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Why Your Sales Letter Video May Fail?

Have you decided to add a sales letter video to your marketing scheme? If so, you should know that your video can easily make or break your business. Making a successful sales letter video is an art. Here are a just a few reasons why yours may fail:

It’s Too Long

Your video should be short and to the point. No one wants to seek help from your site, only to be forced to watch a lengthy video to discover the answer to their question. Likewise, very few people want to be solicited via email with a too-long video. Keep your video short under three minutes long.


You Ramble

Get to the point. Today’s fast-paced society demands that you present your information in as few words as possible. You can always provide more information when it is requested. Resist the urge to use flowery language and to over-explain what should be simple.

No Text

Not all of your customers want to sit through a video presentation. In fact, the majority of your customers will prefer text. Consider turning your video into a textual presentation. If not, at least include a transcript so that recipients have the option of reading rather than watching.

You Ignored PowerPoint

Many people question whether or not PowerPoint is still an effective tool. PowerPoint is, without a doubt, still a highly effective way to put together a sales letter video. PowerPoint allows you to control the tempo of your presentation and is user-friendly for beginners.

Its Too Busy

No matter if you choose to use animation or text, be sure that your presentation isn’t so busy that it is overwhelming. If you want to gain customers, your message must be clearly displayed. Remember the long-standing truth that less is more.

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