Overall it was a great experience, not only was I extremely happy with the final product but throughout the project they were available 24 hours a day.

I was able to contact them at any moment and I got a response very quickly.

Secondly they were very professional at great project management there was always someone whom I could talk to any problemany editing thorough out the video process.

They did it without asking any question about it and lastly the English communication was great and I know people get suspicious out there sometimes but my experience was excellent.

I highly recommend them and I look forward to work with them again in very near future.”

Nate Salway- Hem Hero Author.

Hem Hero Objective

Hem Hero wanted an explainer video to let their users know how they can get cure of Hemorrhoid by using Hem Hero treatment instead of using the costly and painful procedures.

It needed to communicate to the audience that Hem Hero provides a 100% all-natural solution that not just eliminates hemorrhoids, but also gives a lifestyle that prevents the condition to reoccur.

The video helped them to explain the 3 steps system that removes all hemorrhoid-related causes and symptoms.

The white board video was fair enough to explain their procedure step by step very clearly as white board videos are one of those videos that help to communicate the complex messages very easily.

Solution That Video Explainers Provided

As the message of the product (hemorrhoids) was too complex, Video explainers decided to go for something that can be interesting and would be able to demonstrate the value of Hero Hem through a tradiontional white board explainer video.

A 60-90 sec explainer video was created to explain the customer about the e-book which they can download and get beneficial treatment by going through all the treatment procedures.

The video also helped to highlight the situations that hemorrhoids patients face during this medical condition like western treatment options that include: Over the counter creams, medicines, surgery, or other procedures: rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy etc .

Overall, Videoexplainers was successful in delivering the complex concepts of the video with a very appealing Whiteboard Video that exactly demonstrated the value of Hem Hero Treatment for Hemorrhoids patients.