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Video Scribing: Make Your Customer Remember You

Taking Attention Of People- Seems Impossible

We live in a colorful, noisy, hyperactive kind of world. Getting just one person’s attention can be very hard. Keeping it can be even harder, but to get..and keep the attention of many people can seem an impossible task for advertisers, teachers, and anyone with something important to say.

Grabbing Attention Through Engaging Videos-Video Scribing

While radio and television can get attention, it can be very short-lived. Unless it is very catchy, we usually forget most commercials within a few minutes of its end. Although videos can effectively express your message, they are very easily fast-forwarded and skipped over. How can you keep your audience engaged enough to hear all of what you have to say? Video scribing.

What Is Video Scribing?

With whiteboard animation, a person can be very creative in sharing their message with images which they draw on a whiteboard. The artist, or video scribe, is recorded while drawing the pictures and can add in sound effects, comic relief, stop motion photography, videography, 3rd party interaction, and more.

Keeping The Audience Engaged And Hooked

Using today’s technology, the producer of this video scribing creation can offer up delicious morsels of information that make the audience hungry for more and thus keep them engaged throughout the entire presentation. Not only is the audience interested in the topic from the beginning, but they stay interested throughout the whole show. By making the audience a part of your presentation, you keep their attention. By keeping them engaged, you can actually embed your message deep enough that it is highly effective.

Why Is Whiteboard Animation And Video Scribing So Effective?

Humans interact using their five senses. In any situation, the more of these senses that are stimulated, the more vivid and engaging the experience will be. In tools, such as video, where only a few of the senses can be tickled, touching the emotions of the audience can produce an added anchor. Think of how an old song can bring back not only memories, but feelings as well. Most of us never forget the lyrics to our favorite tunes.
We can often remember where we were, what we felt, every detail about the first time we heard that song. We have been anchored to that time and place because of our senses.

Make Them Remember You

With whiteboard animation and video scribing, we can imitate this type of anchoring so that we not only engage the audience with our message, but anchor them to it so they remember. Instead of using only sight and sound to engage the audience, these tools enable us to add in emotion and more. Want to grab an audience and keep them? Make them laugh makes them cry. Make them feel what they see and hear. Make them remember you.




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