The marketing strategy that has picked up huge momentum and is showing no signs of slowing down is of course video scribe that is also known as whiteboard animation or sketch video. Video explainers follow certain steps to come up with the finest video scribe to provide your business a clear path towards growth. We have developed these steps with the help of our experience in the field of whiteboard animation. First of all we write the script that is extremely important and then come up with scribing sketches and drawings.

When these steps are completed successfully then we go towards recording your audio and then editing your audio and video accordingly to provide you with the best quality video scribe. Our process for creating your whiteboard animations and video scribes is entertaining and fun at the same time as we apply our methods of video scribing to your message. We are experts at whiteboard animation and bring out exceptional videos full of creativity and imagination to inspire your target audience in all the ways possible. To get your own interactive video scribe contact us now.

Video Scribing examples

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