for Instagram

What is Gramo?

A 15 sec or 30 sec Explainer video specially designed for Instagram Video Ads.

Why Gramo?

“Instagram is just all over the place. Its advertising features are really good.”That means:

More good advertising features, more FREE CUSTOMERS.

Getting free customers is the best business luxury ever. Customers are god for every business. By business growth, we mean to get more prospects, leads, customers and eventually profit.

One more best part of Gramo Instagram video is that it can easily reach to your Facebook followers too Instagram is connected with Facebook. Now that is huge!

Imagine with just 30 seconds video your message will reach to thousands of your followers on social media that will maximize your sales. (all with 30 seconds video Wow)

But it all starts with good advertising and marketing efforts. In short, Gramo can actually work in kick-starting your sales! As soon as you watch the video, you will get what we really mean to say.

One more thing, FREE CUSTOMERS means Free Endorsements which are phenomenal for branding and marketing!

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Animated Video
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Animated Video Ad
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The 3 Key Benefits Of Gramo Videos That Will
Accelerate Your Business Growth

Easy Message Delivery in Quick Time

You are surrounded by business competitors. In this competitive time, you need to deliver your business message easily, effectively, smartly in a short time. This can be achieved all with
Gramo Instagram video.

Social Media Engagement

As you see, engaging people is difficult on social media as the users have access to almost everything. If you don’t offer some great engaging content they would easily move towards your competitors. ( that you don’t want)

Gramo Instagram video can solve this for you. With Gramo video, you can engage your social media followers in attractive and appealing way.

Spend Budget on Marketing

Spend your money on video marketing as it is the need of the hour. But spend it smartly. You don’t need to invest on video marketing more than the requirement. Invest in video marketing smartly and effectively as it produces great results for you.