PriceSwarm Grocery App is a crowd-sourced grocery price comparison app. Simply, create your shopping list and PriceSwarm’s smart engine will show you your basket’s price at all grocery stores.

PriceSwarm Grocery App learns your grocery shopping habits so you can receive personalized deals, track your spending and earn points.

ave big on your grocery shopping in seconds. Simply create your shopping list and PriceSwarm will find the best deal for you based on your ENTIRE list by comparing millions of real-time prices in your area.

Unlike other services, the PriceSwarm smart engine compares ALL prices on your list and not just those items on sale in the weekly flyer. This will ensure you maximize on savings and beat the supermarket’s pricing strategies.

There is a small catch. Yours are in control. As a PriceSwarmer, you are a source of real-time prices. The more grocery receipts you feed the PriceSwarm engine, the smarter it gets and the more accurate the real-time prices are for everyone to benefit from.

In addition, PriceSwarm provides you insights into how you spend your money at the grocery store and recommends alternative products to help you save even more. We promise that your data will always be kept secure and private.