About My Greetly

My Greetly is a digital receptionist of modern office. It is an iPad receptionist that instantly connects your visitors with the right person. This app was created mainly due to the fact that in this era of few receptionists, most office lobbies leave visitors confused and frustrated instead but this app was created to greet customers, vendors, interview candidates, delivery people and anyone else all the time.

“My Greetly’s animated video acts as a quick, easy-to-understand product demo.”

“We did GENERATE 60 QUALIFIED LEADS, with no promotional support, before the product even launched.”

Dave Milliken, Greetly Founder.

Objective: Why My Greetly needed an Explainer Video?

The objective of making an explainer video was to demonstrate how the digital receptionist solution works for their users as many app landing pages are focused on downloads and trials, but setting up with Greetly is a multi step process and showing the app in action via animated video, they wanted to encourage their visitors to follow through the proper setup process.


The goal was to create an explainer video to demonstrate how Greetly works to site visitors while the app was still in development.


Greetly required a 90 -120 seconds cartoon explainer video that shows the added value of their product. The main goal of making this video was to communicate the processes to it target audiences. Video explainers took an approach with the script & visuals that marked the value of Greely’s product and explain the product and its benefit. The video was able to successfully communicate the core value of the product.


Video Explainers always focuses on producing such high quality videos that can help businesses to get maximum LEADS.

We were once again successful in achieving our goal of providing our clients with the highly qualified leads with My Greetly Video.

Our video played a big major role in getting My Greetly the specified 60 leads.

With a powerful story and script, characters and highly customized animation, we were successful in explaining the core concept of My Greetly to the audience.

The impact can be measured by the fact that our video was able to produce 60 QUALIFIED LEADS for My Greetly before the product launch with no promotional support.

Let’s see what Dave Milliken (My Greetly Founder) himself has to say about the video success.

“However we did generate 60 QUALIFIED LEADS, with no promotional support, before the product even launched. That far exceeded our expectations. And nearly every site visitors watches the video so we know it has played a role in evaluation of our product.”

Dave Milliken –My Greetly Founder.

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