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Explainer videos are on increasing trend. You must be aware of how their significance has increased these days. But it is a point to consider that how these videos are used for promoting your product. How they are involved in the marketing process of your product/service.

But you must be thinking that why you should use explainer video for the marketing of your product? Well, the answer to this is that these days it is by far the most eminent class of social media content. You must have to see that if your competitors in the market are using it as a powerful marketing tool then you have to make use of it in order to outclass them. If they are using it as a leading convincing tool then you also have to do the same. If you use explainer video to give the right message to the right audience then you can surely lead the game!

Explainer videos are brief videos that give an introduction about the product. The features of the product are also highlighted in the video. Usually, the problem-solution structure is used where the customer is seen facing the problem and the product comes as the solution to it. This structure has been mostly effective these days.


It enables you to provide the complete demonstration of your product to your customers. You can easily highlight the features and pods of your product to the customers. Also, you would be able to define how the product can be used to solve the issue of the customer. This really helps the customer in getting a clear idea about your product.

Used For Slideshows or Presentations

Every day you need to give presentations in your work life to different executives. Won’t you like something that would make it more attractive and appealing? Definitely you would! By using these videos, you can give presentations, slideshows to the respective audience.  It enables you to make transmission of information impressive for the concerned people.


It helps you to increase conversion rates. After watching your video, people come to the website to check the details of your product. Either by checking the details they would sign up for buying it or they won’t. In a case when they are signing up, they would contribute in increasing the conversion rates.

Clear Conscience

When we read a text, we can have many interpretations of it. But videos have the advantage that they don’t have too much text so they are not misinterpreted. They have a precise script which is presented with animations, so people don’t get in the misinterpretations. They get exactly what is presented. Therefore, it offers people to have a clear concept about your product.

Powerful Online Social Media content

It has become the most powerful social media content tool. Not only that, it is being used as he leading marketing tool. If you are not making use of it and your competitors are then you have to do the same.

With its long lasting impact, you can outclass your competitors. It would enable you to lead the game in which you are surrounded by a lot of players.

Communicating Difficult Messages

It might happen that your product concept is difficult for the people to understand. For this, you can use explainer video. It would enable you to conveniently communicate your difficult idea t other audience. In this regard, Whiteboard animation and Cartoon animation are used specifically. Because Whiteboard drives the urge in the viewer with its images white cartoon animated amuses people with its colors and animation.

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