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How To Write an Explainer Video Script?

Explainer videos are the most outstanding communicative tool for brands to convey their messages to the audience. It is not just the audio or video that delivers the message, the script of explainer videos also plays a crucial role. 

Such videos intend to explain products and services, and the script makes it easy for the audience to apprehend them. To successfully catch the viewers, writing a powerful script is essential these days. It is one of the reasons for growing explainer video companies in the USA because 95 percent of people retain messages quickly from the videos. 

Writing a great explainer video is not easy, and there is no magic trick that helps you produce a perfect script. But luckily, this blog has mentioned a few simple steps that you can follow to write an explainer video script. 

Some Key Steps 

Following are some of the steps you need to understand and follow before writing a script for your explainer video. Let’s begin with it! 

Step 1: Grab Audience’s Attention from the Beginning 

The perfect script makes a perfect impression!

Begin the script with catchy sentences and phrases that grab the audiences’ attention at once. Sometimes, scripts contain huge swathes of words, making them difficult to comprehend. It does not benefit you anyway, as people don’t look out for the meanings of each word while watching a video.

The more specific you are, the better your audience is to stick to the screen. For example, in animated videos, focus mainly on the products and services by keeping your target audience engaged. Also, learn how to make explainer videos work for your business. 

Step 2: Provide Solution to the Audience’s Problem 

When you write a script, what you should really keep in your mind is to resolve the audience’s problem. To do this, first, you need to know the target audience of your products and services and then resolve their issues. 

Suppose you own a real estate business and want your services to reach maximum customers. Sadly, due to a lack of real estate consultation, people hardly find the solutions. So, in your script, you will offer some helpful insights to the audience by targeting their pain points. 

Step 3: Incorporate Stories 

Humans adore listening to stories. A real-life story is often an intruding way to make an engaging script and an explainer video. An explainer video can transform into much more than an informational video. It can become a persuasive piece of brand storytelling.

For example, using animation in videos allows feeling a story rather than just listening. Because, explaining complex ideas with characters, colors, and themes is easy. You can hire an explainer video company in the USA to customize videos according to the need of your brand and business. 

Step 4: Add Emotions 

Find opportunities and add dialogues in your script to convey the character’s emotions. Infusing emotions will make viewers feel closer to the pinpoints, such as joy and pain. Use strong action verbs. For example, instead of saying that she was crying, use words like, “She was crying of despair.”

Use your tone, language, anecdotes, stats, or any other storytelling device to help you display emotion. Always make sure they align with the subject matter. Use simple words.  

Step 5: Check Your Length

It might seem strange, but writing is an art!

An explainer video script should be shorter in length. Here, you need to be creative enough to deliver the message, using minimal possible words. Your message needs proper weaving in the limited time frame. But it varies from service to service. 

For instance, a normal explainer video has a duration of between 60 to 120 seconds. It means that there must be 160 words in the entire video. Make sure you don’t exceed the word limit, especially with complex pronunciations. 

Step 6: Video Script Call to Action 

At the end of the script, add a single “Call To Action” (CTA) to tell readers or viewers what to do next. Believe it or not, it is the first step to making loyal customers in the long run. Strike a short and simple note. For example, you can use some of these phrases:

  • Contact us 
  • Call us now 
  • Talk to us today!
  • Get in touch with us 
  • Visit our website 

An effective call-to-action grab the user’s attention since it is the most noticeable thing at the end of the video. A highly designed CTA button or image defines your marketing campaigns more effectively. So, now you know how to do your best while writing a script for explainer videos. 

Final Thoughts! 

In today’s digital world, planning and concentration make a script powerful for an explainer video. For this, you can seek assistance from the best explainer video company in the USA, Video Explainers. They know the art of captivating your audience’s attention by keeping them stuck to the screen throughout the entire video. Let’s speed up the process and contact them at +1 (800) 617 7342 for powerful and creative script writing services. 

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