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The Best Way to Hook your Customer with Promo Video

Today we’re in the era where you need to connect with the audience in order to let them know about your existence. You need to do so as you are operating in the competitive marketplace where every business is applying hardcore strategies to spread brand awareness and influence people about their respective product or service consumption.

Long ago, when it came to the marketing of a brand, promotions used to be done through ATL and BTL activities, but in this new era, the Internet has taken over and is one of the best resources that will help you to deliver your brand story effectively.

As businesses move away from offline operations, like emails, letters, print ads, and billboards, they are increasingly spending more time and effort online with banner ads, e-newsletters, various case studies and now…

The Promo Video.

In this blog, you will get to learn what is the best medium to hook your customers? How it should be like ? And the best ways to spread and share it.

1. Promo Video-The Best Medium to Hook Customers

Promo video is used as the best medium to hook your customers, whether you’re promoting your brand or introducing one.  There are many ways in which the promo videos can be done through filming it, creating a montage or explainer video.

Use Explainer Video as Your Promo Video

An Explainer video is the best way to be used for promo videos as it the best way to grab the visitor’s attention in giving them the content that they enjoy; visuals that amaze them and a story that can be easily understood. Videos enable you to convey your brand story in a fun and engaging way.

As you can see that brands having their videos are attracted more by the visitors rather than boring text and plain images. The best part about explainer videos is that they communicate the brand message (no matter how complicated it is) in a completely fun and engaging way. You have the exceptional opportunity to tell people about your amazing product idea, the need that it fills, the extraordinary features that your product/service provides, and how the features work for customers, etc.

Imagine how appealing it is that you can easily present all this information with an explainer video!

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Factors that attract the viewers in Promo video:

  • Powerful script and story
  • Animated cartoon characters that enable people to build brand associations
  • Attractive moving visuals
  • Voice over that narrates the brand story
  • Background music that makes the video interesting
  • Display of information in attractive way

Explainer videos Increasing Trend

Explainer videos are an increasing trend. You may be aware of how their significance has increased these days. But a point to consider here is that how are these videos used for promoting your product? How they are involved in the process of marketing your product/service?

You must be thinking  why should you include an explainer video for your product marketing?

Helps to Convey Right Message at Right Time

Today, video is the most prominent element in social media content. You have to see if your competitors in the market are using video as a powerful marketing tool (most of them are probably already using it) which means you too  have to make use of this tool in order to compete with them. If you use explainer videos to convey the right message to the right audience, then you can surely win the game.

Explainer videos are short videos that briefly introduce your product or service. The features of the product are also highlighted in the video. Usually, the problem-solution form is used in the creation of  the video where the customer is seen facing the problem and the product appears as the solution to it. This structure has been proven to be the most effective these days.

Choosing the Right Video Style

Now, making the decision to create an explainer video is not enough; you need to think about which video style can give you maximum impact and can be helpful for your business and for your promotion. There are many video styles that can be used in a video which include:

  • Cartoon explainer
  • Whiteboard style
  • Typography
  • 2D animation
  • Infographic, etc.

Whiteboard and cartoon style animation are the two most popular video styles that can be used for a promo video,  as the main purpose is to let the audience know about the brand and both of these styles are perfect in delivering that message.

These video styles are prominently famous for their effective message delivery of complicated concepts, such as:

Whiteboard style is most famous and preferred video type, especially for startups. The basic idea is the drawing of sequential images and text on a whiteboard and syncing with the voice over,  and explaining the whole concept in an engaging way.

The cartoon style of animation is the most vibrant style used in production. Through its colorful animation, friendly voice over,  and lighthearted script, this video is enjoyed by all. It is cost-effective too.

So, these are the basic concepts of explainer videos and the different animation styles, let but now we can get a little more detailed and find out what really makes a promo video the best it can be.

2. How the Promo Video Should Look like

a) Short, Easy, and Simple

Promo videos are the best marketing and sales tools and are designed to introduce or educate the customers about a particular product or service.

A promo video should be defined, precise, and should be direct enough to let the customer easily grab what the offering is about. It should be a well-produced video to hold the attention of viewers long enough to make the key points necessary to generate additional interest.

b) Convey Your Brand Story

Promo video is widely used because it enables you convey your brand story and these videos can be produced and distributed on the internet very easily. Animation has the power to bring any subject to life just as well as live action and your brand story needs one to meet current customer expectations.

Watch this video below and check to see how it benefits the business by grabbing the attention of the viewer right away as soon as they click the play button.

3. Spreading and Sharing of Promo Video:

Once produced, promo videos can be spread and shared on different social media forums, embedded on your landing page, shared via emails and newsletters, and posted on YouTube and Vimeo too. It can reach hundreds and thousands of users for free and in a very short time. Let’s discuss this in more detail:

a)  Placing Video on Your Landing Page

It has been proven that your landing page is a great platform to use for spreading and sharing your promo video because the first thing to be noticed on your landing page is a video. Text can be too lengthy to read at times and videos are more and entices them to stay and connect with your brand.

b) Video Can Be Used In Email and Newsletter

Having video within the content of your email or newsletter is a pretty cool way to make your promo video noticed. Seeing it from an SEO perspective, we want people sharing and linking to your video from an email or newsletter because it will help you in promoting your brand.

c) Video Can Be Used In Blogs

You can do try to maximize the video’s impact by embedding the video links in your blogs under the relevant headings. You can use video as an example of your message or statement,  or you can use the video to demonstrate an effective style. Just as I have done in this blog:

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d) Uploading it on YouTube and Vimeo:

I’ve saved the best in the last; yes, the two major platforms YouTube and Vimeo are used by hundreds and millions of people. So, uploading your promo video to any one of these platforms will surely give you the best results that you might be looking for and will help you to build your brand awareness in no time.


I hope I have effectively demonstrated that having a promo video can be extremely effective in delivering your brand story and be cost-effective too. A major role in your communication strategy can be played by an explainer video because it can easily reach a large audience online, increase brand and product awareness, reach brand influencers, increase conversion rates, get higher search rankings, increase sales and ROI, and importantly, helping your message to go viral.

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