The impact of video depends upon many factors. Among them Is the video style factor. Video explainer production style is chosen according to the product and its target market. There are 6 different video styles that our clients select for their products/services.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is the video style in which captivating drawings are used. A hand is shown drawing these images with each situation coming in the video. It hooks viewers with its appealing images. The viewers have the curiosity and urge to know what image will be drawn against the next situation. It is simple yet impactful. Most complicated concepts can be easily communicated through whiteboard video animation. The product/services that require extra time for detailed explanation can use whiteboard animation as the viewers don’t get bored in watching this animation style.

Cartoon animation

Cartoon animation is the video style in which different cartoon characters are used for the demonstration of the product/service. These characters help to viewers to relate themselves with the video content. The animations used in cartoon animation videos make it more appealing. The complicated message can easily be conveyed with the help of characters, animations, colors, background music etc. Animations and characters work well in building brand image and brand associations.


Typography is the video style which is used to present a great chunk of data in an attractive and appealing style. The background music and animations make the message very impactful. Typography is mostly used in sales presentations, board meetings, and speaker sessions.

Cutout Animation

It is defined as the animation video style that has the simple design and drawings. With its simple designs and drawing, the complex and complicated product concepts can be easily defined. It is simple, easy and creative. It is commonly used by health care and food industry. It is mostly used in the demonstration of colorful concepts, funny and entertaining ideas.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is another popular video style. It is a digital technique that adds words sounds music and animation together.  It adds breathing to the static content. It is mostly used for the products that require explanation of its functionality.  It can deliver difficult marketing messages with its unique animation style. Mobile apps, software and technology industries make use of it.

Sales letter

The sales letter is just like infographics. Infographics are the visual presentation of data while it is the audio visual presentation of information and data. It has voice-over that describes the product/service details. The products/services are explained in details in sales letter in order to persuade the audience to make immediate purchases. It is lengthy as compared to other video styles.

These video explainer production styles are selected by the businesses according to their product/service and target market.