“Hey my name is Danny and I’m the co-founder and president of gitr- the social drinking app. We engage video explainers to help us develop our ads for the launch of gitr and getter. Video explainers has an efficient process and is timely with deliverables. We are also impress with their team animations skills. We would love to work with them again in near future.”

gitr Objective:

gitr objective was to create a  convincing brand story that can highlight the brand need in the market and will help them to the launch their product.

It wanted to show how does gitr work and how it is useful for its customer. It clearly wanted to develop a sense of urge to its audience through explainer video.

gitr has a simple process to process as it is going to be on the web and on the app too. The process includes purchase drink, redeem drinks, send drinks and find venues.

Solution that Video Explainers Provided:

Video explainers understand the brand motive behind launching its new product in the market.

To explain the value of gitr, video explainers decided to go for cartoon explainer video, as it is one of the best ways to communicate any message regardless of its complexity.

Video explainer created a 60-90sec animated video which defined the product message very clearly as to what gitr is and how does it benefit to its users by giving the best solution.

With our amazing animation, we highlighted the need of the product as what a common person suffers through and then provides a solution to it. Video explainers successfully explained the brand through it’ colorful animation and powerful script in a fun and engaging way .The video was easy to understand and allowed customers to relate.