Video Script

Style: 2D Cartoon Animation
Length: 59 seconds
Language: English
Video Script:


What do you think of when you hear “coffee”?
Sure… but there’s a new Coffy in town… a social media platform where COFFY stands for CIRCLE OF FRIENDS FOR YOU.
Want to get involved in a new activity, hobby or sport? Need a golfing partner, photography buddy or simply going to the theatre?
Then This Coffy is for you!
Kim wanted to play tennis Tuesday afternoon but her friends were working.
Using Coffy she found someone to meet her at the courts.
John wanted to go mountain bike riding but none of his friends were interested, so John went to Coffy and found a fellow biker.
And Jane just arrived in the city and would like someone to show her around. Using Coffy, she not only found a guide, but made a new friend!
Just like sharing a cup of coffee… Coffy helps bring us together. Form your group or a team and stay in touch with Coffy today.

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