Visual Means Of Communication

We understand Visual Means Of Communication. As compared to text, we understand and pick videos more quickly. Our brains do so because the videos have concise text, they are short and they convey the message to us with great entertainment.

In these past years, we have seen many startups making  explainer video for business for their products in order to educate the audience about the features of the product.

What Is Explainer Video?

For those who don’t know what explainer video is and who are new to the understanding of explainer video, let me tell you that explainer video is a short video that brief about the features of the product to the audience. 

Components Of Explainer Video

The main components involved in making explainer video are the script, storyboard, illustrations, animations, voiceover and music.

Length Of Explainer Video

It could be of different lengths like it could be of 30 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec and 120 sec. 30 sec is too short for describing the features about the product, 60 sec video is enough for explaining the features of the product, in 90 sec video you can give details about the product and 120 sec video could be lengthy.

Why Use Explainer Video For Business?

We have seen businesses using explainer videos but why they make use of them? Why it has become essential for them to use explainer video for online marketing of their product?

Let us see it in detail that what is explainer video for business.

Short Attention Span

The attention span of viewers is declining these days. One cannot only place text and images to convey its message to the viewers. It does not catch the attention of the users.

Since today the viewers are well equipped and vigilant, they have knowledge about everything. So they want to know that why they should buy the product.

For answering that it is useful to place a video on the homepage of the website so that viewers watch it and get answers to their questions.

YouTube-Enabling Wide Reach to Audience

YouTube’s popularity is not a new thing to you. It is world#2 ranked search engine. Viewers search and watch videos on YouTube, so the companies place their videos on YouTube so that that have a wide reach to the audience.

Press coverage And Media Attention

According to a report, journalists prefer to watch an introductory video which is of few minutes to get know about the businesses and their products.

They feel too lazy when they think of reading details about the company. Obviously the companies want media attention and press coverage so videos help them to get that.

Conversion Rates

Explainer Video for Business helps to increase conversion rates. Facts suggest that people buy products after watching these videos.

Explainer Video for Business also helps customers in buying decisions. Customers take details of the company after watching the video.

Brand Personality

These days marketing has reached a next level. Every startup does so many new techniques to market its product. The competitors are doing everything possible to stay ahead against each other.

In this competitive time, the startups need to build brand personalities. They need to give people reasons to buy their brand. The explainer videos for business helps a great deal to build a brand personality.

It enables the audience to build associations regarding the product.  The audience relates themselves with the characters used in the videos. The explainer videos for business with their story, script, characters, animations and colors help to build and enhance the brand image.

Concluding With….

There are many benefits that setups are getting by using explainer video for business. These videos are used as the most powerful marketing tool. They are the most useful tool in convincing and persuading the viewers.

So after going through this piece of work, you now actually understand what actually is explainer video for business and how much it contributes in product marketing.

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