Video Script

You know the video you’re shooting is loaded with opportunities to go viral and for YOU to get paid, but that’s not happening… is it?

Introducing, a platform that brings value to your video! First, you Shoot your video Second, you Upload your video and third, you select your licensing option (opt for either profit sharing or sell it for upfront cash)

Within twenty-four hours, the Rumble algorithms, based on sharing and tagging, will determine the quality or value of your video.

If it checks out, we take you on the front page of rumble dot com and help place your content on MSN,  YAHOO,  XBOX,  MTV and MORE.

Why  Simple! We’ll give your approved content access to the outlets that monetize video over TEN TIMES better than YouTube. Stop giving your great content away and get access today to the market that delivers more revenue and better distribution. Upload your video today and see what happens. It’s time to Rumble!


Rumble Video Sharing Platform helps you to manage your videos. It provides you the ways to make your video viral. It gives you the platform to add value to your video. It let you create your own video channel.

It enables you to host and distribute your video. Upload, share, broadcast and promote your videos around the web. We are a YouTube alternative, focusing on bringing value to video. it helps you make more revenue and better distribution within no time.

Rumble connects video creators to all points of the internet, from a single centralized video platform. There is no better place to host, share, distribute, and extract value from your video. For newsrooms or brands, there is no better place to connect with creators.

Specialities: Rumble Video Sharing Platform specialties are video, online video, video platform, video creators, digital rights management, content discovery and much more.