Meet The Team

Nothing beats experience, and at Video Explainers we have an abundance of it. Our team unites under one roof to give YOU the Best.

Project Manager

We at Video Explainer have the most dedicated project managers who supervise their team 24/7 and keep our clients happy they are responsible for all the real time feedback. Their goal is to achieve your happiness, for that they make sure that they satisfy you.

Creative Manager

Our creative team loves to translate words into images that communicate your story, our creative managers strive their best to bring extra shine in your video which awakens your brand story.

Copy Writer

As we unite together our copywriters make sure to take the work of our creative managers to the next level. Our copywriters study every little detail about you so that they can write your story in your way.


The Designers works closely with the copywriters to ensure top-notch visual storytelling and quality creative artistry. They are responsible for the timing, the pace, and the style of your video. Their vision is what helps make your video a video worth sharing.


Our team of illustrators, animators, editors, sound designers and composers are constantly pushing and innovating in their craft to effectively translate your epiphany. They are experts in their fields and work together to bring excellence to your video.

Voice-Over Artist

After the completion of all the steps our professional voice overs give the video an enhancing spirit, the voice over is synced with the animation and the story is delivered in a very clean form.