Stylee Bird Fashion: Create your own e-closet, and never miss an opportunity to shop more but with less. Stylee Bird Fashion Video Script Being a Birdie is more than knowing what’s fashionable.

It’s being a part of history. A part of the 1st MENA portal dedicated to fashion and designAnd a part of a fashion community FULL of other fashion Birdies just like YOU.

With, you have an efficient, unique way to do your window shopping right at your fingertips! Take Chloe for example.

Chloe is a successful working girl with a busy work schedule who was just invited to a White Party dress in the next weekend. But her time is limited and window shopping at the mall is not an option.

Chloe takes advantage of Stylee Birds window shopping browser and finds that perfect white dress calls the store And on the way home she knows exactly where to go and it’s waiting for her. Sarah needs to buy a birthday gift for Melissa But Melissa lives a long ways away and Sarah doesn’t know what to get her.

Luckily Sarah and Melissa are both birdies. So all Sarah has to do is look at Melissas wishlist on and she knows exactly what to buy without spoiling the surprise!

And then, there is Mia, she enjoys staying stylish at her high school. With so many students, it can be a challenge to stand out. That’s why Mia became a Birdie.

She uses the My Looks application to help her pick out great everyday outfits by knowing what renowned shops have to offer.

Once upon a time, there was Sophia, a young, hip, and the beautiful girl always on the hunt of this unique and vintage items. She is always dreaming of a life in Nothing Hill London or Soho New York. but Sophia discovered Birdies Preloved, her virtual Nothing Hill shop. And she fell in love with this vintage limited edition Chanel Bag.

They lived happily even after… As a fashion birdie YOU can express YOUR own style, create YOUR own e-closet, and never miss an opportunity to shop more but with less:) Stylee Bird Fashion, Your Fashion Eye! Fly over today and become part of the flock!