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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is the most effective video style. It engages the viewer by its astounding way of elaborating the story with the eye-catching images.

Keeping the viewers hooked

The best part about whiteboard animation is that it brings an urge and eagerness in the viewer to know what would happen next. It brings expectations in his mind and he keeps hitched to the video. It’s creative way of briefing the concept of the product through verbal and visual means makes it most effective means of Product marketing.


What makes whiteboard animation so unique is its simplicity. The other styles have vibrant colors, but whiteboard animation has no colors, but yet it is so impactful. The presence of story, script, and images make it so powerful that it doesn’t require the usage of vibrant colors.

Explaining Complex Concepts

It holds the quality of explaining complex concepts. An average whiteboard video is of 90-120 sec. But if the further explanation of product/service concept is required, whiteboard animation can be used since the viewer doesn’t lose interest in whiteboard animation videos.

Less Costly

Whiteboard animation video is less costly and takes less time as compared to other video styles.


The characters used in Whiteboard make it more eminent. The audience relates the characters to themselves. They feel a deep connection with them and understand that through these characters their problems are being addressed.

Business Introduction

It enables new businesses to introduce themselves as unique, innovative and creative.

Understanding of the Business

These videos offer better understanding to the viewers. The new startups that come up with entirely new concepts can use whiteboard animation to convince viewers about their new business idea.
Whiteboard animation videos are good at depicting the problems which users face. The display of product/service as the solution makes it more effective and effectual.
With whiteboard animation, difficult product concepts can easily be explained. Considering that images and story doesn’t lose their grip.

Cartoon Animation

Cartoon Animation is most beneficial for online marketing.

Cartoon Characters

The use of animated cartoon characters helps to build brand associations. Viewers tend to relate themselves with these characters.

Cartoon characters make it Engaging

It is a common belief among them that these characters are like them since their problems are mutual. They get involved with them and thus they understand the ideology of the product/service. Also, it has been seen that people even after becoming adults feel the same great pleasure, fun, excitement when they watch cartoon characters. These feelings also incline to make people watch cartoon animated explainer videos.


The cartoon characters enable to present the idea with humor. Viewers these days really love to watch humor. So any idea regardless of its complexity can be presented with humor through cartoon animation.


Animations in cartoon style videos are really powerful. They facilitate in making brand awareness and brand’s image in the customer’s mind.

Complex Subjects

Through these animations, complex and complicated subjects can be communicated in an interesting way. They make it easy to give the message to the audience. Animations substitute the long text messages in colorful and attractive images.

It is an understood fact that the explainer video has to give some important message to the customer. But the message has to be supported by the animated cartoon characters, animations, powerful images, background music, moving visuals, and good voice over, great story and script. If you have all of these in one pool, then any message no matter how much complex and complicated it is can conveniently be conveyed to the viewer. That is why Animated Cartoon Explainer Video Custom Animation is mostly preferred by the organizations for their explainer videos.


Typography is best used when a lot of data has to be presented. It displays the data in the form of video along with the animations and background music.

Presentation of Plenty of Data

The best part about Typography is that a lot of significant data can be presented along with the colorful fonts and amusing music that pleases the audiences. Vibrant colors of fonts and background are used so that the information looks more appealing and presentable.

Who uses It?

Typography is mostly used by the industrialists. Industrialists need to show huge data to the employees and the corporate people. For these purposes, they used typography.

Where It Is Used?

It is used in Presentation specifically in sales presentations. The audience for sales presentation is the professional people who already spend most of their time in delivering or hearing to such presentations. They are bored and tired of seeing the routine sales presentation. These people can be inspired by Typography. They way data is presented and displayed in it, it marks the impact upon the listeners.

Appealing and Attractive Presentations

Presentations can be made very appealing and attractive by using typography. The vibrant colors, amusing backgrounds and colorful fonts really tend to appeal the viewer which makes it easier for them to give a look to the information and absorb it.

Users’ Short Attention Span

The users’ attention span is really short. They just give few seconds to watch a video. So it becomes a challenge to make people watch a video that has plenty of data. What is needed to make the data appealing and attractive for them so that they stop over it and give a thorough look to it. Typography works really well in making the data display creative, catchy and appealing.

Used By

It is used by the:

  • Industrialists in their corporate meetings to present data to their employees.
  • Professors, teachers use them in their sessions to provide information to the students.
  • Real estate agencies make use of Typography.

In board gatherings, the use of Typography is largely seen.

Cut out

Cutout animation is termed as the simplest and oldest form of animation. It has a lot of variations and versions. It basically involves the production of animation sing 2-D characters, props and scenes cut from materials, such as paper, card or fabric.  What Animators basically do, they divide characters into smaller segments, piece together the individual cut-out shapes and move them in small steps, taking a picture — with a film camera capable of taking single pictures — at each step, to create the illusion of movement. Through cut out, animations are produced using flat characters. It can conveniently be done by cutting newspaper or magazine images and making the animation. You can be very creative with cutout animation.

Simple Design and Drawings

It is defined as the animation video style that has the simple design and drawings. With its simple designs and drawing, the complex and complicated product concepts can be easily defined. It is simple, easy and creative.

Advertising Technique

t can also be used as an eye-catching technique on websites or in advertising.

Used By

It is commonly used by health care and food industry. It is mostly used in the demonstration of colorful concepts, funny and entertaining ideas.

It doesn’t work well for facial close-ups, where dialogue requires the lip movements of a character to be synchronized with recorded sound — lip-sync. Cut-out animation is usually used for mixed stories with duration of five minutes or less.

The most famous cut out style is Drop box.  Even Dropbox has used cut out animation for its demo video as it delivers the complicated concept with great simplicity.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics resembles info graphic, but they use animations to show the illusion of motion. It is a digital technique that combines pictures, words, sound and video. It combines the languages of film, animation and graphic design. It combines creative components like typography, illustration, logos, shapes and video. Animations are added then to define a complete brand story.

Increases The Impact

Motion graphics adds breathing to the static content. There are many specific products that need motion graphics for the higher impact. For example, the demo videos of apps are made in motion graphics to increase the impact of the video.

Hooking Viewers

The moving visuals in motion graphics work really well in hooking viewers to the video.

Delivery of Complex Messages

The animations used in motion graphics can define any concept regardless of its complexity. Motion graphics works well in giving the product demonstration.

Product’s Functionality

Motion graphics is used in explaining a product’s functionality. It is commonly used by software and technology industries. These industries use motion graphics as their product concepts are difficult to understand. By using motion graphics, they demonstrate their difficult product concepts in an attractive and appealing way.

Sales Letter

Sales letter is also called as info movie. It means an informative video. Just as the term infographics refers to the visual presentation of data, info movie refers to the audiovisual representation of data and information. Sales letter video style is that video presentation style that has voiceover. The voice over that defines the product concept through a compelling story.

Video Sales letter are also known as info movie since it doesn’t involve camera footage. Video sales letter is text which is presented with voiceover and slides. The viewers have engagement level with the video sales letter.
Those product/services that need urgent sales use Video Sales letter. The product story is presented in a way that convinces customers to make purchases instantly.

It is lengthy as compared to the other video styles. It defines the product/service concept in detail. It clearly explains the entire process in the video. It gives the product/service message by a complete scenario that facilitates the understanding of the viewers. The product concept is defined in detail so that it can contribute in quick sales of the product/concept.

Style page


The impact of video depends upon many factors. Among them Is the video style factor. Video explainer production style is chosen according to the product and its target market. There are 6 different video styles that our clients select for their products/services.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is the video style in which captivating drawings are used. A hand is shown drawing these images with each situation coming in the video. It hooks viewers with its appealing images. The viewers have the curiosity and urge to know what image will be drawn against the next situation. It is simple yet impactful. Most complicated concepts can be easily communicated through whiteboard video animation. The product/services that require extra time for detailed explanation can use whiteboard animation as the viewers don’t get bored in watching this animation style.

Cartoon animation

Cartoon animation is the video style in which different cartoon characters are used for the demonstration of the product/service. These characters help to viewers to relate themselves with the video content. The animations used in cartoon animation videos make it more appealing. The complicated message can easily be conveyed with the help of characters, animations, colors, background music etc. Animations and characters work well in building brand image and brand associations.


Typography is the video style which is used to present a great chunk of data in an attractive and appealing style. The background music and animations make the message very impactful. Typography is mostly used in sales presentations, board meetings, and speaker sessions.

Cutout Animation

It is defined as the animation video style that has the simple design and drawings. With its simple designs and drawing, the complex and complicated product concepts can be easily defined. It is simple, easy and creative. It is commonly used by health care and food industry. It is mostly used in the demonstration of colorful concepts, funny and entertaining ideas.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is another popular video style. It is a digital technique that adds words sounds music and animation together.  It adds breathing to the static content. It is mostly used for the products that require explanation of its functionality.  It can deliver difficult marketing messages with its unique animation style. Mobile apps, software and technology industries make use of it.

Sales letter

The sales letter is just like infographics. Infographics are the visual presentation of data while it is the audio visual presentation of information and data. It has voice-over that describes the product/service details. The products/services are explained in details in sales letter in order to persuade the audience to make immediate purchases. It is lengthy as compared to other video styles.
These video explainer production styles are selected by the businesses according to their product/service and target market.

Video production by industry


Explainer videos are so impactful. One can sell anything with the characters, colors, animations, background music, and compelling stories. It could be the product/service, the need, any new idea or public service message. Its message delivery is so mesmerizing that it takes a place in the viewers’ minds. Any message regardless of its difficulty and complexity can be conveyed to the audience with great ease.
Explainer video is used as the most powerful and persuading marketing tool nowadays. It can be used to inform people about a new idea or reminding people about one’s existence. It has different styles and all those video styles are used by different industries according to their target audience and products/services.
How Education industry can use explainer video to spread the educational messages.

Speaker/Course Sessions

Well, the explainer videos can be used in speaker sessions and in daily course lectures for the elaboration purposes. Sometimes the courses are too tough or too difficult for the children to understand. Explainer video can work out to make those courses interesting and understandable for the children with its amazing video styles.

New Concepts

These days’ new concepts are evolved. Teachers face difficulty in absorbing those new concepts and then explaining it to the students. Teachers can be trained with the help of explainer videos. It would enable the teachers to absorb those difficult concepts with ease.

Delivery of Social Educational Messages

Educational institutions find it difficult to deliver social educational messages to the people. They find it difficult to keep people engaged with their message. The people lose interest and thus the message fails to impact people. In these situations, explainer videos can be used. They can include explainer videos in their presentations for the quick delivery of the message. Also, the video can easily be uploaded and shared which would eventually help to spread the message.

Visual Presentation of Abstract Ideas

Sometimes the ideas are too abstract or too imaginary. They don’t work out if they are explained verbally. It requires the visual presentation so such ideas. Explainer video is perfect for visualization of such abstract concepts. A great story supported along with the moving visuals, background music, characters and animations can exactly define such concepts.
Educational videos-6 videos
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Video explainers can communicate any message regardless of its complexity. The complicated messages are delivered with ease through compelling stories, characters, animations, moving visuals and background music. Explainer video makes the difficult message understandable for the audiences. It makes it attractive and appealing that people love to watch it.
One challenge that businesses face is that they have to deliver their marketing message in just 90-120 seconds. The attention span of viewers is really short do they don’t watch videos that exceed this length. The message and all the other video components should be well placed in this span of time.

Explainer video in Health Care Industry

Every industry can make use of explainer video. Healthcare industry can also use it. Let see how;

Informing About New Diseases To Patients

Patients usually face difficulty in understanding the new diseases. They find it hard to get the medical terms. Explainer videos can be used for educating patients about the diseases.

Educating about Diseases to Doctors and Nurses

New diseases are discovered with time. With videos, doctors, patients and nurses can be educated about these diseases.

Treatments for Diseases

As time evolves, new treatments are launched for the life-threatening diseases. But sometimes, the treatments procedures are hard to be comprehended by the patients and nurses. These videos can really help in explaining the process to them.

New Medical Products/Services

These videos can help medical people to understand how to use new medical products and services.

Pharmaceutical Companies Marketing

Pharmaceutical companies can’t indulge in direct marketing. But they can use video marketing for their product and services.

Trust Building

Trust building is quite essential in the healthcare industry. People only buy those medical product/services in which they have trust. Videos can be used for making people trust on the product/service.

Bond with the Customers

Video enables to establish a bond with the customers. Videos are made for educating customers. The queries of customers are solved through these videos. Videos are uploaded on the platforms which are accessible for the customers. By making such videos, the patients can watch them online and get aware about new diseases, their treatments, precautions and prescribed medicines.
See how, we give health care industry the opportunity to make the best use of explainer videos.
Healthcare videos-6 videos
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Explainer videos excel in delivering the complicated and complex ideas. This quality of explainer videos let technological products make use of them. The technological products/services need to explain difficult product concepts to the audiences. They need to demonstrate the functionality of the product/service to the users. By using explainer videos, they explain the features of the products in details which thus increase the understanding of the users.

Direct Action

When software companies want to sell their products to the users they need to show their product in a way that really persuades users to take direct action. Explainer videos can work really well in this regard. The product can be described by a compelling story that highlights the need of the users and functions of the product.

Display of Qualitative Data

The qualitative data of software products tends to bore the users. By using explainer video, the qualitative data can be made attractive and appealing. With the support of moving visuals, animations and background music the data can be made interesting. Viewers can easily absorb the data then.

The Utility of Product Features To The Users

Defining the number of features of your product sometimes doesn’t matter for the users. What matters is the benefits users would get by using them. By product demo video, it can be shown that how the product fulfils the users’ needs and how they can make best use of it.

Product Demonstration

Technical gadgets are too difficult for some people to operate. They don’t get how to use them. Their problem can be solved by product demo video. If the product is demonstrated through explainer video then users can easily learn to use such devices.

Making It Easier For People

People often want to learn about technological gadgets and devices. But they lack the understanding of technological terms. They don’t comprehend what they read about it. Explainer videos can deliver such technological information to the users in a way that would be understandable to them. Not only they would get it but also they would be able to learn or memorize it. They would easily get the concept and essence of the product/service and will be able to use it.
6 technology videos
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Explainer videos have the ability to communicate the complex ideas with ease. This quality of explainer videos let many industries use it. The financial industry can make use of it for presenting the difficult financial data. It can use typography to present the financial data in a very appealing and attractive way with the support of animations and background music.

Financial Concepts

Financial concepts are somewhat difficult for people to understand. Interest rates, compounding, simple interest, loans are difficult concepts for the viewers. By using explainer videos, these financial conceptions can be described to people in a very appealing way that would be memorable for them.

Customized Bank Data

Sometimes the bank provides billing statements to individuals. Individuals find it difficult to understand the language of Bank. The banks can provide customized banking statements to the customers through whom they can easily interpret and understand the banking terms and terminologies.

Financial Institution Policies

The financial institutions policies do change from time to time. They need to communicate this to the people in order to aware them about the effect the new policies would have on them. If they announce it through newspapers, there is probable chance that many people won’t understand it. They can inform people about the new policies by using explainer videos. In this way, people would not only understand the policies but also would remember them.

Launching of New Financial Products

Getting the concept of new financial products is not at all easy for the people. Some of them understand it while some of them get no clue about it. As a result the financial products fail. To prevent this situation, explainer videos can be used to inform and explain people about the new financial products.  Through these videos, it can be defined that what exactly the products are about and what good they would do to the users?
Absorbing financial knowledge is not an easy task. People need to have complete knowledge about the financial concepts. What explainer videos can do for this industry is to present the financial data in such an attractive and appealing way that not only people understand the concepts but also they memorize it. Explainer videos are so engaging that if financial data is presented through graphs, charts, diagrams, animations and background music then people would definitely understand the financial concepts in detail. Explainer videos are the best medium to communicate any idea, message or concept regardless of its complexity. The financial industry can make best use of this medium and enable the people to grasp the financial concepts quickly.


Explainer videos have been successfully communicating ideas to people. It has been said that it is the most powerful marketing and promoting the tool. It can be used to create awareness on any topic. It can communicate any idea, message and concept regardless of its complexity. It is not limited to any specific industry. Every industry can make best use of it.

According to studies, videos increase the understanding level of the people. It influences their thinking. It makes easy for the people to retain things in their minds. Government organizations can make best use of it for announcing new campaigns. Not only would it enable people to understand the essence of these government campaigns but also retain the literal meanings of the government campaigns. Also, these videos can easily be shared and uploaded. This would help to spread the government campaigns among the audiences.

Government policies

There are many new government policies that are coming with time. They may be regarding education, business, health etc. With videos, these policies can be announced in a very engaging and appealing way.

Qualifying programs

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the people to understand those process or procedures in which they can apply. The explanation can be made easy by presenting it through explainer video. The people can easily get then what is the program and how to apply for it.

Legal  policies

Legal policies for businesses are sometimes complicated. Business people face difficulty in understanding them and as a result they don’t bother about these policies. To make it easy for people, the policies can be defined through animated videos. Not only business executives will understand them but also will be able to follow them.

Public Service Message

Usually, public Service message is not given due importance by the viewers. Viewers find it boring to see the public service messages. These messages can be made interesting by using animated videos. This would make them interesting for people. They will give it a watch and also act upon it.

Government policies are really important. They should be made understandable for people as they affect lives of people. Explainer video can help to make it appealing, attractive and engaging. Not only will people understand these policies, but also they would follow them. The videos can really work well in making people act upon these policies. The best part is that the videos can easily be uploaded and shared on social media platforms. This enables to increase the reach of the message.

Policies are often complicated. If these policies are defined with a compelling story, animations, background music and moving visuals then they can really work out in favor of Government.

6.Human Resources

Explainer video can help Human Resources in communicating the information to the employees. HR deals with a lot of information. It has to convey this information to its employees. The information can be the new HR policies, company’s rules and regulations etc. It may happen that the employees are not able to retain these rules and policies in the textual form. As reports suggest that human brain is good at picking the visual information, so explainer video can be used to deliver the information to the employees through visual means making it easier for them to understand and retain it.

Informing about Policies

The policies and regulations can be communicated through compelling stories. This way it would be easier for the employees to retain them. Also, the consequences can be shown in the video in order to highlight the importance of these policies.

Training Sessions

The employees need training for new computer systems, software and procedures. The training can be made understandable for the employees if it is done through explainer videos. The new learning can become easier for the employees then. The explainer video can be the best training tool.

Changes in the Policy

The amendments in the policies can be communicated to the employees through explainer videos. They would get it quickly and retain the changes.

Tracking the Videos

The best part is that videos are trackable. You can see easily that who is watching the video and who is not. You can also place quiz in the video. After the video ends, you can ask your employees to do the quiz. You can then see that who has understood the information and who has not.

Explainer videos work really well in transferring information to the people. The organizations deal with a lot of data that needs to be transferred to the employees.  Probably the employees won’t get all the information every time. To make employees go through all the information explainer video can be used. The explainer video would make it easier for the employees to comprehend it and follow it accordingly. It would present the information in an attractive and engaging way enabling the employees to watch it and retain it.

Explainer videos are the best tool for delivering any message rather it is a concept, an idea, marketing message or information. Due to its effectiveness and popularity, it has replaced the old traditional methods of presentation. It has all the ingredients that can perfectly communicate the information. It has many styles that can be used for different industries. By using it as the most persuading tool, you can convince people for any new idea, message, concept or information.

7.Non Profit

Explainer video is a great way of communicating ideas, message or concept, etc. regardless of its complexity. It delivers the message in such an engaging way that people retain it easily. Nonprofit organizations can easily deliver their message to the world by using explainer videos. The message of nonprofit organizations is usually difficult for people to understand. They don’t get the essence of such messages, and hence they give no result. Explainer videos can work well in making people understand the real meaning of these messages. Not only they would make the message understandable but also they would increase the reach of the message towards the audiences. Explainer videos can easily be uploaded and shared on the social media platforms. Thus, the non profit organizations can spread their messages with great ease.

Donations for Operations

Nonprofit organizations need donations for their operations. That means they need some engaging ways to provoke people to give them donations. Explainer videos can be used to make interesting campaigns for donations.  With animations, graphics and cartoon characters; appealing and interesting campaigns can be made that can drive people to give away donations for these nonprofit organizations.


Nonprofit organizations also need some sponsors for their events. The sponsors need some reasons for investing. Explainer videos can deliver the social message in such a way that can provide strong reasons to the sponsors for investing. It can compel them to take part in such CSR activities for their business reputation.

Thanking Donors

After the donations are received, the organizations need to thank the donors personally. By explainer videos, you can make customized videos for thanking the donor partners in a very attractive and appealing way that they would always remember it.

Why Explainer Video

Explainer video has been on the increasing trend. It increases the understanding level of the audiences.  Thereby, the industries are now using explainer videos for communicating their product message to the viewers. Not only they understand it but also they retain the messages. Explainer video helps in branding. It helps to build associations. It works well in making and enhancing brand image. Whether it profit or non-profit organization, they need to build their brand. They need to do branding and marketing. They require making a brand image in the audience’s mind. For this, Explainer video can help them. Every industry irrespective of its type can use explainer video for educating, informing and spreading their message across the audiences. Explainer video has many styles that different products/services use.

Understanding of the Mission

Usually, people don’t consider Social Organizations. They don’t give a thought to their purposes. Social organizations can develop an understanding of their mission and purpose of existence to the audiences through explainer videos. The mission can be made very interesting through animations and graphics. Not only people will understand it but also they will remember for a certain period.

Spreading Awareness

The social organizations can run their marketing campaigns on the channels for spreading awareness among the people. Their animated campaigns can be uploaded and shared with social media that would increase the awareness eventually.

Role of People

The campaigns can work out in explaining people that why the organization came into being. What factors led to its creation. And the audience’s help is required to remove those factors from the society. Explainer videos can help in explaining people their role in the society and the importance of their role.

By explainer videos, social organizations can explain to people what would happen if societal factors and problems are not removed.


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