Cutout animation is termed as the simplest and oldest form of animation. It has a lot of variations and versions. It basically involves the production of animation sing 2-D characters, props and scenes cut from materials, such as paper, card or fabric.  What Animators basically do, they divide characters into smaller segments, piece together the individual cut-out shapes and move them in small steps, taking a picture — with a film camera capable of taking single pictures — at each step, to create the illusion of movement. Through cut out, animations are produced using flat characters. It can conveniently be done by cutting newspaper or magazine images and making the animation. You can be very creative with cutout animation.


Simple Design and Drawings

It is defined as the animation video style that has the simple design and drawings. With its simple designs and drawing, the complex and complicated product concepts can be easily defined. It is simple, easy and creative.


Advertising Technique

It can also be used as an eye-catching technique on websites or in advertising.

Used By

It is commonly used by health care and food industry. It is mostly used in the demonstration of colorful concepts, funny and entertaining ideas.


It doesn’t work well for facial close-ups, where dialogue requires the lip movements of a character to be synchronized with recorded sound — lip-sync. Cut-out animation is usually used for mixed stories with duration of five minutes or less.

The most famous cut out style is Drop box.  Even Dropbox has used cut out animation for its demo video as it delivers the complicated concept with great simplicity.