Style: Whiteboard Animation

Length: 1 min 06 seconds

Client: Ntellers

Language: English.

Video Script:

Knowing what’s happening around us is one of our vital needs.

At Ntellers. We realize that, which is the reason why we created a news platform that matches our generation.

Welcome to this cool new community of News Tellers.

NTellers is where we interact and inform ourselves about news items with one thoughtful or funny image.

That’s right,  you no longer have to waste time reading pages of news from one source when an image can say it all.

At Ntellers Satire & Humour  are always appreciated,

You Can Follow your Friend And share your thoughts with them about what is going on around us by letting your imagination flow.

If there’s information you can’t access, we’ll go above and beyond to find news and keep you updated on your particular points of interest, Politics, Entertainment, Sports…

So join us as we innovate the way we tell the news using our most popular channel of communication, Social Media.

“Ntellers… from you for you.“