Best Startup Explainer Videos That You Can’t Miss

Explainer Videos That you Can’t Miss

You must be well aware about the trending significance of explainer videos. I have written up so many blogs on our website just to make you people understand about the real worth of explainer video for your business.
With video, it is easier to grab the attention of your viewer and keep them engaged. As per the research it says that a 60 second video has the same value as 1.8 million words and when the marketers include them in landing pages or emails the sales are HUGE!
Now you exactly know the worth of an explainer video that can create wonders for your business. You can actually attract millions of online users with your video in no time.  Explainer video has the quality to brief about your brand to the people in short period of time.
Explainer videos are perfect for a startup company too as it can hit the customer’s mind instantly with its colorful animation and perfect pitch script and make it a prospects into a customer.
I will be now sharing some of best explainer videos of all times that you can’t miss to see Animation, Script, Voice over and Characters all things are exceptionally amazing in these videos. Each video on this list effectively explains a business, product or service in 2-minutes or less. All styles are included to have an idea how each styles look like and which will suit your business perfectly.
I’ve included the company’s and agencies name too that has produced excellent quality videos so that it can be served as an example and will be inspiring enough to make it a part of your marketing strategy.
At Video explainers, We like to share the best work that has been produced within our industry to our customers. So here it is the list of the top 10 explainer videos that you can’t miss to watch.

10. Wonder Lust- “Let’s Get Out”

Starting it off the first video is from wonder lust; video name “Let’s get out” that is about a social app and is cartoon style video. As cartoon style explainer videos are the most eminent and top rated videos styles among all, the first thing that attracts me in this video are the colors that are used throughout the campaign of this video that you can see are attractive, vibrant and keeps you stay back looking at the video. The animation done is so clean and smooth and keeps the viewer hooked up.

 9. Video Explainers – “Bar Fly”

Bar fly is a cartoon explainer video by Video explainers. Now in this video you can easily notice the animation that is done so effectively and helps the target audience to understand the message easily. As cartoon character helps to resonate the audiences building brand associations the video has hit to my sight instantly. Watch out the full video here.

8. Yum Yum Videos – “Trigger Email”

This video is created by Yum Yum Videos and is a great example of using humor to engage an audience. This video has directly hit the needs of the target audience that faces the similar problem and have deliver the solution very nicely. A powerful video to watch!

 6. Video Explainers – “Auto loan”

Okay so this is one of the most popular video style in which the video has been done by Video explainers. Auto loan! As soon as the video starts, you will automatically assume that it’s going to be something very amusing that your audience want to see more. The product concept is explained clearly but in an entertaining way. The animation done and the transition from one scene to another are very clean which make the content very clear.

 5. The RSA Animate video – “Changing Education Paradigms”

RSA ANIMATE is one of the most widely known company for its whiteboard animation explainer videos. The first thing that I’m sure will attract the audiences and so to me is the sound that squeaky sound which perfectly matches the visuals. You have to check the first part of video!
As I love watching whiteboard videos and I never get bored watching them. The video is perfectly drawn and is in sync with every word of the narration in the video. Apart from the quality the message delivery that this video has is excellent yet informative to watch for younger and older people as it create’s idea to study.

 Yum Yum Videos – “Access Pay- Payment and Cash Management”

This video is far very old but every time I play it amuses me with its great and lively animation. The video has been delivered with two animation styles that are cartoon and motion graphics so this video has a lot of things that you can’t miss to watch. A blend of both styles which makes the video so smooth and will ultimately help you to understand how things work. The best part of video lies on the 0:46 sec do check it out!

 Epipheo – “Eat tank Micro nutrients”

This video by Epipheo is really amazing. I’m sure after watching this video you will love these cute little characters that are depicting so well. The video is about a community obsessed with teaching humans how to navigate our complex modern food world. The animation done in this video is so fascinating  and entertaining that lets the viewer gets engaged and can grab the video message easily.

Demo duck – “BASECASE”

Base case video is created by demo duck. The video style used in this video is 3d animation. These type of explainer videos are basically a mixture of spreadsheet and a slideshow presentation that is made to make your life easy. The animation done in this video is out of the box in bringing this boring topic very interactive for the audience. You must see its full video for sure.


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The Best Way to Hook your Customer with Promo Video

Today we’re in the era where you need to connect with the audience in order to let them know about your existence. You need to do so as you are operating in the competitive marketplace where every business is applying hard core strategies to spread brand awareness and influence people about their respective product or service consumption.
Long ago, when it came to the marketing of a brand, promotions used to be done through ATL and BTL activities, but in this new era, the Internet has taken over and is one of the best resources that will help you to deliver your brand story effectively.
As businesses move away from offline operations, like emails, letters, print ads and billboards, they are increasingly spending more time and effort online with banner ads, e- newsletters, various case studies and now… The Promo Video.
In this blog, you will get to learn that what is the best medium to hook your customers? How it should be like ? and the best ways to spread and share it.

1. Promo Video-The Best Medium to Hook Customers

Promo video is used as the best medium to hook your customers whether your promoting your brand or introducing one.  There are many ways in which the promo videos can be done like through filming it, creating a montage or explainer video.

Use Explainer Video as Your Promo Video

An Explainer video is the best  way to be used for promo videos as it the best way to grab visitors attention  in giving them the content that they enjoy; visuals that amaze them and a story that can be easily understood. Videos enable you to convey your brand story in a fun and engaging way.
As you can see that brands having their videos are attracted more by the visitors rather then boring text and plain images.The best part about explainer videos is that they communicate the brand message (no matter how complicated it is) in a completely fun and engaging way. You have the exceptional opportunity to tell people about your amazing product idea, the need that it fills, the extraordinary features that your product/service provides, and how the features work for customers, etc.
Imagine how appealing it is that you can easily present all this information with an explainer video!

Factors that attract the viewers in Promo video:

The factors that attract viewers to an explainer video are:

  • Powerful script and story
  • Animated cartoon characters that enable people to build brand associations
  • Attractive moving visuals
  • Voice over that narrates the brand story
  • Background music that makes the video interesting
  • Display of information in attractive way

Explainer videos Increasing Trend

Explainer videos are an increasing trend. You may be aware of how their significance has increased these days. But a point to consider here is that how are these videos used for promoting your product? How they are involved in the process of marketing your product/service?
You must be thinking  why should you include an explainer video for your product marketing?

Helps to Convey Right Message at Right Time

Today, video is the most prominent element in social media content. You have to see if your competitors in the market are using video as a powerful marketing tool (most of them are probably already using it) which means you too  have to make use of this tool in order to compete with them. If you use explainer videos to convey the right message to the right audience, then you can surely win the game.
Explainer videos are short videos that briefly introduce your product or service. The features of the product are also highlighted in the video. Usually, the problem-solution form is used in the creation of  the video where the customer is seen facing the problem and the product appears as the solution to it. This structure has been proven to be the most effective these days.

Choosing the Right Video Style

Now, making the decision to create an explainer video is not enough; you need to think about which video style can give you maximum impact and can be helpful for your business and for your promotion. There are many video styles that can be used in a video which include:

  • Cartoon explainer
  • Whiteboard style
  • Typography
  • 2D animation
  • Infographic, etc.

Whiteboard and cartoon style animation are the two most popular video styles that can be used for a promo video,  as the main purpose is to let the audience know about the brand and both of these styles are perfect in delivering that message.
These video styles are prominently famous for their effective message delivery of complicated concepts, such as:

Whiteboard style is most famous and preferred video type, especially for startups. The basic idea is the drawing of sequential images and text on a whiteboard and syncing with the voice over,  and explaining the whole concept in an engaging way.
The cartoon style of animation is the most vibrant style used in production. Through its colorful animation, friendly voice over,  and lighthearted script, this video is enjoyed by all. It is cost effective too.
So, these are the basic concepts of explainer videos and the different animation styles, let but now we can get a little more detailed and find out what really makes a promo video the best it can be.

2. How the Promo Video Should Look like

a) Short, Easy, and Simple

Promo videos are the best marketing and sales tools and are designed to introduce or educate the customers about a particular product or service.
A promo video should be defined, precise, and should be direct enough to let the customer easily grab what the offering is about. It should be a well-produced video to hold the attention of viewers long enough to make the key points necessary to generate additional interest.

b) Convey Your Brand Story

Promo video is widely used because it enables you convey your brand story and these videos can be produced and distributed on the internet very easily. Animation has the power to bring any subject to life just as well as live action and your brand story needs one to meet current customer expectations.
Watch this video below and check to see how it benefits the business by grabbing the attention of the viewer right away as soon as they click the play button.

3. Spreading and Sharing of Promo Video:

Once produced, promo videos can be spread and shared on different social media forums, embedded on your landing page, shared via emails and newsletters, and posted on YouTube and Vimeo too. It can reach hundreds and thousands of users for free and in a very short time. Let’s discuss this in more detail:

a)  Placing Video on Your Landing Page

It has been proven that your landing page is a great platform to use for spreading and sharing your promo video  because the first thing to be noticed on your landing page is a video. Text can be too lengthy to read at times and videos are more and entices them to stay  and connect with your brand.

b) Video Can Be Used In Email and Newsletter

Having video within the content of your email or newsletter is a pretty cool way to make your promo video noticed. Seeing it from an SEO perspective, we want people sharing and linking to your video from an email or newsletter because it will help you in promoting your brand.

c) Video Can Be Used In Blogs

You can do try to maximize the video’s impact by embedding the video links in your blogs under the relevant headings. You can use video as an example of your message or statement,  or you can use the video to demonstrate an effective style. Just as I have done in this blog:
Read more: Animated Explainer Video for Startups- The Best for Your BusinessThe 7 Best Animated Videos- You can’t miss them.

d) Uploading it on YouTube and Vimeo:

I’ve saved the best in the last; yes, the two major platforms YouTube and Vimeo are used by hundreds and millions of people. So, uploading your promo video to any one of these platforms will surely give you the best results that you might be looking for and will help you to build your brand awareness in no time.


I hope I have effectively demonstrated that having a promo video can be extremely effective in delivering your brand story and be cost effective too. A major role in your communication strategy can be played by an explainer video because it can easily reach a large audience online, increase brand and product awareness, reach brand influencers, increase conversion rates, get higher search rankings, increase sales and ROI, and importantly, helping your message to go viral.

Reinventing Education Using Video

If you have been following my blogs, then you must have observed that I usually explore how video :

  • Increases the customers’ understanding level
  • Impacts buying behavior
  • Influences customers’ minds
  • Increases landing page conversion rates
  • Increases brand awareness

But today, I am not going to talk about the business benefits you get from video.
What I am going to discuss is reinventing education with video!

Let’s get started

If the video can deliver the brand message to consumer audiences effectively, why can’t it deliver educational concepts to students? Maybe, you’ve never thought about it. Even I did not think about it until I watched Salman Khan, the founder of The Khan Academy, talking about reinventing education with video.
I was really inspired after watching it and realized that how much videos can be helpful to teachers and students across the globe.
Here’s what I learned after watching the video:

Reinventing Education with Videos

Educational videos can help students in many different ways, in class, and outside the classroom.

Different Levels of Understanding Among Students

There are students across the globe with different levels of understanding. Me? I am not good at Math!! But I am good at English. Similarly, you must excel in some areas while being weak in others too.

Obtaining Poor Grades

What happens when you struggle in different disciplines? You get lower marks. To get higher grades in at specific course, you have to put extra effort into that course. But, even after doing that you may not get the desired results.

Missing Basic Concepts

The reason you are probably falling behind is that you missed learning the basic concepts of a particular course. The confusion is then naturally compounded when you are introduced to more advanced concepts and it becomes a spiral of failure even though you try hard.

Hiring a Tutor Comes Has Limitations

To prevent this situation, you may hire a tutor that can explain all the concepts, from basic to advanced, but even here there are some limitations to achieving success. Sometimes you may feel tired or exhausted at not listen that closely and remain confused. Or the subject matter is boring and you can’t get interested. If this happens, your tutor may ask you to repeat a lesson or class and you might not be able to spend the extra time. How can you tackle difficult assignments and homework if you are unable to understand and take a serious interest in the course? Will you be able to overcome this situation? It would be difficult, for sure.

Solving the Issues Using Educational Videos

EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS can solve all of these problems and make things so much easier for students to excel.
Let’s see how…

The New Online Tutor– Videos

If you are weak in any course, you probably haven’t learned the basics and naturally get confused about understanding the advanced concepts. If you watch a video about a specific subject that covers the basics, you have the opportunity of replaying the video again and again until you are sure you understand what is happening.. The best part is that you won’t need to hire a tutor in this scenario. You can understand critical concepts by yourself watching videos. Videos are also convenient as you can watch them on your schedule, not the tutor’s when you may be tired or distracted. And you won’t have the fear of having to repeat the lecture, lesson or class numerous times.

Videos Save You From Embarrassment

Watching videos can save you from embarrassing class situations!!! A typical class contains students with different levels of knowledge. Some pick up concepts quickly, some pick them up a bit slowly, and some totally miss the idea. You may feel embarrassed if your mates understand all the course concepts so quickly and you’re slow in picking them up, and if you have no answer when the course instructor asks you a question.
Video can actually save you from experiencing this situation. You can watch all the videos relating to your course and understand the concepts in depth. By watching the videos, you can reach the level of understanding your mate’s share and join the class discussions.

Reviewing the Old Concepts

If you feel that you have left some of the early primary concepts unstudied or you have forgotten them, which hinders your understanding, watching videos about the subject will help you grasp more advanced concepts and lessons.
Can you visualize how the way we educate can be improved using videos? How can videos revolutionize the education system? Believe me, if you are going to use videos for solving your educational issues, then there will be better outcomes for everyone!!

Increasing the Motivation Level

Also, realize that when students face difficulty understanding course concepts, and despite all their efforts, their morale sinks and they may do worse in other subjects too! This lowers student motivation level and self-image.
Imagine how the whole education system can be reinvented using video! You can watch the videos again and again when convenient. You can review the old basic concepts. Not only you can get the basic idea, but you can also understand advanced concepts and increase confidence and morale.
Believe me, you will love to put extra effort into your study courses, and you will celebrate the positive results.
Before wrapping up, I will share with you some of the educational videos by Salman Khan, the founder of the Khan Academy. Watch them and see how they can make things easier for you!!!
Ancient Near Eastern and ancient Egyptian art: From the Utah System of Higher Education (with special thanks to Dr. Nancy Ross).

Nineteenth-century art: A video from the Utah System of Higher Education (with special thanks to Dr. Nancy Ross)

Introduction to Twentieth-Century Art: A video from the Utah System of Higher Education (with special thanks to Dr. Nancy Ross)

Introduction to Contemporary Art: A video from the Utah System of Higher Education (with special thanks to Dr. Nancy Ross)


Using video has numerous business benefits that you can easily measure. I speak about them all the time in my blogs. But today I came up with a different perspective — reinventing education by using video. Video can drastically revolutionize the education system. It can help people to understand basic concepts, get them interested in mastering even more educational concepts, while motivating them and increasing their self worth.
Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

How and Why Dumb Ways to Die Go Viral

Dumb Ways to Die is one of the most successful viral video campaigns ever. This video has also made me a huge fan. You get mesmerized watching these cute little blobs depict the aspects of our everyday life. But have you noticed that why this campaign was chosen to run by an animated video? Although the message that was in the campaign was very serious but it has  been greatly delivered in a fun and a humorous way. The importance of animated video has been greatly mentioned here as video with animation always catches the eyes of the audience and make them enjoy as well as understand the message that has to be delivered.

Campaign Design

This campaign was designed for a public transport authority in Melbourne, Australia promoting public safety while using their Metro Trains. The ad was created by McCann Advertising Agency. The video intentionally used black humor to promote train safety featuring a variety of animated cartoon characters dying in unusual ways.

Purpose of the Video

This three minute music video shows adorable little blobs, making the stupidest safety decisions, such as playing with wild animals, sticking forks in toasters, and more unwise decisions, all leading to fatal accidents.
The purpose of creating this video campaign was to alert people that they may be acting careless when using trains. Young people today don’t listen to public safety messages and may be preoccupied, and can end up sacrificing their lives by not following the basic safety rules.
So, how do you get them to care about being safe around trains? You need to come up  with something that is phenomenal and will make them  understand the message better, and in a more fun way  by adding humor and making it entertaining!
That’s  how the idea was generated to create the video“Dumb Ways to Die which went viral and became very effective as spreading the message. The awareness campaign was simple, just bringing up the concept that being unsafe around trains was another dumb way to die.

Buzz in The Market

The viral effect the song and video created eventually topped off with  more than 30 million YouTube views. It generated a huge discussion about the subject of safety and the effect of the video in the industry itself.
Next, the company uploaded the campaign to Reddit for  8 straight  hours and it also became the most shared video of all time. The video was picked up by every other media channel, whether a radio show or a TV news channel, or in print,  it seemed that Dumb Ways to Die was shared nearly everywhere!


This song even made a buzz a buss on iTunes as it was  published it in 42 different countries. Within two weeks, the video accumulated over 28.7 million views and 35,000 comments.
It is still available for purchase in the iTunes store, where carries a five star rating. People also started sharing their own version of the song. Dumb Ways to Die which was a major factor in why it became such a monster hit!!!

Becoming The Most Popular

The popularity of the song and video grew so much and so rapidly that other content was developed, such as  games, an app, fan websites, and more. If you haven’t seen the video on Face Book or YouTube yet, then here’s a link you can follow to view it. Watch this video once and you’ll become a fan of these crazy little blobs too.

The video is fascinating, isn’t it? Plus,  it possesses that cute indie sound that is so popular right now. It is the perfect mixture of fun, animation and music that helps to deliver a very important and serious message.

Video Plays an Effective Role

This video has played an important and effective role in defining train accidents as “dumb” instead of tragic.
The idea behind this Dumb Ways to Die campaign taps into the way marketing is changing in order to persuade people to take action, whether it be purchasing products or services, or altering their behavior which is the hardest goal to achieve. As the success of this video campaign proves, using video can be an effective tool in getting the message across and getting people to take action.
These videos are quite effective and make an impact in the market very quickly. Animated video is a great way for promoting your product or services and professional video production houses play a huge role in taking your ideas and turning them into amazingly fun, informational, and motivating videos.
So, have fun listening to Dumb Ways to Die and remember that it helped save our loved ones from harm.
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The 7 Best Animated Videos- You can’t miss them!!!

Video has become the biggest marketing and most persuasive tool these days. The primary reason behind its massive success is its ability to communicate difficult product messages to the viewers in a short span of time while keeping them engaged.
Video, with its well-defined story and characters, amusing music, pleasant voice over, and amazing animations help to get people engaged with the video. Once the viewers get engaged, the product message is easier to deliver.
Landing page videos actually create wonders!! Once the viewers watch the landing page video, they get to understand the product and how it will cater to their needs. After watching landing page videos, viewers become customers or your potential leads.
Video has become your most powerful marketing tool because it influences customers’ way of thinking. It works well in branding too. The cartoon characters and brand story enable the viewers to develop brand associations.

  1. It is predicted that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Start now to become a part of this wave!
  2. 52% of marketing professionals worldwide identify video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  3. Nearly two-thirds of people are visual learners, and visual data is processed much faster by the brain than reading text.
  4. Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversions by nearly 90%.
  5. 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content about them.
  6. Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

These facts will prove why video has become such a big deal! It is here to stay for a long, long, time. In fact, shortly, we all are going to witness even more explosive growth in video marketing!!
Let me show you some of the best animated videos of recent times.

1. Flash Tutorial/Interac By Tendril

Nothing could be better than this. A perfect start to the video!!! Making the wallet the primary character in the video is the most amazing idea. The wallet explains what actually happens when you overstuff it and what the remedy is.
The voice over is also well matched to the video and the script is really catchy! It’s why you love to watch it. Most importantly, the product concept is very clear. You will get the big idea instantly as you watch the video.

 2. Gigtown by Yum Yum Videos

A powerful video to watch!! As soon as you click on the play button, you will realize that something amazing is coming your way. Very clean animation work. Music and voice over are really precise. The animation blends with the video so smoothly that it will ultimately help you to understand how things work at Gigtown! I especially love the part between 0:20-0:26.
The logo color of Gigtown is orange. The interesting thing in the video is that the orange color is also used as the base color in the animation. Now, this orange color, will make a subtle impression and  remind you of Gigtown.  That’s a smart way of branding!!!

3. Mustang Customizer by Michigan Motion Buds

This video demonstrates why music is important for video. The music in the video matches perfectly with the Mustang that they are talking about. It livens up your mood within just a few seconds. What makes it even better is the voice-over that makes you watch this video!!!

4. PadMapper by Grumomedia

The video has a very clean look, meaning the animation is very crisp. The music too is pleasant to listen to. As soon as you start watching it, you will clearly get the Pad Mapper concept. Also, there are no disturbing elements in the video. The music is set low, helping  to set the video’s mood. Otherwise, loud music can be a disturbing element in similar videos.

5. Gates Foundation by Loaded Pictures

This is something really out of the box! The video displays a difficult concept about reinventing the toilet. It highlights the corporate social responsibilities of organizations in a very clever way. The exciting part is when the video starts and it shows the different kinds of human waste!! You may actually replay it to make sure you understand it all. As you watch it, you will realize that the video sends a very strong message about recycling waste and bringing about change.

6. Onlife Health Member Portal by Identity Visuals

A must watch video! The concept of the Onlife Member Portal is largely supported by animations. I say so because there are a lot of service features shown in the video, but the animation work is so good that you can’t confuse it with any of the features! The transition from one scene to another is very clean which helps make the content clear.

7. SharkWrap by Video Brewery

This video has a fun element. It has amusing background music and a voice over that helps give the video that enjoyable factor. As the video starts, you will automatically assume that it’s going to be something very amusining and you want to see more! The product concept is explained clearly but in an entertaining way.
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Why Video Raises Up Landing Page Conversion Rates

Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversions by nearly 90%.
(Source: Superkrush)
According to this fact, if you place an explainer video on your website landing page, then you can increase landing page  conversion rates up to 90%.  We see many facts like this daily, but can we get some real insight from these facts? How and why do conversion rates increase? Well, I decided to spend the time to find out all the details about placing videos on landing pages and am pleased to share the results.
My purpose in doing this is to help people understand the importance of placing a video on your main web landing page. If you learn why it is really beneficial for your conversion rates, You’ll want to do this yourself. So, let’s start fact checking!

Visual Data Is Processed Faster In The Human Brain

Nearly two-thirds of people are visual learners, and visual data are processed much faster by the brain than text. This fact gives you a solid reason to place a video on your landing page and increase landing page conversion rates.
Videos help make concepts clearer. Once people watch a video on your website, they will get a better idea of what you are offering them, what needs that your product/service satisfy, and how your product/service will solve their problems.
They will truly understand your product/service, its features, and how it is used, etc.
Once they get to know more about you, your product/service, and the needs that your product satisfies, they can make a more informed decision on whether to use your product or service.
Similarly, if you overload your website with details in the form of  text you won’t achieve the best landing page conversion rates, no matter how much valuable information you place on it. There will be very few users who will take the time to go through tedious paragraphs of information.
This is because the users’ attention span these days is really short. It is limited to only a few seconds. Even when it comes to watching a video, users may spend only a short time watching it. Even though they will give video more time to catch their interest than reading text, they  can click off at any time, so it’s important to position the main product message in the early seconds of the video.
On the contrary, when you place a video on the landing page and it’s exciting, your visitors can watch all the details regarding your product/service in an entertaining way. But, for the very highest landing page conversion rates, you have to come up with a really amazing video!

Voiceover- The Virtual Salesperson

The voice over, or narration,  actually speaks directly to the users in the video to give them a better understanding. Similarly, when users watch your landing page video, the narrator is conceived as actually speaking personally to each and every visitor.  That is why it can be said that voice over is actually the virtual sales person who gives critical product information to the users.
So, your landing page video can become the virtual sales person speaking to people visiting your website. Can you imagine how effective that could be? What could be better than speaking to your prospects and informing them individually about your product service? What you have to do is to make a very powerful video script which can actually compel your users to take direct action!
Now, consider if you want to accomplish this solely through text on your site. You think you can do it that well? To get anywhere near that experience, you would need to use emoticons, pictures, and diagrams. But what about tone? Personal engagement?  This can only be achieved through the use of video.
Check this video to see how voice over works as a virtual salesperson on the landing page video.

Moving Visuals Demand Attention

A psychologist proposed that human brains have been programmed by nature to give special attention to noise and movement.
Videos actually prove this fact. Videos contain music, moving visuals, and animations that grab a customer’s attention and keep them engaged. So, that is why you should really incorporate a landing page video in order to create a stronger attraction towards your product and enable consumers to purchase it.
Now, here are some similar landing page conversion facts:
The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. (Source: Mist Media)
Landing pages with video have up to 800% more conversion than the same page without a video. (Source: Orion21).
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. (insivia)
I believe it is really important for you to know what you SHOULD NOT do with the landing page video optimization. Check out these useful insights and avoid costly errors!

Too Many Lengthy Videos

I will tell you what happened with me. I was surfing the web as I always do. I went to a website and I saw a landing page video there. I just quickly clicked on the button as I had the desire to know about the product details. I didn’t like how the video started and I knew it was going to be a very boring one. What’s the next thing I did? I just closed the tab!!!
The point of telling you this is that there is no reason to make a boring and lengthy video. The ideal video length for a landing page video is 45-90 seconds. Until and unless you have a good message and a good script you don’t need to spend money and time creating a lengthy video for your site… it’s like too much text and will turn visitors off!
What happened with me can similarly happen to your customers too! If they find your video boring and lengthy you will lose them, and a sale. You have to avoid this situation.
One thing more, a video doesn’t mean a slide show! Don’t put together pictures and say you have made a landing page video. It would only tarnish your image, and not convert visitors, and more than likely, drive them away!
When making a landing page video, be sure your video message is concise, short and unique!

Self obsessed

Your video should not sound self-obsessed. It should not focus on the just company and product details. You have to highlight your CUSTOMER’S concern in your video. Don’t make it look like you have made a product just to earn profits… project it as a solution, an acknowledgement of their very personal problem. Only then will customers lower their guard will they want to know more about your offering.
Don’t begin like this: “We make the best blah, blah, blah,” or “The founder played golf since he was six.”. Make the message about your customer, something like this:  “Because of this problem you have, look what we have FOR YOU which will solve it”.

Powerful Video Script

It seems very obvious, but still I’ll mention it because people  do make this mistake. Making a video without a powerful script is a big blunder! There is no sense in creating a landing page video if you don’t have a persuasive and powerful script.
All the other elements in the video support the presentation of the script. The backbone of the video is the script. Your landing page video script should crafted to inform people about the product, give them details and connect with them emotionally. A good video script actually builds trust
in the customer’s mind so you have to make sure a solid script is your foundation.
So now, hopefully,  you understand what the true value of a quality landing page video! Just don’t make a cheesy video get on the bandwagon. You’ll just be wasting time, money, and opportunity.  Understand it’s the  bottom-line you’re after and that means creating the very best you can!
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