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How And Why Dumb Ways To Die Go Viral?

Dumb ways to die

Dumb ways to die is one of the fairly most beaten viral video campaigns ever. This video has surely made a huge fan following within no days. Consider these cute little blobs depicting everyday life of the common man.

Campaign Design:

This campaign was designed for a public transport authority in Melbourne, Australia for Metro trains. The ad was created by McCann advertising agency. The video has used black humor to promote train safety featuring a variety of animated cartoon character dying in unusual ways.

Purpose Of The Video:

This three-minute music video shows adorable little blobs making the most stupid decision ever- doing unusual things like messing with the animals, sticking forks in toasters which are leading to all fatal accident. The purpose of making this video campaign was for the people who are being careless around trains.Young people today don’t listen to public safety messages and ends up sacrificing their lives by not following the basic rules.

So how do you get them to care being safe around trains by coming with something that is phenomenal and will make you understand the message better and in a fun way more adding humor and colors to it? That’s where the idea got generated dumb ways to die  the message of the campaign was simple being unsafe around trains is the dumbest thing ever you could do.

Buzz In The Market:

The song started from a very simple premise and within few days there were more than 30 million YouTube views. It generated huge media viral effect within no days. Putting the campaign on Reddit for straight 8 hours was the next step the company did and it became the most shared video of no time. The video was picked up by every other media channel whether it is a radio show or on the news channel or an ad dumb ways to die was shared out everywhere!


This song has a made a buzz all around that iTunes has published it in 42 different countries
Within two weeks, the video accumulated over 28.7 million views and 35,000 comments. It is available for purchase on the iTunes store, where it holds a five-star rating.

People also started sharing their own version of the song. Dumb ways to die became the big hit!!!

Being The Most Popular One:

The popularity got so high that it many other contents got developed related to it like games, app, websites and so on.
If you haven’t seen the video yet on Facebook, YouTube yet then here’s the link I’m sharing below. Watch this video and go crazy like these blobs.

So isn’t the video interesting
No doubt it is! Plus it has got that cute indie sound that is so popular right now. It is a complete mixture of fun plus humor and all on top delivering the message clearly.

 This video has played an effective role in labeling the train accidents “dumb” instead of tragic. The idea behind this dumb ways campaign taps into the  behavior change marketing and that is the pressure that people will come across and makes a change in their habits. Behavior change is a hard thing to accept in the market, it’s not an easily measurable target and that is what the video is all about.

These videos are quite effective and make a place in the market within no time.Animated video are great way of promoting your product or services and video production houses plays a huge role in it so if you want to make a video like this one go check out this amazing animation company which produces great videos and make one like dumb ways to die too.

 So live your life while listening to dumb ways to die and save your loved ones.


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