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How Do Explainer Videos Convert Your Visitors To Your Valuable Customers?

Do you want to begin marketing with explainer videos? It is a wise choice for many businesses today. A visually appealing animated video can help you build a loyal audience and increase web store sales. However, you should be aware of key practices that will assist you in successfully implementing this marketing initiative.

This blog is all about guiding you with the right options to convert your visitors into potential customers. Let’s explore the said options with us!

Obtaining High-Quality Website Visitors

Have you already driven traffic to your website? That’s fantastic! But is this traffic of high quality? This question may be more difficult to answer because not every website visitor becomes a loyal lead let alone a customer.

Our primary goal is to generate high-quality website traffic that results in new leads and conversions. How? Through an explainer video. We at Video Explainers – a premier explainer videos agency can help you with that. A great explainer video can act as a filter, directing the right people to your website while keeping the wrong ones at bay!

You must be wondering how should it be implemented? Well, to begin, you must create an engaging educational video that teaches people something useful while also driving them to your website.

The educational video should not be about what your company offers directly, but rather about a related topic. Of course, it should not be promotional. However, the topic must be appealing to your prospective buyers. 

The next step is to promote your product or service through advertising with your explainer video. Don’t forget to include a compelling call to action that will direct users to your website. Pay close attention to precision targeting. It is the single most important factor influencing ad success.

This simple algorithm will assist you in attracting not just more traffic, but more high-quality traffic that can be converted more easily. Your explainer video marketing work has only just begun once you have increased the number of quality web visitors.

Creating Leads from Visitors

Your website has attracted potential customers. What comes next? Many of them will most likely leave your landing page. You should do everything in your power to prevent it and, on the contrary, engage them even more.

You may have a visually appealing website design, a lovely blog with useful content, and even a few unobtrusive pop-ups on the home page. Despite this, web visitors may still be uninterested in learning more about your website.

Explainer video marketing can assist you in retaining more web visitors and converting them into high-quality leads. You must create an eye-catching animated explainer video for your homepage. It will assist you in keeping the audience’s attention on the website content for a longer period of time and lowering the bounce rate. 

Video marketing reigns supreme when it comes to persuading website visitors to click the buy button and complete a purchase. An engaging video can assist you in demonstrating the features and functions of your product. You can zoom in on specifics and demonstrate how a product works.

An Overview of the Product

You can make a fantastic video that highlights all of your product’s benefits and amazing features. It will assist people in re-evaluating your product and deciding whether or not to purchase it. 

A Video Highlighting the USP 

It is a type of video that demonstrates a unique selling proposition that distinguishes your product from its competitors in the market. It is especially useful in crowded industries where you can win by providing something better and truly unique.

A useful and entertaining video on a landing page can act as a catalyst for the customer’s desired decisions and actions. If everything is done correctly, you should see an increase in conversions.

Increasing the Number of Returning Customers 

Returning customers are your company’s lifeblood. To retain such a segment, you can launch new campaigns of the existing products in order to reach your existing customer bank. An explainer video can help you do that.

You Can Also Use

Videos for onboarding: Don’t underestimate the power of onboarding – it can increase customer loyalty while removing potential frustration caused by difficulties encountered when a person uses a product for the first time.

Announcements: about new product features in video format. You can use explainer videos to show your customers that you are constantly working to improve their experience with a product. To generate even more interest in your brand, you can announce the new product release in explainer videos.

What’s Next?

You might have understood in this blog why explainer videos hold pivotal importance in this industrial shift. If you want to capitalize on this shift, you need to utilize explainer video services to expand your clientele.

So, approach Video Explainers – the premier explainer videos agency whenever you’re ready. 

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