Whiteboard Animation Video has played a great role in animation video but it is you who decides whom to choose and whom to not. Video scribing is another name for whiteboard animation and its amazingly effective. According to a recent research it is proven that whiteboard videos create a more engaging environment online than written words on the screen and is 4 times more effective than a person talking on the screen. They are just creating something unique about a person drawing on a screen that makes it hard for you to stop watching.

Engaging and catchy for the viewers:

Whiteboard animation video scribe engages the viewer by its astounding way of elaborating the story with the eye-catching images. The best part about white board animation is that it engages viewer’s attention in a way that the viewer has the urge and eagerness to know that what would be the next image drawn on the video. It brings expectations in his mind and he keeps hitched to the video. Its creative way of briefing the concept of the product through verbal and visual means makes it most effective means of marketing the product to the audience.

Apparently, white board animation video and cartoon style animation has the same marketing goals. But the difference comes with their costing.

Entrancing in it’s own style:

Whiteboard animation video is more captivating since different attractive images are drawn respective with every situation that facilitates the understanding of the viewer. It has no colors in it but yet is extremely attractive and that is the power of this style. It is simple but yet it leaves a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. What else you want then??

It defines the product as the solution to the problem that is being faced by the viewer. The viewer can then relate the product since he finds it as a solution to his problem.

Grabs the attention:

Whiteboard animation video grabs people attention by using special patter interruption technique, unique images, music, and fast movements to keep your audience engaged.


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