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Youtube Video Optimization | Step by Step Guide

Youtube Video Optimization Guide is for every company no matter which industry the company belongs to. Every day Youtube Videos are watched by hundreds of millions of people and generate billions of views. YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.  We have drafted a complete guide of Youtube Video Optimization where step by step you can work in ranking your video on number one. so let’s get started

Step 1: Identify Your Keyword

Heres the first step to youtube video optimization. So let’s start it from here…

Write down a query that your customer might type into the YouTube search engine. For example, a prospect that is looking for an explainer video service might type something like Explainer video or animated explainer video

So in this case, ‘explainer video’ will be your keyword.

Now, let’s add some keywords.

Notice this screenshot, how exactly I have mentioned the focused keyword and how the suggestions are coming along with it.

Step 2: Find Your Industry Related Keywords.

Now that you have understood what your main keyword is i.e. “explainer video” start working on making keywords that are related to it.

Go to YouTube and start typing in the most relevant keyword.

As you type it in, YouTube will start to auto-suggest a number of secondary keywords that are associated with your main keyword. You can get the ideas from those suggestions your YouTube Video Optimization.

Make a list of at least 5 related questions that you think your video will answer.

Then search those questions by removing the last 2 alphabets and the terms “how to” and “what”.

Make a document of each of the video related keywords to your that are relevant to your audience.

Step 3: Create Short and Engaging Video

A major part of Google’s YouTube algorithm (the math equation that decides where your videos will rank for a Keyword) is the WATCH TIME. In other words, how many people stayed that is from starting till the end of the video.

To have a high WATCH TIME on your videos you will need:

  1.  Super, high-value content
  2.  Laser-focused
  3.  Short and engaging

Lastly, keep your video between 1 and 3 minutes. They need to be short and to the point.

Do a quick intro and get into the tip, trick or hack as quickly as possible. Deliver the value and close with a call-to-action (CTA).

Believe me; people are going to watch your video if your video content answers their questions, solves their problems, Provides information, and connects with them emotionally.

When you are in the process of producing video content, do analyze what your competitors are doing. See what people like and dislike about them. Also, see how they are handling their YouTube channel and how they engage their customers with their videos.

Bonus tip for creating engaging videos:

  1.  Do not make a lengthy video. Ideally, it should be less than 3 minutes.
  2. Focus on the video’s quality: Script, Photography or Animation, Sound, Music, and Narration.

Step 4: Upload And Optimize Your Video.

Once the video is ready to be uploaded the next phase is to optimize it. Now for that, I have further divided it into some easy steps.

1: Adding the most relevant keywords is the key component to Youtube video optimization. Add the most relevant keywords to the video at least once in the description in the first 3 sentences. The description needs to be in sentence form and should be read correctly.

2: Add the keywords in the form of TAGS. Then, add a couple of variations of the same keyword also add those keywords which you have to list down in step 2. Lastly, add your name or the name of your company as a tag (particularly if you have a strong brand or strong personas that people might be searching for, add that in the tag too.)

3: Add a CUSTOM THUMBNAIL image that has a text overlay that describes the contents of the video. You can use a tool like Pixlr Express to lay text over the image that will be uploaded as the thumbnail.
Notice how this video thumbnail stands out against the rest of the videos in the YouTube search results.

You can upload thumbnail here by clicking on CUSTOM THUMBNAIL as shown in the picture below.

Step 5: Add Annotations on Your YouTube Video

Using annotations in your video can really get your video more viewers by engaging them and compelling them to spend the time to watch the video. What you can actually do to increase the view rate is to link the video with other ones in a series, or link to a certain category, or to your website in order to get more information. Annotations can really work well in prompting users to sign up. These annotations can stay on your video screen for a few seconds.
To create powerful annotations, add video background information, link to YouTube videos and channels, and try to create a call-to-action for sharing purposes.
You can add annotations from this section.

By getting different options, make sure to use the 10 in 10 out rule. This way the Annotation will come up in start of the video. You can use different colors to make the annotations easily readable.

Step 6: Taking YouTube Video Optimization to the New Level

Ok… this is big!

This is one of the most important step to Youtube video optimization. As a YouTube marketer we’ve been waiting for this FOREVER. If you aren’t marketing on YouTube then it’s time for you to take another look. And if you’re already doing one then you need to know about this. But first, let me explain the problem.

YouTube Marketing… The Old School Way

Ok, it’s not old school yet. In fact, most people don’t know about this new feature I’m going to share with you today. Here’s the thing.

50% of the videos viewed on YouTube platform are viewed through mobile. This is a BIG problem for those of us generating leads and sales from YouTube. Here’s why… The old way to get clicks from YouTube was to add something called an ANNOTATION to your video. An Annotation is just a call-to-action box that lay over at the top of the video.

These annotations work REALLY well to generate leads and sales. But there’s one MASSIVE problem with these annotations that they don’t work on mobile.

YouTube Marketing… The New School Way

Enter YouTube Cards.

YouTube Cards are a HUGE development because for the first time you’ll be able to send traffic from mobile YouTube videos to your website. This means that by simply installing the YouTube Cards to your videos, you can easily DOUBLE your traffic, leads, and sales from YouTube.

This new feature will have a MASSIVE effect on your channel, as 48% of the customers use mobile and hence it can result in increasing your profits and double our business.

What do they look like?

Here’s an example of how it would look like on a screen.

The new YouTube Cards work to do much of the same things as traditional Annotations. They inform viewers about:

  • Other videos on your channel
  • Merchandise
  • Playlists
  • Websites
  • Fundraising

So, what do you need to know?

  • They’re installed on a per video basis (you’ll have to add them to each individual video)
  • You provide the destination URL, customized image, title, and call-to-action text
  • They’re rendered on desktop and mobile devices
  • You can edit them at any time.

5 Types of YouTube Cards:

  1.  Merchandise Card: Promote a creator’s licensed merchandise directly from the video. These are great for anyone selling physical products.
  2.  Fundraising Card: Links viewers directly to projects on whitelisted fundraising sites.
  3.  Video or Playlist card: Links to any other public YouTube video or playlist which can be of interest to the viewer of the current video.
  4.  Fan Funding Card: This card lets your fans show their appreciation for your videos by making a monetary contribution directly on the video page. Last but not least, the type of card that we use to drive leads and sales for our business…
  5.  Associated Website Card: Link directly to your associated website from a card. This is by far the most important one for an online business and I am going to show you how to set them up for your channel.

Just try this and you’ll see the changes yourself.

So, how do I set up the new YouTube Cards?

Sign in to your YouTube Video Manager, and click on ‘Edit’ for the video you want to add a Card to.
Click on the ‘Cards’ button in the top navigation bar, click ‘Add Card’

Click on ‘Add Card’ again to open up the creation window for the Card type you want to add.

Enter a valid URL applicable to that Card type.

Upload an image (or pick one from the suggestions offered). Edit and optimize the title and call-to-action text and click Create Card.

Your Cards are now ready to get started generating leads and sales from mobile.
What YouTube Cards Look Like
(For the first few seconds, they see like the entire Card)

(After that you’ll see the “i” icon when hovering over the video)

(Once you click on the YouTube Card, Your Call to action text and image will pop up below.)
By the clicking the CTA tab you will be re- directed to URL paste to it

Hope this simple Youtube video optimization guide will help you out in reaching your goals and making your rank on number 1. If you really find it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

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