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Visuals Speak Louder Than Words


If  a picture is worth a thousand words then a moving picture is worth so much more, especially when it comes to conveying your ideas and products. Not only can you describe them, you can show them in action. In this blog, you will witness from time to time that visuals speak louder than words.

Visuals-Show Me Don’t Tell Me

The visual aspect of presenting your business cannot be overestimated. As the old saying goes, show me, don’t tell me.You can talk about your business all day, but for many people most of the words will depart from their memory shortly after they leave.

Promotional Videos-Easily Recalled By People

Promotional videos  are remembered long after the presentation has ended. Most people can readily remember a commercial, a cartoon or a movie they saw twenty years ago, but are often hard-pressed to recall a conversation they had twenty days ago.
In fact, vintage commercials are actively sought out by nostalgia enthusiasts as some of their fondest memories.

People Retain 80% Of What They See!

This is no advertising trick. All living beings that have eyes are very dependent on visual cues to determine what is going on around them. As infants, human beings see before they can speak, recognizing shapes, depth, and even individual faces before we have more fully developed any of the other four tactile senses.
Studies have also shown that people retain ten percent of what they hear, twenty percent of what they read but retain an astounding eighty percent of what they see! (Source: Jerome Bruner, Professor of Psychology, New York University) .

Visual Learning 83%

The US Department of Labor uses visual/audio techniques in its training courses, citing various educational researchers that suggest that eighty-three percent of learning in human beings occurs visually.
So now are you convinced that visuals speak louder than words?

Comprehend Detailed Information

To further add to evidence that visual communication, such as promotional videos, is a very effective means of communication are numerous studies cited by technology giant Hewlett-Packard that suggest that not only do people retain more from visual information, they are able to comprehend more complex and detailed information.

Video-Delivers The Right Story

So what can a video do that a static image cannot do? Any picture can tell a story, to be sure, but a video can make sure that the picture tells the right story. A static image of a man sitting at a desk with his fingers on the keyboard leaves a lot to the imagination. Is he typing an e-mail? Is he researching stocks?
There might be some text associated with the image telling you about how he is accessing a certain company’s servers to participate in a web-based meeting, but the typed word can only convey so much.
As anyone who has used social media sites can tell you, it is sometimes hard to convey the right emotion or set the right tone with nothing more than letters and numbers unless you use emoticons (which are fine for personal correspondence but do not look very professional). This example must have provided you the evidence that visuals speak louder than words!

How Promotional Video Works

Through a promotional video, you can set the scene, the script, and the overall tone in one fell swoop, leaving a lasting image on the minds of your potential clientele. You decide what is going to be conveyed to the viewers of your video. Do you get now that how visuals speak louder than words?

Example For Visuals Speak Louder Than Words

In the above example, the man typing at the keyboard is revealed to be house-hunting as the view pans around and over his shoulder to show him looking at listings. His dialog with others conveys his delight at the ease with which he was able to find just the right house at just the right price.
The excitement and interest of others around him are conveyed in a matter of seconds, and the visual memory of this scene is eighty percent likely to remain in the minds of those who view the video.

Takes Less Time

This brings up another advantage of promotional videos over printed material such as brochures and pamphlets; it takes less of your potential client’s time to review the material.

A Novel Can Be Summed Up In Two Hours

Let us consider another example of the fact that visuals speak louder than words. Consider that it can take even the most avid reader a day or so to finish a really good novel. If you turn that novel into a movie, the story, and all of the difficult nuances the author hoped to convey is often summed up in just a little under two hours. Wow! (Also remember that people are eighty percent likely to remember the movie!) Can you imagine now how powerful visuals are that they can sum up a whole novel in just 2 hours?

Presentation Display In Few Minutes-Promotional Video

Your presentation can possibly go on for an hour if you spend your time talking and flipping charts, but a promotional video can handle the same presentation in a matter of minutes with colorful imagery and a well-rehearsed script, giving you total control over what is shown and what is said, all wrapped up in a tidy little video that asks only a little of your target audiences time. They will even appreciate that they can view your video at their leisure, on their schedule!


In a world that is becoming not only increasingly visually oriented but also better at grasping the more complex visual images quickly and more completely, this is the time to take advantage of peoples’ natural inclination to see, hear, and remember more readily than by any other method.
Now you must have understood the essence of the fact that visuals speak louder than words!!!

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