Typography is best used when a lot of data has to be presented. It displays the data in the form of video along with the animations and background music.

Presentation of Plenty of Data

The best part about Typography is that a lot of significant data can be presented along with the colorful fonts and amusing music that pleases the audiences. Vibrant colors of fonts and background are used so that the information looks more appealing and presentable.

Who uses It?

Typography is mostly used by the industrialists. Industrialists need to show huge data to the employees and the corporate people. For these purposes, they used typography.

Where It Is Used?

It is used in Presentation specifically in sales presentations. The audience for sales presentation is the professional people who already spend most of their time in delivering or hearing to such presentations. They are bored and tired of seeing the routine sales presentation. These people can be inspired by Typography. They way data is presented and displayed in it, it marks the impact upon the listeners.

Appealing and Attractive Presentations

Presentations can be made very appealing and attractive by using typography. The vibrant colors, amusing backgrounds and colorful fonts really tend to appeal the viewer which makes it easier for them to give a look to the information and absorb it.

Users’ Short Attention Span

The users’ attention span is really short. They just give few seconds to watch a video. So it becomes a challenge to make people watch a video that has plenty of data. What is needed to make the data appealing and attractive for them so that they stop over it and give a thorough look to it. Typography works really well in making the data display creative, catchy and appealing.

Used By

It is used by the:

  •         Industrialists in their corporate meetings to present data to their employees.
  •         Professors, teachers use them in their sessions to provide information to the students.
  •         Real estate agencies make use of Typography.

In board gatherings, the use of Typography is largely seen.