Are you interested in writing blogs for your self-promotion, sharing it for and in getting valuable feedback then you must look our blog guidelines and give it a shot, yes it’s that easy.

Blog Guidelines

Thank you very much for showing interest in guest blogging for Video Explainers. We really appreciate your interest and effort in writing for us. Through guest blogging, we believe in giving a platform for writers and bloggers to share their knowledge, ideas and concepts with our audience.

Before you start writing for us, make sure you go through our blog guidelines.

How Guest Blogging At Video Explainers Will Help You?

Blogging for Video Explainers will enable you to connect with our audience. You can build a strong relationship with our viewers by sharing your knowledge, expertise and experience with them. You will not only get exposure by publishing blog on Video Explainers but also, you will get the opportunity to connect with our renowned clients that regularly read our blogs.

We believe in providing best business solutions to our audiences through remarkable blog posts.

Why You Should Really Submit Blog To Video Explainers?

  • We have around 50000 subscribers
  • Our blog posts get around 1500 shares
  • Our blog posts are widely shared on social media

You Would Be Writing For:

Our target audience consists of the people who are entrepreneurs and businessmen. We love to give business solutions to all the startups primarily who face difficulty in increasing their online visibility to the customers.

How Our Posts Look Like:

    • Go through our blog section
    • Write for startups, entrepreneurs and marketers
    • Produce content that help them in increasing their online presence and business
    • Focus on the right delivery of blog concept
    • Typically we encourage the blog posts that are above 1000 words.
    • Include real based examples
    • Include case studies
    • Talk about something that you have experience with

Tell our audience what to do and how to do

  • Do not promote your company in the blog, do that in your Author intro
  • Add back links but try not to overload the post with back links
  • Make use of I, we or you language
  • High resolution images ( PNG or jpeg)
  • Make sure that your blog image communicates the blog concept to our audience

Topics That You Can Write For:

  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Visual Content
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Explainer Videos

You can see our blog posts here.

How Should You Submit Blog Post?

Send your blog draft at

You will get to know about the feedback in few days.

Note: We accept blog posts that add valued business solutions to our viewers.

Include Bio Data

Your bio data should be of 70 words. You can add your social media links in your author bio along with your website link. Author bio is a good place for website promotion so make sure you use it smartly.