Video Script

Meet Anna, an intern…

Tony, an employee…

And Maya, a consultant…

All are part of our “Salesforce Ohana”.

But their “worker data” isn’t stored in one system… its spread across different platforms.

Badge information sourced from one, while personnel, email, desk, & location data from others, and contact information from yet another…

So, how can you merge this fragmented data representing 50 thousand global  Sales force workers to:

Worker Location Assignments

Facilitate User Updates & Provisioning?

Automate Google Distribution?

Automate worker de-activations?

And so much more

Here’s how

The “Enterprise Integration Team,” a group with Sales force IT Apps…

Offer a 360 view of Sales force Worker Data that consolidates & publishes the fragmented data for a variety of use cases.

Now, no matter what your business unit is or what your worker data needs are, engage with us… …we’re super friendly folks…

And we’ll put “Worker Data 360” to work for you.



Client details: Sales Force

Country: United States

 Type: Video

Style: WhiteBoard

Duration: 90 Sec