Video Script:

Smart phones are an incredible convenience… and a big distraction.

Whoa, careful there!

But you know what the biggest problem with smart phones is?


Well, yeah.

We can drop our smart phones while walking, or observe them slide from the seat of a car or  subway, or watch them slip from our greasy fingers while eating fast food, or…

Well, you get the picture.

Smart phones drop… and break!

But having a scratched or broken screen isn’t funny, especially for what you shelled out for that gorgeous new iPhone 6.

Well, now you can help iPhone users protect their investment with an inexpensive solution… the super tempered glass screen protector from MoArmouz.

The MoArmouz premium screen protector is made of  titanium alloy with 3D arc edges that won’t chip,  and covers the full iPhone 6 and plus, mobile screens.

The specially formulated glass won’t shatter and protects your eyes from Blu-ray light. It’s anti-scratch, anti-oil and wipes clean with a cloth.

And did we say it’s tough?

The  MoArmouz 9-H Hardness, titanium smart phone screen will even survive a hammer blow!

Whoops, gravity again…

This titanium screen won’t gap around the edges because its precision engineered and comes trimmed in the standard iPhone colors.

And installation?

The screen is super easy to mount, bubble-free, because it comes with its own, foolproof installation tool and leaves no residue if removed.

So, enhance the beauty of any iPhone 6S/6, 6S Plus or 6 Plus, while making the screen virtually indestructible.

Join us at MoArmouz to help get the word out about this innovative product.