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[Case Study]-Full Frame Productions


The objective of Full Frame Productions was to create an engaging explainer video for Car Scene that will help attract more of their  audience so they can engage more prospects with their brand.


In the case of Car Scene, Video Explainers sought out a unique production method and developed a custom 3D /null”>animated video of 90- 120 seconds in length that focused on Car Scene’s goals: To promote a new product, clear out old stock, and highlight a new service.

A 3D video is one of the styles that attract the users  the best. It is one of the most polished and widely used animation styles that easily explains any startup idea. So, Video Explainers took that approach and made a custom 3D explainer video for Full Frames Productions’ client, Car Scene, to help them engage their target audiences.
The messages within the video were clear enough to fully educate the target audience about Car Scene and the special offer that Car Scene wanted to present. The unique animated approach using the super effective video communication channel helped Car Scene bring their product into the market successfully.



“Since creating our video with Video Explainers, Customer Engagement with our Brand has definitely increased  about 25% more and we have overall seen an improvement in the performance of business.
Our Customers were also able to learn faster about what we have to offer and with video production; they are able to have a deeper understanding of our products and services.

This can be attributed to the great animations, typography and use of color in the video.

People are more willing to engage with us and we have seen a direct relationship between customers watching our video and inquiries generated.

Video explainers were very easy to work withthey were incredibly flexible and they made the process very simple. Video Production is a huge undertaking for most businesses but we really felt supported and the entire process was a breeze.”


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