value of the product in an engaging and inspiring way.


One Introductory Video and 1000+ Signups

As a result, the video was helpful in engaging the o-tix audiences in getting increased signups. Moreover, it has been currently used as an introductory video by their sales teams in meetings with large organizations.

Client’s statement:

The result was superb – a well designed animated video that concisely explains the O-tix products.

 Working with Video Explainers was fantastic – we have a very specific vision and there was a lot of communications between them and us. But the turnaround times and the understanding of our needs were impeccable with changes being accurately reflected every time.  

Client’s Delight:

 Love the team at Video Explainers and we’re already planning to have the video translated into Mandarin.

Project Breakdown

Concept: Created by Video explainers
Artwork & Design: Designed by Video explainers artists
Tone & Style: Story-based with animation
Video Production: By Video Explainer’s team.

[Case Study]-Full Frame Productions


The objective of Full Frame Productions was to create an engaging explainer video for Car Scene that will help attract more of their  audience so they can engage more prospects with their brand.


In the case of Car Scene, Video Explainers sought out a unique production method and developed a custom 3D animated video of 90- 120 seconds in length that focused on Car Scene’s goals: To promote a new product, clear out old stock, and highlight a new service.
A 3D video is one of the styles that attract the users  the best. It is one of the most polished and widely used animation styles that easily explains any startup idea. So, Video Explainers took that approach and made a custom 3D explainer video for Full Frames Productions’ client, Car Scene, to help them engage their target audiences.
The messages within the video were clear enough to fully educate the target audience about Car Scene and the special offer that Car Scene wanted to present. The unique animated approach using the super effective video communication channel helped Car Scene bring their product into the market successfully.


“Since creating our video with Video Explainers, Customer Engagement with our Brand has definitely increased  about 25% more and we have overall seen an improvement in the performance of business.
Our Customers were also able to learn faster about what we have to offer and with video production; they are able to have a deeper understanding of our products and services.
This can be attributed to the great animations, typography and use of color in the video.

People are more willing to engage with us and we have seen a direct relationship between customers watching our video and inquiries generated.

Video explainers were very easy to work withthey were incredibly flexible and they made the process very simple. Video Production is a huge undertaking for most businesses but we really felt supported and the entire process was a breeze.”

How Explainer Videos Can Help Educational Institutes

Tired of giving the same lectures on loud speakers and blackboards and still none of your students seems to be interested in what you are teaching. Working your nights out for the assignments and still the teachers say that you need to work more hard to get good grades? Do your orientations, convocations, and other educational seminars get dull and lack the power of goodness?  So, Now it’s high time that you come out of the old age and bring some creativity in your educational curriculum. You must be aware of the new trend around the globe that is “Explainer Videos
Lately, the boom of Explainer Videos has surprisingly shown some amazing positive results which made everyone take a moment and think about investing in them. If you are not aware of what Explainer Videos actually are and why are they becoming so popular then this blog can serve the purpose of being a perfect guide.
Let’s take a quick little overview of what Explainer Videos Are? And how can they be helpful in the learning process?

All about Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short videos usually animated, which quickly explains the complex concepts and ideas in a fun and engaging way as these videos are not more than 90 seconds long they are able to grab the attention span of its audience Explainer videos are great for building a strong bond with the viewers.
Explainer videos consist of many different styles, in which the most commonly used styles are Whiteboard, 2D cartoon, Motion graphics, Infographics, Typography, and Cutout. Each style is unique in its own way and each can be used in different ways to educate and deliver the teachings.
Watch these videos to learn about the difference of each style.

How to Utilize Explainer Videos in Learning Process?

Due to the flexibility of Explainer Videos they can be integrated into education industry as to help students learn the difficult concepts of different courses through the use powerful graphics and techniques of animation. Apart from this Explainer videos can be helpful for every person related to the education field.
Further, in this blog I’ll explain the multiple uses and benefits of Explainer Videos in different tips for institutes, teachers, students, and stakeholders.

Explainer Video: An All Rounder

If you run an institute or you’re a part of it. You must be knowing that every year/semester new students get enrolled and old students pass out, for that purpose orientations, accommodations and farewells get held. Explainer Videos can be great in building up these sessions in an interesting way. Educate about the rules and regulations to the new students give them a warm welcome by introducing them about your institute with these animated videos, give your old students some sweet memories to cherish forever in their goodbye farewell, an animated video in which you can explain their whole educational journey.

Delivery Of Complex Concepts

As studies show that on average humans have attention spans less than 8 seconds, same happens with the students they intend to get annoyed and start taking studies as a burden when there is nothing which can hold their attention for long, at this stage Explainer Videos can be very helpful as through powerful animation complicated and complex concepts can be delivered in a simplified way. Through Explainer Videos, it gets easy for the students to adopt what is being taught than the regular text. So if you teach little learners or grownups explainer videos can be your ultimate guide.

Explainer videos are not limited to any specific area, due to their flexibility and ability of explaining anything these videos can be crafted in all the ways you want, especially explainer videos can be very beneficial for the little ones as it’s a known fact that toddlers love to watch cartoons and videos which include music and vibrant colors attract kids. So, why not make their early learning process fun and memorable. With Explainer Videos, you can teach them rhymes and other basic courses. Watch this cute video and see how the whole ABC is explained in such an engaging way.

E-learning process can be helpful for parents while building the career of their children as Explainer Videos are easily shareable and are available on every social media forum, parents can use these videos either to teach or to learn how to teach.

Make Your Presentations Creative

Have you got a presentation around the corner? Let Explainer Video help you. As these videos are expert at delivering the new ideas and complicated information in a simplified and easy way, you can surely save yourself some good marks by getting creative with these videos. Apart from this Explainer Videos can be very good while giving references or showcasing any project, there are always some courses which gives you a real hard time and you put your endless efforts to make them look interesting but yet again there is no way out, Worry No More! Explainer videos are here to the rescue, you can always make use of infographics and motion graphics to make you dull courses shine. Have a look at these cool videos and save some ideas for your next presentation.

Online Classes

Everything is shifting online no matter if it’s shopping, business or online classes. To make your online classes unique and different from others rather than giving lectures and online text-based notes, be innovative and grab the students by making Explainer Videos, these videos will not only save your time but also let your students understand your teachings more properly than a simple text can do.

Explainer Videos Your Brand Ambassador

Are you opening up a new learning center or changing the name of an old one? But how will your audience know about it? Yes, Explainer Video is the right answer.  By making this short animated video you can hold on your audience and tell them why they should choose you, explain your features and facilities that you’ll be providing to your students. As explainer videos are one of a kind these video will definitely leave a long lasting impact on the mind of your viewers.


Learning and education are the most important part of growing, through Explainer Videos give your students and teachers an experience that they never forget. These videos are a treat for all and can be used anywhere no matter if it’s an exam, a training session, a regular class, a seminar or a webinar, make the most of it and make your journey of education adventurous. I hope this blog has helped you in understanding the different and unique side of  Explainer Videos.
Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

[Case Study]-Divorcio

About Divorcio

Divorcio is a Brazilian company that offers online service for consensual divorce to couples, who have been married in Brazil.
Divorcio allows services to couples who at some point do not agree or have children less than 18 years. It offers an eligibility test which the customer has to go through and after clearing the test they get to align with the local lawyers.

Objective: Why Divorcio needed an Explainer Video?

The objective was to make an explainer video to let the website visitors understand what Divorcio is offering and how does it work.
It wanted to make people understand how Divorcio service can help them in divorce concerning matters and get rid of those bureaucratic, slow and emotionally stressful procedures.
It decided to go for explainer video for conveying the Divorcio message to the audience as the message is a bit complex and making people aware about it through the text details would not be a convincing idea.
Divorcio wanted to explain the service message to its target market in appealing and engaging way that is why it chose explainer video as the best mean of communicating its message to the target audience.


The goal was to let the audience know about the online service that is complicated to explain to the website visitors.


Divorcio required a 60-90 seconds animated video to make the audience understand about the services it offers.
It needed to make the website visitors understand the legal processes easily. Explainer video was the best option for making this message understandable for the people as explainer video excels in delivery of complex messages in fun and engaging ways.
As cartoon style videos and whiteboard videos are most effective in complex message delivery so we mutually decided to demonstrate the real value of Divorcio and its procedures to the audience through cartoon animated video.
Video explainers worked to make cartoon style video for Divorcio so that it could highlight the service meaning in an engaging way.


As a result, the video helped Divorcio to get the results it wanted to achieve. With our animated video, Divorcio resulted in getting the number of users to come and visit the website and inspired them to use the service.
Let’s see what the client has to say about the results:
“We were very happy with the results of the video produced. Our online divorce service is complicated to explain to website visitors and the credibility that video gives to our website has helped us significantly in reaching our goals. We also use the video in generic online advertising with Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. I’m really happy with the results”
J Ring, DivorcioAqui CEO

[Case study]- My Greetly

My Greetly is a digital receptionist of modern office. It is an iPad receptionist that instantly connects your visitors with the right person. This app was created mainly due to the fact that in this era of few receptionists, most office lobbies leave visitors confused and frustrated instead but this app was created to greet customers, vendors, interview candidates, delivery people and anyone else all the time.
“My Greetly’s animated video acts as a quick, easy-to-understand product demo.”
“We did GENERATE 60 QUALIFIED LEADS, with no promotional support, before the product even launched.”
Dave Milliken, Greetly Founder.

Objective: Why My Greetly needed an Explainer Video?

The objective of making an explainer video was to demonstrate how the digital receptionist solution works for their users as many app landing pages are focused on downloads and trials, but setting up with Greetly is a multi step process and showing the app in action via animated video, they wanted to encourage their visitors to follow through the proper setup process.


The goal was to create an explainer video to demonstrate how Greetly works to site visitors while the app was still in development.


Greetly required a 90 -120 seconds cartoon explainer video that shows the added value of their product. The main goal of making this video was to communicate the processes to it target audiences. Video explainers took an approach with the script & visuals that marked the value of Greely’s product and explain the product and its benefit. The video was able to successfully communicate the core value of the product.


Video Explainers always focuses on producing such high quality videos that can help businesses to get maximum LEADS.
We were once again successful in achieving our goal of providing our clients with the highly qualified leads with My Greetly Video.
Our video played a big major role in getting My Greetly the specified 60 leads.
With a powerful story and script, characters and highly customized animation, we were successful in explaining the core concept of My Greetly to the audience.
The impact can be measured by the fact that our video was able to produce 60 QUALIFIED LEADS for My Greetly before the product launch with no promotional support.
Let’s see what Dave Milliken (My Greetly Founder) himself has to say about the video success.
“However we did generate 60 QUALIFIED LEADS, with no promotional support, before the product even launched. That far exceeded our expectations. And nearly every site visitors watches the video so we know it has played a role in evaluation of our product.”
Dave Milliken –My Greetly Founder.

[Case study]- KeneteK Inc

KeneteK Inc is a small global company that specializes in system information governance. It aims to simplify the Business Process complexity faced by their customers hence making it simple and effective.
We noticed that the video helped us do just what we wanted from it. We managed to increase the affluence to our booths in various conventions around the world and encouraged the attendees to come ask us questions and tease their interest in our solution.”
Gustavo Alberto Kuster, KeneteK Inc Director.

Objective: Why KeneteK Inc needed an explainer video?

It needed an explainer video not only to make people understand the complex process in engaging way but also to evoke interest in the viewers to talk to them about the challenges and problems the viewers face regarding handling of sensitive data.
It wanted its explainer video to communicate the audience about their service and encourage the viewers to talk to them about the I.T concerns. Its service concept was not for regular users. It needed to depict the concept to the specified audience that is why it believed that video could be the best way to do so.
KeneteK Inc decided to have an explainer video as they had to communicate the service message to the technical and non technical people and video was the best way to reach to the both categories of the target market.


KeneteK Goal KeneteK inc. wanted to create a connection between their users and start a discussion on the challenges that were faced by their audiences and what solution they can give to them.

Solution that Video Explainers Provided

KeneteK Inc required a  60-90 seconds motion graphic video style that shows the added value of KeneteK in governance processes of IT systems.

Video explainers decided demonstrate the added value of KeneteK in governance processes of IT systems through explainer video.
These processes needed to be communicated to make the target audience aware of its value. We took an approach to the script & Visuals that highlighted that value of KeneteK focusing on the explanation of benefits. As opposed to a complex description of search engine methodology, the video was easy to understand, and
allowed the audience to relate.


As a result, the video helped them to do just what they wanted and managed to increase their number of users to come and visit them and ask for the solution. With this technique of using animated video KeneteK Inc. resulted in better understanding with their audience and bringing them to use their product.
We managed to increase the affluence to our booths in various conventions around the world and encouraged the attendees to come ask us questions and tease their interest in our solution.”
“An image says a thousand words, a video says a million” .
Gustavo Alberto Kuster, KeneteK Inc Director.

Case study-

Case study- DLL -file fixer

The DLL-file fixer is software that provides a fully automated solution to DLL-error that is based on system information. The DLL file fixer helps to choose the file version that benefits system, and installs it where it needs to be.
A DLL–file fixer includes a registry cleanser that easily fixes all PC issues which enables to speed up the PC performance in the long run. The DLL-file fixer allows installing the software or getting the app that automates everything. The DLL-file fixer app is great for heavy computer users such as gamer, free lancers who at times face these DLL errors appearing.

Objective: Why DLL-File Fixer needed an Explainer Video?

The problem DLL- file fixer was facing was that it could not target the website users as it wanted to. To specifically target the website users, it decided to get an explainer video which could help in making DLL-file fixer gain visibility for the target market.
It wanted to convey the audience about the DLL file fixer, how it works and how the users can get the software. It believed Explainer video as the best means of communicating the DLL file fixer details to the target users as explainer video excels in the delivery of all product/service messages regardless of its complexity.
Through explainer video, it wanted to increase the sales and gain users’ trust so that the users attempt to try the trial version.


The goal was to encourage the users for more signups for the free trial version of the software, so that it could prove the direct benefit to the customers.


DLL-file fixer needed an animated video to highlight the use of thee product and encourage the users to get register for free signups. Video explainers developed a custom info graphic style video that focuses on DLL-File fixer goals.
The video message was very clear to demonstrate the DLL-File fixer software and sign up procedure.
Let’s see what Bjorn Sundqvist(Market Manager, Tilf AB) has to say about it:
We were very happy with the results of including the video on our website. It is still featured prominently on all relevant landing pages where the Fixer app is promoted. We decided to use Youtube for hosting, as this would also allow a public space for interaction with users through the Youtube platform.
Based on direct feedback from users (on-page survey), they found the video “helpful in briefly explaining the benefits of the [DLL-files Fixer] in an easily digestible way”.


Video explainers always aims on producing great quality content that can help our users to achieve their respective business goals with the video.
This time we were again successful in bringing out great results for DLL-file fixer.
Based on the results, it got an estimated of 17% increase in the ratio of app downloads vs. the manual free option. Also, it got positive traffic flow from YouTube where it could interact with the users.

Our Happy and Successful Clients:

Not only did the video perform better than we had anticipated, it has also helped us realize that we had to simplify our value proposition. These learning helped us further improve our conversion rate on, but we also replicated these favorable results with one of our sister brands as well.
Björn Sundqvist (Market Manager, Tilf AB)

[Case study]-The Boston Group

Ben Boston is the brand ambassador for The Boston Group, which is a wholly-owned group of companies that include Boston Commercial Services and Dejure Commercial Lawyers.
Boston Commercial Services is an Australian company which focuses on providing small to medium businesses with cash flow solutions and legal business requirements. Boston Commercial Services can assist with commercial litigation, debt recovery, or a complete outsourced accounts receivable program.
Dejure Commercial Lawyers is the Boston Group’s incorporated legal practice. Dejure brings together a team of lawyers that are dedicated to conducting commercial litigation work, with a focus on the areas of debt recovery, business financial, corporate and commercial transactions and contract law.

Objective: Why Ben Boston needed an Explainer Video?

Boston Commercial Services and Dejure Commercial Lawyers wanted a fun and engaging way to illustrate such an extensive service offering to anyone that visited their website.
Ben Boston was the perfect way to show how the team at Boston Commercial Services and Dejure Commercial Lawyers can make the debt recovery and legal process simple and easy to understand.


The goal was to find a way to explain to anyone visiting the website the services offerings Boston Commercial Services and Dejure Commercial Lawyers can provide to their clients. Ben Boston provided a friendly approach to a sometimes complicated process.


As an explainer video production company, we analyze what Boston Commercial Services required and what they wanted to highlight in the video.  After all the research work we decided to make a cartoon animated video for briefing the Ben Boston services in appealing and attractive way.
We decided to make cartoon animated video as it is mostly used for communicating the difficult messages in fun and engaging way. Ben Boston’s message was related to the debt recovery and legal processes so we thought a cartoon animated style can make the message interesting for the audience.
Boston Commercial Services required a 90 seconds animated explainer video to let the visitors understand the complex services that they are offering in a simple yet effective manner.
Through the script, we managed to highlight the core message of the company effectively.
The animation and illustration of Ben Boston was the most appealing thing in the video that attracted the visitors most.
With the vibrant colors used in the illustration, the animation stands out well and helps to attract the visitors more.


As a result, they were able to find a way to explain to their clients, in a meaningful and simple way, the service offerings they can provide them.
Using Ben Boston in the introductory video has provided a friendly approach to the debt recovery and incorporated legal process, which can otherwise seem very daunting.
“Our introductory video has helped our clients to better understand how we can provide them with professional, commercially-sound, systematic solutions to meet their individual needs. “
-Ben Gower

Watch the Video!