Why every business needs awesome Video explainers?

Why every business needs awesome video explainers? Yes that should be your question. When you live in an age where Television viewership is dropping the biggest ever in history and therefore the ratio of online presence is inflating like anything You simply need a Video Explainers, awesome explainer video.

Think of all those people who are switched online and swapping here and there, looking for stuff that’s interesting, informative and not boring at all to read or watch.

But, hey wait! reading sounds boring too! Well, we don’t say that, that’s what all those people are thinking who are lethargic to reading online, otherwise take our word’s reading is a great thing to do.

So we were telling that when reading becomes a nightmare to those internet devotees, the smart thing to do is to reach them through videos. So, if nobody wants to read and understand they would like to watch and hear.

And this is where the fun begins. Say that you are a budding business, you are ready to spend an amount on marketing, and your only wish is the effective marketing’ through effective tools. But, cost does matters! Spending like a brat won’t cut it, spending like a miser won’t do it either.

You simply need affordability at its best to serve you. Convenience that is unmatchable and results that are soaring the profits!

Video Explainers awesome 2D animated videos will do that for you! Now if somebody has an admiration for colors, cartoon’s, stories, animation then Video Explainers has a knack for it! Yes we know how to get them back over and over again to your business and services; we will help you raise that traffic, profits and everything that you desire for your business.

But, to let us do that you have to follow us and request a quote.

And hey thanks for reading we did say that reading is a great thing to do!

What is Animation and How does it work?

What is Animation?

Animation is just another form of art which developed over the time alongside the growth of films. This means when films started to grow technically advanced there was a need felt to elaborate them visually and aesthetically. Initially it was only experimental to make drawings move on screen.

Animation-Tool to Educate Masses

In the wondrous world of science, animation was adapted as a tool to educate the masses & support the hypothesis. The moving image on screen thus helped to understand better, the concepts and complex scientific procedures.

Animations used For Showing Visual Concepts

On the other side the artists employs animation to depict certain visual and natural phenomenons. So, these everyday inspirations become the core content for their art works and visual effects. This relationship is becoming more cohesive with the democratizing of digital animation.

Animations Proficiency at Video Explainers

At Video Explainers nothing stands differently, except creativity and passion for work. Our explainer videos are not only imaginative but also inspirational, and fun to watch. We believe in innovations and creativity that’s why we put in our dedicated efforts to bring out the videos that have something new and something unique in them. Our efforts are directed towards making our videos as  the best examples of creativity.
It is the romance-with-work of our graphic artists that turns simple stories into next level of interpretations which are driven with strong sense of visuals and motion graphics.
That is why we call ourselves as The Visual Language. The Animation Domination is our core value. We excel in video Animation.
Be it your complex procedures, or explanatory videos about your services, we do it all with dedication and much love for the work.
Video Explainers is the place for you if you are looking for explanations that are effective, pleasing, creative and fun to narrate while you watch. The idea to turn visuals into smart moving objects and then turning them into motion graphics is awesome and we are filled with this awesomeness! Try us!

Reasons To Go For An Animated Web Video

Reasons To Go For An Animated Web Video

In today’s age of information, people either want to put their ideas across or they want to learn something. Someone might have invented, let’s say, the next big thing that will revolutionize how we live or have discovered a cleaner source of energy. Or somebody wants to go on holiday to a tropical paradise or wants a resort. The inventor wants the world to know about his invention or he wants to market his cleaner source of energy while the guy who wants a great vacation or wants a resort is looking for the best deal. They can go online to look for their respective targets.
But how do they find exactly what they are looking for? Website after website offer a lot of things they are looking for, but not all they are looking for.

Animated Video:

It all comes down to a website presentation. The more effective the presentation, the more the people will stop and notice. And with a gazillion websites online, the presentation must have real stopping power. And what’s more attention-grabbing, than an animated web video? your product or service text description may convey information, but it hasn’t got the attention grabbing ability that video has.
Let me elaborate in-depth, the reasons to go for an animated web video.

Reasons To Go For An Animated Web Video, You Can Easily Engage Your Core Audience:

You want your idea to appeal to a certain audience, then there is no better way than an explainer video, with a succinct and exact delineation of the core ideas.
90 % of the visitors to your site would rather watch a video and be entertained for a minute or 2 than to just read text:
Again, people have little time to read. And they would rather watch a beautifully done animated presentation, which provides a refreshing change from marketing jargon-laden, lengthy text.

Make It Go Viral:

Easy to share on social media and can easily go viral on the internet:
With an animated web video, you can reach more people at any time, and share it on any website, as compared to text.
You gain the potential to get quick return on your investments:
As you are able to get your ideas across easily, and in a short time, the return time on your investments gets appreciatively shorter.
This doesn’t mean that you should get rid of all the text on your website. On the contrary, once you have your audience’s attention and have them motivated enough, with your explainer video, the audience would want to learn more about what you offer, then a text comes into play. People tend to read, once they get proper motivation.
Animated web videos provide that motivation. Good deal, isn’t it?


How to write a script tips in 4 easy steps

How to write a script in 4 easy steps:

Producing a promo video for your website to introduce customers to your business, you need to begin with the script. While the visuals make the video, the script is the most important phase of the video production, whether you have a high quality video or medium quality if your script tips are not good, your audience will not convert well. Your goal is to answer to all your potential customers’ questions and concerns. If you have a shorter length video like 60-90 seconds you will see great impact and increase in conversion.

Below you will find 4 easy script tips. Also I have tried to give actual idea how much words required in seconds I hope this helps to understand video timing.

 4 Easy Script tips:

1- Start with the problem (20 seconds  30 words)

Your script should begin with the problem that your business will solve for the customer.

This should be stated in less than 30 words or about 20 seconds but should be clearly defined.

You will lose about 1/3 of your viewers within the first 30 seconds.

Start with visualizing the customer’s problem makes them real in your mind and their problem will become real to you.

2- Provide the solution (20 seconds and 50 words)

State the solution that your business provides in just one memorable sentence. (something around 20 words or 5-10 seconds)

Make it catchy so people recall it when they are looking for the answer to their problem.

3- Explain your product (30 seconds and 60 words)

Transition into how your product will satisfy that problem.

List the benefits to the customer rather than mentioning the features of your product.

Focus on the customer and answer their question, what’s in it for me?

4- End with a call to action. (5 seconds and 15 words)

Customer is the king:

Know what you want your customers to do and tell them directly. Many videos fail even when they get the other components right because they don’t make it clear what the next step is. For example a video like Edu Struct our client told people to sign up.

How to stand out from the rest:

According to comScore, 100 million users watch video every day and the average person sees 32.2 videos in one month. How do you make sure your video stands out from the crowd?

These Script tips will surely help you out in bringing up your potential customers.

Power Of Video Email Marketing [Infographics]

Infographic: http://hosting.ber-art.nl/wp-content/uploads/emailmarketing.jpg

Typically small business and startups, use video email marketing to reach the target  audience and drive conversion rate. But Nowadays email marketing are getting a negative reputation, ending up discarded in spam inbox.


According to a survey report from GetResponse, a video email marketing company majority small business see videos as a virtual medium through which to communicate to their audience.

How To Successfully Embed Videos Into An Email Campaign

Sure, including glittery moving pictures in your strategy can gain attention but does it gained any value? Here is a checklist to incorporate videos the right way.

The Video Should: Add Value To The Viewer’s Experience, Achieve Campaign Objectives, Have A Reasonable Bandwidth.
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Video Explainers

SEO Strategy: Top 5 SEO concerns from Google Matt Cutts

SEO Strategy: Top 5 SEO concerns from Google Matt Cutts

I think it is the essence of what SEO is all about for all website owners: creating great content for real people, Think about marketing what attracts your audience, Which really helps your site rank well.
The Seo Concerns that I have read in Google Matt Cutts article are:
Having a website that is not crawlable. You can see this article for more help.
Not using the correct words on your page. The example don’t just write, Niagra falls height but write, How high is Niagra falls because that is how people search.

Focus on content marketing:

Don’t waste too much time on building links instead focus on great content and marketing.
Don’t forget to think about the title and description of your most important pages. see this article.
Using webmaster resources and learning about how Google works and what SEO concern is all about.

Don’t ignore your body copy:

What you should do is that:
Don’t ignore your body copy. Your content should support the mean headline. SEO concerns further your headline in your web content. the google would know then where it should rank your website.

Make it concise and clear:

Keep in mind your audience when you are writing the content. You audience should understand what you are writing for them. They want information that is easy and clear. So make sure you write content that is concise and clear. You can use jargon related to your field but then again don’t overload them . This will make it difficult in the SEO concerns for the readers to understand it.

Make high quality video content

If you want to make your website competitive, then keep in mind that your content should be of high quality. If you offer content that is good, readable, clear and understandable then it would definitely make people read it and share it.

Add caption and images:

Don’t make your website too heavy that the viewers find it difficult to open it. Use little text on your home page. Add text in blogs and where it makes a sense for text. If your website has a lot of images then do add captions. Captions are required as google densest read images.

Video Scribing: Make Your Customer Remember You

Taking Attention Of People- Seems Impossible

We live in a colorful, noisy, hyperactive kind of world. Getting just one person’s attention can be very hard. Keeping it can be even harder, but to get..and keep the attention of many people can seem an impossible task for advertisers, teachers, and anyone with something important to say.

Grabbing Attention Through Engaging Videos-Video Scribing

While radio and television can get attention, it can be very short-lived. Unless it is very catchy, we usually forget most commercials within a few minutes of its end. Although videos can effectively express your message, they are very easily fast-forwarded and skipped over. How can you keep your audience engaged enough to hear all of what you have to say? Video scribing.

What Is Video Scribing?

With whiteboard animation, a person can be very creative in sharing their message with images which they draw on a whiteboard. The artist, or video scribe, is recorded while drawing the pictures and can add in sound effects, comic relief, stop motion photography, videography, 3rd party interaction, and more.

Keeping The Audience Engaged And Hooked

Using today’s technology, the producer of this video scribing creation can offer up delicious morsels of information that make the audience hungry for more and thus keep them engaged throughout the entire presentation. Not only is the audience interested in the topic from the beginning, but they stay interested throughout the whole show. By making the audience a part of your presentation, you keep their attention. By keeping them engaged, you can actually embed your message deep enough that it is highly effective.

Why Is Whiteboard Animation And Video Scribing So Effective?

Humans interact using their five senses. In any situation, the more of these senses that are stimulated, the more vivid and engaging the experience will be. In tools, such as video, where only a few of the senses can be tickled, touching the emotions of the audience can produce an added anchor. Think of how an old song can bring back not only memories, but feelings as well. Most of us never forget the lyrics to our favorite tunes.
We can often remember where we were, what we felt, every detail about the first time we heard that song. We have been anchored to that time and place because of our senses.

Make Them Remember You

With whiteboard animation and video scribing, we can imitate this type of anchoring so that we not only engage the audience with our message, but anchor them to it so they remember. Instead of using only sight and sound to engage the audience, these tools enable us to add in emotion and more. Want to grab an audience and keep them? Make them laugh makes them cry. Make them feel what they see and hear. Make them remember you.




5 Tips for Creating an Explainer Video

Orignal Source:

5 Tips for Creating an Explainer Video

by Lyne Noella, WavePlay
An explainer video can act as your virtual salesperson, explaining your value proposition, 24 hours a day in any location. Explainer videos share, in clear words and pictures, just what it is you are offering to the marketplace.
Explainer videos are especially helpful if you are a startup with a novel concept, or if what you are selling is at the prototype stage, or if you are selling in wide geographic domestic or international markets, or if you are a service firm “selling the invisible.” Here are five tips for creating an effective explainer video:
Keep it short. Produce a video that is three minutes or less. If you have a lot to share, create multiple videos.
Dedicate the video to your target audience. You know who your ideal customers are–respect their time and customize your message to meet their needs. If you are not sure what’s important to your customers–ask.

Develop key messages.
If you were asked to share three ideas with the viewer, what would those ideas be? Share the key messages and look for every possible way to demonstrate the ideas visually.
Speak in plain language. Everyone who views your video, from a grade-schooler to a tech guru, should be able to grasp your concept. Omit all technical and industry jargon–share the script with others to ensure your message is clear.
Pay attention to visuals. Select speakers, scenarios and locations that will keep the viewer engaged. Demonstrate what you are offering, if possible, in various scenarios. Help the viewer to “live” the product or service by seeing it in action.
Remember, a great explainer video is nothing without viewers. Promote your video via multiple channels, repeatedly. Consider every possible venue (YouTube, Vimeo, websites, social media, electronic newsletters, events, auto signatures, etc.) to enjoy the full benefits of your explainer video.

Get Innovative With Animated Ad Campaign

Get Innovative With Animated Ad Campaign

Get Innovative With Animated Ad Campaign: There is a lot of competition out there and the market has been struggling for some time. It is extremely important to reach out to customers in inventive and unique ways. SEO is important for web presence as is keeping up with social media outlets. Why not try something that really grabs the attention of potential customers that is more outside the box. A promo video may be just what your company needs to get your exposure and ultimately your sales to the next level. You can get innovative with an animated ad campaign.

Get Innovative With Animated Ad Campaign

Product or Service Presentations: These videos often expound upon the usefulness or benefits a customer will gain from trying your product or service. During these demonstrations, a consumer can visually engage; learning how your product or service may help them specifically as a pose to your competitors.
Product Demonstrations: Get Innovative With Animated Ad Campaign and focus on diving deep into the product or services potential. The potential customer can see the inner workings of the product or service and get to watch it in action. These types of a video especially appeal to the tech-minded an individual. Often times a product’s true luster can get lost in a written explanation; this is not the case with an engaging product demonstration video.
Visual Stories: These types of videos are truly engaging and can allow for an artistic appeal. These videos employ the use of illustrations, animation, and in motion graphics that prove to be truly compelling to the potential consumer. These videos are entertaining to the senses as well as strong vehicles for your product or service.
When contemplating implementation of a promo video campaign, consider the limitless potential. It is important to seek out a company who understands the promo video appeal and how to best reach your potential customers.
So Get Innovative With Animated Ad Campaign and Please contact Video Explainers for more information about promotional videos. You can check out our portfolio here.

Why Your Sales Letter Video May Fail?

Have you decided to add a sales letter video to your marketing scheme? If so, you should know that your video can easily make or break your business. Making a successful sales letter video is an art. Here are a just a few reasons why yours may fail:

It’s Too Long

Your video should be short and to the point. No one wants to seek help from your site, only to be forced to watch a lengthy video to discover the answer to their question. Likewise, very few people want to be solicited via email with a too-long video. Keep your video short under three minutes long.

You Ramble

Get to the point. Today’s fast-paced society demands that you present your information in as few words as possible. You can always provide more information when it is requested. Resist the urge to use flowery language and to over-explain what should be simple.

No Text

Not all of your customers want to sit through a video presentation. In fact, the majority of your customers will prefer text. Consider turning your video into a textual presentation. If not, at least include a transcript so that recipients have the option of reading rather than watching.

You Ignored PowerPoint

Many people question whether or not PowerPoint is still an effective tool. PowerPoint is, without a doubt, still a highly effective way to put together a sales letter video. PowerPoint allows you to control the tempo of your presentation and is user-friendly for beginners.

Its Too Busy

No matter if you choose to use animation or text, be sure that your presentation isn’t so busy that it is overwhelming. If you want to gain customers, your message must be clearly displayed. Remember the long-standing truth that less is more.