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Demo Video-The Key to the Explosive Growth of Dropbox

The online file-sharing service Dropbox has been one of the fastest rising companies of the social media age. Of course, it is not a social site itself, but it managed to grow to 100 million users and a value of $4 billion in roughly six years, largely through its understanding of the social ecosystem. The company accomplished all of this with a variety of techniques, and with very little advertising revenue. Though there are countless factors to the success of Dropbox, it all started with a demo video.

Invitation to Y Combinator

Y Combinator is one of the most exclusive incubator programs in the world. The entry criteria are high as the Y Combinator founders intend to get behind ideas that are truly revolutionary  and potentially profitable. Dropbox released a very early demo video that caught the eye of Y Combinator and secured it an invitation. In order for a demonstration to make an impact with a firm such as Y Combinator, it has to be able to convey a groundbreaking idea in a concise and engaging way.
However, Dropbox was not done as far as building itself up with the use of demo video.

Going Viral on Digg

Dropbox truly took off after releasing a demo video on the popular upvoting website Digg in conjunction with its private beta. This video has, in a way, become an internet legend  after releasing the video Dropbox managed to get 75,000 user to sign up literally overnight.

Demo Video Crafted to Demonstrate Dropbox

It was not the mere fact that Dropbox released a video on a popular platform that accounts for this success. The demo video was carefully crafted in a way as to demonstrate the value and use of the platform in a precise way. However, it was also loaded with in-jokes and references that were guaranteed to resonate with the target audience and ensure that the signup page would go viral.
Of course, demo videos are not just for startups with multi-billion dollar aspirations. They have value in nearly every business situation in which there is a need to convey complex and novel ideas to an audience.

Releasing the Right Kind of Demo Video

Also, the key point to take away from this is not just that Dropbox released a demo video, it released the right kind of demo video.
Solution in Engaging Way
Rather than run through the capabilities in a dry, impersonal way, it presented the problem that it was trying to solve and demonstrated its solution in an engaging way. Also, after connecting with the audience, it led them seamlessly to the signup page. For more on creating demo video that convert, contact a trusted partner with expertise in designing videos that resonate with the audience and achieve results.

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