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What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short animated video that tells a story in a unique way, making it easy to understand and remember. Explainer videos are useful for brands that provide services that are hard to understand by the common man. Think of explainer videos as that teacher in high school, who explained everything using those cool real-life examples that made even the toughest of topics easier to understand.

Just like that, an explainer video turns your business into bite-sized chunks, that are easily digestible by the target audience. It can make even the most boring services and products, look and sound cool.

How it helps your Business:

Now that you know what an explainer video is, you need to know how it helps your business. Because ultimately that’s the whole point of it. A lot of businesses struggle when it comes to reaching the right audience. An explainer video simplifies your business and shares it with the right audience. This not only impacts your sales, but is also quite promising for your image and market share.

The identification of the right audience is key for the success of any explainer video.

What makes them effective?

Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular, and that is due to multiple reasons.

    1. Short and to the point: Explainer Videos extract the essence of your business and then compile it to make the idea behind your business easy to absorb. I mean, we all run away every time we have to read lengthy paragraphs or blogs or attend a seminar because they tend to drone on unnecessarily. But with explainer videos, that isn’t the case.
    2. Animated: Visuals are easy to process: Explainer videos are mostly animated. They either use characters (cartoons) or whiteboard animation, (which comes to life in front of you). Since animations are easier to understand, they capture the audience’s attention at the very start. I mean we have all seen how the Minions make us feel. Those adorable little yellow creatures come on screen and the audience goes crazy. That is the same reaction a perfectly executed explainer video gets. It hits the right chords and leaves the audience entranced, addressing all their pain points.
    3. Lively and easier than reading: Nowadays, if you ask anyone to write a book report, they immediately search the name to see if there’s a movie made from the book. Why? Simply because watching a movie is easier than flicking through hundreds of pages, plus it’s less time-consuming. And let’s be real, who has time to spare nowadays? Explainer videos save you from reading hundreds of ads and unnecessary content, thus saving you a lot of time to binge-watch Netflix (Winks)

How are they different from Branding Videos/Advertisements?

A Branding video/Advertisement mostly focuses on grabbing the viewer’s attention. Which is why it mostly uses influencers and celebrities to promote their content videos. Yes, it does captivate the audience and it also generates a ton of engagement, but it is in fact very different than an explainer video.

An explainer video pinpoints and highlights the basic points making complex ideas user-friendly. This gives the viewer a better idea as to what the company stands for, its competencies, nature of work and the products/services provided. Whereas a branding video just glamorizes your content which creates awareness of your brand but it is lacking when it comes to explaining the core of your business.

The idea behind an explainer video is way bigger than a branded video. It conveys why a business exists.

Why are they necessary for YOUR Business?

Answering this question is extremely important for any brand before they get an explainer video made. Knowing what you plan on achieving and when is a huge driver in determining the success of your explainer video. KPI’s should be set accordingly since they will be the guidelines for all future explainer videos made to promote the business.

Now the question arises, as to why YOU of all businesses need an explainer video. Before you dive headfirst into a never-ending stream of dilemma, ask yourself the questions given below.

See? We make everything easier for you by thinking ahead!

  1. Do people (other than your peers and friends) know about your business?
  2. Are people fully aware of the services/products you provide?
  3. Do you feel like you have reached at least 80% of your target audience?
  4. Do people enjoy hearing/listen attentively when you talk about your business?

If these questions made you scratch your head in confusion, and you took more than 5 minutes to answer all these, buckle up because you my friend, are in desperate need of an explainer video.

But don’t worry, we got you. Visit our website to get a quote or start your free (limited time offer) 30-day trial. Keep yourself up to date with all the latest happenings in the world of video explainer by following our blogs.

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