Explainer Videos Your Gateway to Sales (Spend More on Your Explainer Video)

In this blog post I’ll admit the fact that explainer videos can be a bit heavy on your budget, but yet again believe it or not they can be the biggest ROI for your business.
So why should you spend that kind of cash when you can find plenty of companies charging just a few thousand (or even hundred)? Here are 7 good reasons you can, and should, spend more money on your explainer video.

Quality Is Worth Giving a Try

The main essence of your explainer video is in the animation and the characters of the video they can build your video as well as can knock it down. There are literally hundreds of hours that go into producing a 1-2 minute explainer video as soon as you give us your project we start to work on knowing your company, understanding the industry you play in, and developing the right concept, messaging, and story.
It’s not the end after this starts the critical phase of designing which further includes storyboarding, character formation, theme designing, animation and voice over all of this requires endless efforts and they’re not meant to be done in a couple of weeks on a shoestring budget. To really do it right, you need time and money.

Long Term Investment

If done correctly explainer videos can give your business a rocket buzz sales. The truth is that video content appeals to more and more Internet users and the explosive trend of consumers turning to video to aid in their buying decisions will only increase but this requires some investment which you surely won’t regret after the quick and generous results.
We have many repeated clients who are willing to invest more and more into explainer videos and the reason is that they get quality and sales which is worth their money if alone this does not impress you then have a look at these astonishing facts about explainer videos.

(Source: Pinterest)

Face of Your Company

The main USP of explainer video is to explain your product or service in a clear, concise and compelling way, explainer videos are great when you have to represent your company as they can be shared everywhere whether it’s a social media profile, your own webpage/homepage, conferences, trade shows or presentations.
Explainer videos less than 15 seconds long are shared 37% more often. This figure comes from comparing the short format of an explainer to those videos that were 30 seconds to one minute in length. Longer videos perform even worse, as you tend to lose your audience around the one-minute mark. Clearly, you need to engage viewer’s right from the start as their attention spans are short, and they’ll never make it through to your call to action.
If the video doesn’t fit your brand, reflect the quality of your product or service, accurately present your business, or use your company voice, it’s not going to be a successful piece and may end up turning away potential customers.

Long Service Life

When making any large investment, you want to make sure it’s going to last for long. There’s nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on a corporate video, only to have to take it down months later because it’s no longer relevant, or even worse, isn’t getting any better results.
A good explainer video should be timeless. It should communicate your purpose, core message and unique selling proposition in a way that will stand the test of time. The visuals shouldn’t try to capitalize on a trend, they should be clear, clean, and ultimately support the message without added distraction.
We have clients who are still using their explainer video after 5 years. In a world where most companies redesign their website every 3 years, that’s not too down at heel.

Be Striking In the Crowd

With literally hundreds of explainer video companies out there, and thousands of explainer videos being put out every year, you want something that is going to set you apart from the crowd.
We often hear repeated phrases of introduction and stock-looking characters prevalent in the industry today, which is why it’s more important than ever to spend a little more and do things differently. You need a video that is specially made for you, something which is quirky and unforgettable that gets along well with your branding.
The best way to capture the attention of the crowd is to give them a problem solving video which will not only build your credibility but will also create an emotional bond within your audience. Instead of using phrases like “meet Bob” try to start your video with a question as it creates curiosity among the viewers.
Watch This Ever Green Video of Monabar it is always loved by our audience.

Little Things Matter More

It’s often the little details that makes a good video great a responsible video production house will not only focus on animation, it will make sure that characters they design properly represents your audience which plays a huge role in triggering the mind of your target audience.
Spending a little more money to make your video stand out in the competition won’t harm you n any way.

A Partnership That Lasts Long

Lastly work with a company who can be your video partner even when your video needs are growing , Spending more money on an explainer video usually means you’re hiring a team with experience and the capabilities to help you develop a video strategy and produce more video content down the line.
Now that your partner understands your company, your industry, your messaging, and visual style, it only makes sense to leverage that existing knowledge and continue to create video content that fits your marketing goals.
So whether you’re considering investing in an explainer video, or need to convince your boss you need more budget, I hope you can see the upside of spending a little more. If you’d like to discuss a project, get an estimate, or talk about how Video Explainers can help you, please get in touch!


If you look at the bright side of explainer videos you’ll find the endless pool of benefits from higher sales to boosted traffic and better position in market whereas when it comes to text and live video shoots there are tons of hurdles also which requires bunch of money so why not go for something which gives you instant results in less time.
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Animated Explainer Video for Startups- The Best for Your Business

What Is Animated Explainer Video?

An  animated explainer video is basically a 2 to 3 minute online video that gives brief information about a certain product/service. It’s comprised of:

  • Story and script
  • Animation
  • Voice over
  • Background music
  • Vibrant colors

Explainer videos are largely used today in online marketing. All businesses need explainer videos to effectively communicate the product/service message to the target audience. Particularly, some online businesses need explainer videos to demonstrate the product/service to their customers.
Today, animated explainer video has become the number one online marketing tool. There are certain factors that have helped this kind of video to generate massive influence and impact on target audiences.

Let’s see what they are…

  1. Explainer videos help organizations to effectively communicate their product or service message to the targeted prospects or customers.
  2. They have the ability to deliver any message regardless of its complexity.
  3. The core elements (story, script, animation, voice over, and music, etc.) can convert a difficult message into one that is easier to understand.
  4. With explainer videos, the messages reach the audience in fun and engaging way.
  5. The message becomes more appealing and attractive using an explainer video.
  6. Animated videos work well in informing, persuading, and influencing viewers.
  7. They present information in a short span of time. 8. They awaken customers’ interest in the message.
  8. They influence people to make purchases of the product/service.
  9. They get easily uploaded and shared on the Internet

Beyond these points, one thing that attracts business owners to produce their own explainer videos is that they have the choice to select the video style that goes well with their brand and target audience.
They have the liberty to choose the video style that can explain the product/service concept in the best manner. While zeroing in on the video style, business owners can consider which style would maximize their impact.
Now we can help you discover which animated explainer video is best suited for your organization or field of interest! Let’s get started.

1.Whiteboard Animation

This is the best example that I could give you for whiteboard animation! You can see for yourself how well the concept has been explained.
Whiteboard animation is the most popular video style for the effective delivery of complex messages. What makes the message look simple and clean is its black and white simplicity of the drawing. Whiteboard animation has a simple look and the drawing of animations and sketches draw in the audience’s attention.
The viewers don’t get bored while watching whiteboard animated videos because they look forward to seeing the upcoming sketches that will be drawn in the video.
I love watching whiteboard videos myself, and I never get bored watching them. I love how the sketches are drawn in sync with the every word of narration in the video.

2.Cartoon Animation

This is another very popular video style available for explainer videos! Cartoon animation is equally popular and like whiteboard animation, it’s very effective in delivering complicated product/service messages.
It has its own unique way of conveying messages by using interesting cartoon characters that interact with each other and help build brand associations.

3.Motion Graphics

What did you notice in the video? Did you watch how the app functionality is demonstrated through motion graphics?
That’s exactly what motion graphics is all about. Motion graphics is widely used for showing product/service functionality to audiences. It features a smooth transition between the different video slides and graphic typography that makes it easy for the viewers to understand the functionality of the product/service.


Typography is widely used for clear data presentation. It makes it easier for the audience to grab a lot of information in a short span of time, by repeating what is said in the narration in the form of on screen text.

5.Cut Out Animation

Cut out animation is really simple which you will easily realize after watching it. The viewers can actually concentrate on the message shown in the cut out animation, which are similar to cartoon animation.
What makes it interesting is its unique style of showing a hand that puts the sketches of characters and objects at different places in the video!

6.Live Action

Live action gives you the best combo of animation and real life human beings! It’s entertaining and exciting for customers to view. Human beings explain the product/service concept along with the help of animation. The concept can easily become more clear plus it’s fun to watch live action and animation working together.


Infographics and typography are somehow similar. The slight difference is that typography shows only the text along with the animation and infographics depicts the information supported with moving objects and animation.


3D animation consists of a lot of components. It has outstanding, vivid animation (that makes it a bit expensive over others) but you love it in the end. If you want to amaze your audience with your product/service message, then go ahead for 3D animation. It’s highly customized animation makes it distinctive from the others out there.

Video Style that Suits Your Product/Service Message

I have given you a detailed description about the different explainer video styles. Let me give you some tips that you can consider when selecting the video style that’s perfect for your business!
If your product or message is complex and you want to convey it effectively with simplicity — go for Whiteboard animation
If you have a complicated product message and you want to build brand associations and enable people to relate to your product/service — go for Cartoon Animation

  • If you intend to demonstrate the product/service’s functionality- — choose Motion Graphics
  • You can even use the combination of motion graphics and cartoon animation for maximizing a video’s impact
  • If you aim to inform people and show them a large chunk of technical information — go for Typography
  • If you want to depict the information with moving objects and make it more attractive go for Info-graphics
  • If you want your audience to focus more on your product/.service message – use Cut Out animation
  • If you want to make use of the highest levels of animation — use 3D
  • If you want to convey the message with Human beings and animation — go for Live Action!

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Make Inspirational Videos for Your Viewers-Inspire Them!!!

If you want to make an explainer video just for the sake of having a product video then you may be approaching it all wrong!
A lot more has been written about the numerous additional advantages of explainer videos. Information is everywhere. By this time, you must be aware that videos increase conversion rates and boost sales. These are reasons that many of you have chosen to produce a  product video  to achieve business goals and there is nothing wrong with that.
But, what made me write this blog post was the reason that I observed that many of the startups and entrepreneurs are making videos for strictly those reasons. But to achieve those ends you have to create a video that contains a persuasive script, engaging storyline,  quality animation, believable characters, professional voiceover, and more.
But there is one other element that is required, which also becomes another benefit beyond improving your bottom line.
It’s an abstract concept, one that involves connecting to the customer on a psychological level.
What I have discovered is that you can actually impact a customer’s psyche with an effective video. By impacting a customer’s subconscious, I mean that you can inspire people, educate them, and have them connect with your brand on a higher level than just a sales pitch, which creates a stronger bond between you and your prospect & customer.
If you are creating a product demo video to simply increase conversion rates, you may not be as successful as you could be. To really reach your goals, and even step beyond, you have to take that extra effort in making sure your video has all the elements that connect with the audience on all levels possible.
How can you get connected with viewers on all levels? How can you take a special place in their minds and hearts? How can you influence them? The best answer to these questions is: “Make inspirational or humorous videos for your customers”.

The Inspirational Approach

Don’t worry! I will explain how inspirational and humorous videos work  to enable you to impact your customers’ subconscious.
I have the best examples for you that will help you to agree with my assessment!

This is the Thai Life Insurance video. Thai Life Insurance believes in getting people emotionally connected with the brand. That is why they come up with different inspirational video ads for the brand and this is one is one of their best.
When you hit the play button, you hear light music touching your ears. You sense that something really amazing is coming your way. Soon after you start watching it, you will realize it is not in English. But believe me, you will not switch the video off.  It simply won’t let you do that. The music and the video scenes will give you a complete understanding of what is going on in the video and you would be happy to  watch it to the end, even without subtitles.
The slogan of Thai insurance is ‘Believe in Good’ and that’s what they have revealed perfectly in the video. The video shows a boy who is a student. He is very kind hearted and he loves to help people. We follow him as he helps people in different situations.
The main message highlighted in the video is you should believe in good. You should believe in doing good to others even when you have not much to offer.  It explains to us that real happiness is not always in the form of money. What you achieve by helping others is much superior to money. It is a reward of love and peace.
Now that is a truly inspiring video. With this message Thai Life Insurance attempts to get emotionally connected with people… their prospects and customers. The video shows the essence of its slogan that is believe in good. It depicts the real meaning of the tagline.
If you look close look under the surface, you will realize that Thai life Insurance is making people believe in their brand and tagline. It shows you what it means to do good for people and what you get in return. It tries to show you that how one feels after doing good things and helping others. It inspires people like you and me to do well with others in order to feel love and kindness.
The video makes us think about our daily lives and is meant to inspire us to do more, to change our behavior and attitude towards people and the environment. Wow,  how impactful that is! Can you imagine how powerful a brand can become if it inspires people to change their attitude and behavior toward human beings!
Here’s  what the CEO of Thai Insurance has to say about it:
Q “Can you explain the thinking behind Thai Life Insurance’s decision to put so much emotion into its commercials?”Frankly, people don’t usually have much of an emotional connection with an insurance company.
Emotion is one of the signature characteristics of Thai Life Insurance. Thais are an extreme bunch, so if you want to connect with them, you need to go all the way, whether it is comedy or drama. As for Thai Life Insurance, we’ve been building the brand through emotional engagement for three decades; it’s not something we’ve just decided to do.
This emotional branding has its advantages. When other businesses decide to create emotional content, it tends to come back and help us as consumers are misled by the branding and assume it’s a Thai Life Insurance ad.

When I advise you to make videos that get people connected to you, it’s so you take a special place in their mind. Make an INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO because it is by far the best way to hit customers’ psyches and to influence their thinking.
Inspirational videos have the emotional factor that enables the people viewing to make a strong connection with the brand depicted. The key to making an inspiring video is that you present the essence of your brand with the right emotions.
Make a video in which you can tell an inspirational story linking with the ideology of your brand. Believe me,  this will help your customers to keep brand associations in their minds. Not only this, but a great inspiring story will convince them to engage with your brand. Can you imagine how wonderful that could be? People understanding and using your product by getting inspired by a video that’s not hard sell! An inspirational video gives you a great opportunity to enter a special place in your customer’s heart.

Here are some facts:

If you want to influence how a customer feels about your product, provide an experience that creates the desired emotion. One of the best ways for a customer to experience your complex product is by sharing a vivid customer story. Research has shown that stories can activate the region of the brain that processes sights, sounds, tastes, and movement. Contrast this approach to a sales person delivering a data dump in the form of an 85-slide PowerPoint presentation.
Rather than thinking of the emotional mind as irrational, think of it this way: an emotion is simply the way the unconscious communicates its decision to the conscious mind.
Source: https://hbr.org/2015/01/when-to-sell-with-facts-and-figures-and-when-to-appeal-to-emotions

The Humorous Approach

The other approach that can be used to influence people is the humorous approach. While using this approach, you can convey very important messages to the audience in fun and engaging ways.  T
he idea is to educate people in an entertaining and light-hearted  manner.
The example that I am going to discuss in this regard is called Dumb Ways to Die.

Now this video was a huge hit! Dumb Ways to Die went crazy viral over the internet. It can be verified by this figure: 112,745,007. It is the number of views it got on YouTube!
Read more: How and why dumb ways to die go viral

There must be something so impressive about it that it got so many hits.
The  best part in this video was that it has the humorous approach. Although the video intends to deliver a very serious message to the audience, it uses humor to deliver the message. As the video starts, you get to listen to an amazing music track that makes you fall in love with the video. You can’t really move the cursor to click off. The Dumb Ways to Die music track continues to entertain you. You get to watch the characters experiencing unfortunate deaths while also dancing over the title line Dumb Ways to Die.
The idea of the video is to show people that if they don’t think about what they are doing, they can end their lives in dumb ways. This is actually the gist of the video explaining to people that you can kill yourself by taking expired medicines, getting electric shocks, catching fire, eating old food, and many more ways. This was a very smart way of impacting people and making them think because some of us may have tried these things ourselves and lived through it, but now realize that everyone thinks it was a dumb act. So, we naturally want to change our behavior and become smart.
The Public transport authority in Melbourne wanted to  promote public safety while using metro trains. At the 2:24 time frame, you see a character that falls from a train station platform indicating that  this also is a  dumb way to die, which is the main goal of their video, but it’s so subtle.
So, you just don’t need to take the hard sell approach, although it works in certain situations. But you can reach out to your audience and connect at a much higher level when creating and displaying your video buy allowing people to build a bond with your brand. You do this bye inspiring them to change their attitudes, behaviors, and ways of living life through  inspirational or humerous approachs in messaging.
One Thing to Remember: Your customers’ preferences are different; some like humorous videos while some like inspirational videos. You have to see which approach matches best with your brand ideology. The key is to connect with your audience on an emotional level either by creating a humorous or inspirational video.
That’s what I want you to do. Once you inspire people to change their minds and ways of doing things, you will ultimately get increased conversions, sales and customer loyalty!


So, don’t just concentrate your video messaging on getting increased conversions and sales because you may not achieve the success you are looking for.  But it can happen  if you meet the full potential of an excellently produced video….  a powerful script, engaging story, quality animation, professional voice-over, music, vibrant colors, and lively characters are the basic components. But in addition, if you an add an inspirational or a humorous element to influence people to change their attitudes and behavior, you can achieve even greater success in building your brand, more than you thought was possible.
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Video-The Best Lead Nurture Practice

Being an entrepreneur or a startup, you definitely want to grow your business. That means getting a lot of new leads and converting them into customers.
Who gets the leads and who converts them into your customers?  Your Sales Team!!! You heard it right!!
But do you think that it is enough for and your team to just get leads? How can you be sure they’ll become your customers? If that’s what you expect, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the measly results!!!
Imagine you admit a child to school. The child’s scholastic achievement will grow only if he he studies at the school, and if he attends classes faithfully and participates in extracurricular activities, will he gain knowledge and advance to the next level. Makes sense, right?

Nurture Leads with Right Information

Well, this is a similar scenario regarding  your lead situation. Your leads will become your customers only if you nurture them by providing information regarding your company and explaining your product/service completely. The leads you get indicate that they are interested in your product/service but you need to nurture them with additional information so that they become your customer.

Nurture Them When They Aren’t Yet Ready To Buy

Sometimes, you get really qualified prospects as your leads. And it may seem elementary that they can get a lot of benefit by using your product/service. But something is preventing them from taking action. They may need a little more attention andinformation, so you have NURTURE them properly!!

A Common Mistake

At this point, many salespeople  commit this mistake: They don’t know exactly what information should be conveyed to the leads to convert them, something personal that speaks to their situation and they don’t tell them enough or too much.

The Best Solution

To avoid this common error I have one solution and it has to do with the data:
A big part of marketing includes collection and analyses of data. For you to understand what your leads want to hear from you, you need to deeply understand them and their desires. If you knew exactly what it was, you could convert more of them into your customers.

Understanding Your Leads

So you need to really understand your leads… what type of content do they read and what type of content do they want and respond to?  For example, if they are coming to you for a video, they require detailed information such the video style, video length, pricing, voice over artist, animation, and script.
You have to read your leads’ minds so that you can give them what exactly they want. Here you can also work smarter by conducting an analysis on how viewers respond to different adjustments in your ad campaigns.
All the information collected through these methods will let you build a customer persona. Also, the responses from the viewers will help you understand the information that you have to convey to the leads.
By doing this, you will be nurturing your leads with the best product/service information. Nurturing is what’s really important to turn your leads into your customers. Nurturing them involves providing them the right information at the right time!

Best Lead Nurture Practice – Video

There are many ways and best practices to nurture leads. But the best one centers around the use of video. It’s been proven that the most successful sales funnel starts with a landing page video. When you include a landing page video on your site, visitors get a clearer understanding of your product/service.
They connect to your product, its features and the need that it fulfills. The best part is they get all of this in a few minutes or maybe even a few seconds. It allows them to take action right away.
Landing page videos can convert qualified leads right on the spot!
The best part about videos is that they can be shared anytime, anywhere. You can post them on social media where you prospects exchange information. You can place it in your blog posts or you can email it to your leads. In each of these cases, you can easily customize the message according to your leads needs, showing them your brand features and the and how you can serve them.
Believe me, this converts more leads into customers faster than you can imagine!
So, the best way to convert leads is through the use of video. Provide your prospect with the right information, at that right time, and they will feel confident that you will provide the solution to their specific problems.

Interact On LinkedIn

I will share another way of nurturing the leads other than video. Video is an essential element in nurturing your leads, but in addition, there are other resources you can use to add more customers.
Your prospect might not be ready to buy or sign on for many reasons. Either they don’t have the budget; they don’t feel it’s the right to make the purchase now or for other reasons. In such a scenario, you need to give the leads the relevant information they need, such as, they can purchase later at a discount, or they can receive a free consultation, and more.
A good tactic is to join LinkedIn groups and take part in the group discussions where you feel your target market might participate. Listen to the responses of your target market in order to understand them… what do they like? What do they want? What do you have that can meet their particular need?
Next, share your content to a specific group so that they get to know what you and your product is all about.  Ask questions and give them relevant answers. Your interaction on social media platforms will enable you to understand your target market and allow them to interact with your brand message.


To grow your business effectively, you need leads that can be converted into customers in the shortest amount of time possible. That means nurturing leads by providing timely and personal product or service information at the right time for them.
One of the best ways to do this is through the use of video which helps people understand your product or service, and which can be shared across various  platforms which helps extend your marketing reach.
Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

Top 4 Best Explainer Video Uses-Realize it’s Worth

Let’s get straight to the point.

You’ve got a video. I am sure you must have read enough about explainer videos and that is why you produced one for your business. You must have understood the benefits, such as how it is effective in communicating the product message and presenting the big idea to the viewers; how it contributes to increasing website conversions, how it influences viewers’ minds, etc.
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Okay, so now you realize what an amazing video can achieve you have to be pleased that you have a video! So, what’s next? Now, what you are going to do with it? How you will use it and where you will use it in your marketing mix?
I am stressing this point because when you get a video for your business, you spend your time, money, and effort creating it. Your video should give you the best results. But if you don’t use it in the right channels, it won’t work as hard for you as it possibly can! But you won’t have to do any research or testing, because I have done that work for you and the answers are below.
Lets dig into the explainer video uses.

4. Landing Page

The first place you should use your video is on your landing page. In fact, you probably made the video after realizing the worth of a landing page video. By placing a video on a landing page, you are presenting your visitors with the golden opportunity to understand all about your brand and company in a short amount of time.
When web visitors watch landing page videos, they actually get to understand the brand ideology and essence. If the connect with it, they become your customers, or they become potential leads for you to convert. So, in short, the sales conversion funnel all starts with a video!
Now let’s check some hard facts about landing page videos:

  • Landing pages with video have up to 800% more conversions than the same page without a video. (Source: Orion21).
  • Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversions by nearly 90 %.(superkrush)
  • A bright explainer video placed above the fold on your landing page is the perfect catch: visits go from that initial 8 seconds up to 2 minutes on average. That’s a 1500% boost right there!

You will be able to achieve these high conversion rates only if your video is on the main landing page.

3. Social Media

This seems very obvious. You know how effective social media is these days. It gives you various opportunities to increase the reach of your message to the audience. Believe me if you make the right use of social media, you are going to do wonders for your business!!
You have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube as your heavy hitters but there are many more groups in your field that you can use to spread your message to your target audience. Don’t delay, add videos to your existing social media accounts, find new ones, and then optimize them with video.
Again, here is data to prove why you should do so:

  • Twitter users share 700 videos every minute.
  • On YouTube, over 100 hours of video are uploaded in the same amount of time.
  • 60% of social media users choose Facebook to share their videos.

YOUR video can be among the videos that are shared on social media.
Don’t miss this big opportunity! Can you imagine your brand message instantly available to billions of people around the world? It’s possible using social media.
Mark Zuckerberg claimed that “most of the content on Facebook is content that people are sharing with their friends and the people around them. And if you look into the future, a lot of the content that people share will be video. It’s just very compelling.”
Now, how powerful is that statement? Video is the most shared content on Facebook. So can you afford to lose this opportunity? You cannot!! What you have to do is post your video on your social media accounts and try to make it as viral as you can!!!


The best part about video is that it can be used in numerous channels. You can deploy them on social media and landing pages, but also you can also include video in your email marketing. Videos will help you to get the attention of prospects and customers because they want to open and view the video.
The following facts will prove how much video contributes to successful email marketing.
Click-through rates with emails using video increase an average of 100% and even emails simply with the word video in their subject line increase their open rate from 7 to 13%.
Can you imagine how much impactful video would be to your email recipients  read “video” in the subject line?
Remember this: When you’re dealing with a short attention span, and you have to convey your company value, nothing can work better for you than a video!

  •   You can use video in a sales email.
  •   When you are emailing your potential leads, you can use it to convince them.
  •  Video can also be used in a newsletter.

1. Presentations

Probably the best place where you can use video to sell is in presentations, events, workshops, and conferences.
Gone are the days, when Powerpoint was used in presentations.
Video has proven to be the most persuasive marketing and promotional tool and  is embraced by entrepreneurs and corporate officials in most presentations in order to communicate the message to the audience more effectively.
So, you can use your video in workshops, events, conferences and presentations. You can start the event with the video!!! Believe me it would be a great first experience for the audience!!!
There are usually many people at these events and it becomes difficult for the speaker to communicate the message precisely to all the attendees who may be preoccupied with other business tasks and communication. Moreover, usually people get bored at these events and need to be stimulated.
Video can bring excitement and amusement to your audience.. A video gives them a break from hard statistics delivered verbally or through a slideshow. Meanwhile, you can also reinforce the big idea or message that needs to be conveyed at the conference. Use videos anywhere… at the beginning, end, or within the presentation.


You have a video. Kudos! But you should know exactly how and where to use your video in order to get the maximum benefit from it.  In other words you should know how to avail the best explainer video uses for your interest.To maximize video impact you can place it on a landing page to increase conversions, or share it on social media to increase the reach of your message, or you can use it in email marketing, and lastly, you can use it in presentations, workshops, events, and conferences.
Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

Are You Following Industry Trends to have Increased Conversions? You are doing it all wrong!

Do you believe that survival in this competitive business world requires following the latest industry marketing trends? Do you think that it will provide you with the desired results? If you follow this way of thinking you are sadly mistaken!!! Believe me, you are not going about it properly!
And if you read further, I’ll tell you exactly why.

You Probably Believe That Your Business Will Grow if You Follow Your Competitors

As a startup and entrepreneur, you want to grow your business. So, if you do what your established competitors are doing you will succeed, right? You firmly hold onto the belief that following the industry marketing trends will enable you to hold your position in the business world.
You are right, but only to an extent because there are other important things that you have to consider. You cannot just blindly follow your industry trends with the goal of growing your business because in many cases it just doesn’t work!!!

What Your Competition Does May Not Work for You

Why doesn’t it work? Because you follow industry trends without knowing your customers needs and wants, which even though you are in the same field, can function differently internally and you really don’t know if YOUR associates and customers would be happy.

Knowing your Customers

Well, today the most important factor to consider is your CUSTOMERS.  Before doing anything, you first have to analyze your customers. You have to get into the demographics; what their age is, how they look, their likes, their dislikes, their thinking patterns, their purchasing habits, their hobbies, their professions, etc. You have to build a customer persona in your mind. You have to deeply analyze the customers’ persona in order to provide them with exactly what they want!!!

Satisfy Your Customers

What you have to do is to SATISFY your customers which has become very challenging these days because they have so many choices. The customers are well, informed and tech savvy. They have access to all sorts of mobile devices and content. You need to be totally hones and transparent.

The Right Way of Doing It

So, my basic idea is that you first need to deeply understand your CUSTOMERS! You have to understand their psychology in order to present your product/service in the manner that strikes them. After that, you have to see what is the industry marketing trend? But again you don’t have to follow it blindly! Considering your customers’ psychology you have to see what industry trend would appeal to your customers and which would not!
You have to properly analyze what your competitors are doing and compare your product/service and see whose offer is closer to the target customers’ needs. If you can meet their needs the way they want it, you will achieve the success you are looking for leading to increased conversions and sales!.
Believe me, if you do that you are going to have increased conversions and sales!!!!
Haven’t I explained much of what I believe? Do you realize now that what you exactly need to do in order to offer customers what exactly they need?

How I Came to This Conclusion

I am in the video  production industry. All our competitors focus on increased landing page conversion rates, website conversions, high SEO, and ultimately higher sales.
Obviously we have the same goals. But HOW we achieve the goals is what makes the difference. We didn’t understand this few years back. We thought that we should follow what our competitors are doing exactly. We had the firm belief that if we would follow our competitors then we can take the leads and convert them into our customers.
So what we did was, we provided our visitors with knowledge, information regarding creating explainer videos, such as why startups and entrepreneurs needed it, the business benefits that it offered, and the effect it had on a viewer’s mind. We had this information on our website, and we also made a video regarding this that we uploaded on our YouTube channel.
We were proceeding in the right direction,  to the extent that there were many people at that time that didn’t know anything about explainer videos, so we were giving them solid information about the process. We were satisfied that we were following the industry trends and we had confidence that we would get LEADS!
But something went wrong! We were not getting leads. We were actually clueless at that time as to what went wrong. We faithfully followed our competitors actions, but why weren’t we getting the leads? This made us worried. We were really concerned with this issue. We had to come up with a solution. We had to identify exactly where we went wrong!
One day, we get an email from a web visitor. He inquired about something important to him that we had not even considered previously.

Here’s what he said:

“I appreciate that you guys are providing me with all the information regarding the benefits of having an explainer video on my website. But I want to say ask something. I didn’t get any pricing information and how the process of production actually works on your website. That basic information should be available on your website! Waiting for your reply.”
Now this email made us think about our situation! Our team read this email again and again. Every time we read it, we felt that this was the main reasons behind our failure to attract the leads we thought we would!
I then imagined myself as a visitor to our site. I thought that it’s good that I get information on the website. But what next? If I get interested in the company portfolio and want to get more information, what would be I seeking for? Pricing!!  I would be looking for pricing in order to see whether it falls within my budget and how long the steps in the production process take. This could influence a customer to take immediate action.
After analyzing all this, we decided to add  pricing and process information on our website which increased conversion.
After this experience, we realized that the one thing you need to do is study your customer. What do they want and how do they want to receive the product or service.

Roll up

As entrepreneur or startup, if you believe that by simply following industry trends you will succeed. But industry trends are not best practices! You need to identify and profile your customer and then communicate with them on their terms.
Blindly following what your competitors are doing will get you mediocre results. You need to be our front and proactive,  fully understanding your customers’ demographics and then telling them, in their language, how your product or service solves the problem or fills their needs!
Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

Getting Clicks but not the Website Conversions- What’s wrong then?

Being a startup or entrepreneur, you must be trying different marketing gimmicks or strategies to increase your website conversions. That is really obvious! But wait! Have you noticed that you are getting the clicks but not the WEBSITE CONVERSIONS? Why is that so? Where you are wrong?
To survive in today’s competitive time, it is really essential that you apply the latest marketing strategies to get leads, website conversions, and sales! But you also have to see that if you are not getting the desired result then what’s going wrong there? You can’t simply follow the strategies as everyone else is doing, even if you are not getting the required result. Just try to track where you are going wrong in that? There might be many reasons for that like maybe you do not understand the essence of the strategy you are trying to apply, or your timing is not right or either you are not getting the relevant traffic etc.
What typically you and other entrepreneurs do is that you guys invest a lot on Google Adwords as it is termed as the best method to get the qualified leads. But still if you don’t get the required results then it is such a great disappointment! It can be really devastating!!
In this disappointing situation, you would be holding your ad campaigns responsible for this destruction but mostly it is because of your website and landing pages. If you are getting a lot of clicks but not the website conversions, then you should really think upon your website and landing page structure!
You need to find the answer to this question:

Nonsense Website or Nonsense Ad campaign?

Okay, so it is the time to get the answer of this important question. If you really need the qualified leads and website conversions then you have to discover the answer to this question. If you are getting clicks but not the website conversions then there are two main probable issues behind this.

  1. Bad Ad campaign
  2. Bad Website

I believe you will be shocked to listen that mostly bad website is responsible for this situation.
Now different meanings can be inferred with the term bad website. Firstly it could mean that your website is DEAD. Its layout and design is not good, content is difficult to read and doesn’t contain enough brand information, headline is not catchy, CTA buttons are not prompting for the viewers, and most importantly it does not have an EXPLAINER VIDEO.
Secondly, it could mean that your website is good, layout and design is good and it works properly but still it misses the X-factor that the viewers are looking for which is preventing the viewers to further proceed for the conversions.
Keeping in mind these both meanings you can actually work on your website. You can get the best website design and layout according to your brand, make a very catchy headline, make sure that your content is readable by everyone ( easy, concise and complete information), focus on the CTA button ( font, design, color and its placement) and most importantly don’t forget to place the landing page video.
Be sure that you follow these important elements in your landing page video:

  1. Powerful script and storyline
  2. Impressive Characters
  3. Use of bright colors according to the brand
  4. Selection of right video style according to the brand and target audience
  5. Video length( between 90-120 seconds)
  6. Keep the message in the early seconds of the video
  7. Highlight your brand in the video

Other than that I have a short guide for you which would help you in tracking the real reason for low website conversion rates.

1. Assuring Traffic Relevancy

As mentioned above the first reason for lower website conversions is a bad ad campaign. If you talk about any Google ad word expert, so he can easily tell you the issues arising in your ad campaign. But making it simple, you can check the Search     Query Report in Adwords. It shows you the search terms of each click through to your website from your paid campaign:
For this, you can go for Matched Search Query Report in Google analytics.
Let me give you an example here.
We produce explainer videos. If we come across the searches like “whiteboard animation” or whiteboard animated videos or scribe animation video then the leads we are getting are the qualified and relevant ones. But if we see the searches like videos then we actually need to take a very closer look to our campaign that why irrelevant that why irrelevant search are coming due to our ad campaign.
After following this procedure, if you are satisfied by your traffic like you believe that it is relevant, then next thing you need to do is to check your website, that why your viewers are not converting in your customers. You need to see that what that X-factor is missing in your website that is preventing your viewers from becoming your customers.
Let’s see how you can do it!

2. Critical Evaluation of your Website

When your viewers visit your website, they would be judging your website. They would be seeing whether the web copy is readable or not, the headline is catchy or not, layout and design is appealing or not. They would be finding reasons to stay on your website. In just a few seconds, they would judge your website. Your website tab would be closed or not would be dependent upon their judgment.
Your website holds the responsibility to create a trust among the viewers about the brand and organization. The trust would be created among the viewers if you provide complete details about your company, product, its uses etc.
For you to critically analyze your website, just get into the viewers mind. Get the viewers data in order to understand them. Get the understandings of viewers thinking. In this manner, you would be able to understand what the viewers think about your website when they visit it. If you will be able to track it, you would be able to see why viewers are not converting into customers.
Also, check your competitors’ website and see what amazing things they are doing that you are not doing. You can also conduct an online survey of what viewers think about your website and your competitors’ website.
There are some questions that you should ask yourself in order to review your website.

Navigation Structure of Website

Does my website have clear navigation? Like my viewers can easily and quickly find what exactly they are looking for? Make sure that the main pages like about us, contact us, pricing etc are easily accessible.

Website Design

Does my website design is according to my industry? My website has a modern and fresh look or outdated look? Focus on your website design as it plays the main role in making viewers’ judgment.

Call to action Placement on Website

Does my call to action button have the right font, design, color, and placement? Calls to action buttons are extremely important on the website as it guides and provokes the viewers to take the desired next steps. Call to action buttons include call now, buy now, get it now, sign up etc.

Contact details

If your viewers get interested in your brand and want to get more details about it or buy it then he would need your contact details. If contact details would not be appearing on the website, then it would give disappointment to the viewers. At that point, maybe he would drop the idea of getting into the details of your product. You may be losing a potential lead then. So it is necessary that you display your contact details on the website with great visibility.

High-Quality Images

Am I using the high-quality images? Are the images on the website are appealing or prompting? Viewers expect to see your product in the high quality image so that he gets a clear idea about it.


Are my prices high? Low? Reasonable? The viewers compare your product pricing with all your competitors. So make sure that you offer pricing is according to the industry prices.
Throughout my blog, I have been mentioning many factors that can help you to bring X-factor to your website so that it converts viewers into customers.

Top 7 tips for  Increasing Website Conversion

I am sharing some more tips so that you can get benefit out of it:

  • Implementing a “Chat Now” button increased free signup form fills by 31%.
  • Cars.com recently boosted their conversion rate 2.7% by having a security seal on their site.
  • Including discount information in the title (e.g. 15% off Product A vs Product A) increased add to cart conversions by 148.3%.
  • Benefits, social proof, and credibility indicators led to a 144.1% improvement on landing pages.
  • Putting people on your homepage can have a huge impact on conversions.
  • Including a pain point in a headline increased conversions by 31%.
  • Changing your call-to-action button from green to red has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 34%.
  • Try moving around your Buy Now button. Appsumo did this (among other things) and doubled their conversion rate.
  • Changing a button from “See Plans and Pricing” to “Get Started Today” increased conversions by 252%.

Courtesy:  https://blog.kissmetrics.com/what-converting-websites-do/
Follow these factors in order to achieve the increased website conversion rates.
So, I told you the elements that really contribute to the website conversion. You need to work on them if you really want to increase website conversion.
The purpose of working on them is that to give your customers the REASONS to stay on your website. Interestingly, there is one main element that brings drastic changes in website conversion rate. Do you want to know about it? Definitely you want to!!

Roll up:

As an entrepreneur, you must be making a lot of efforts to increase your website conversion. But if you are not getting the desired results, you are going wrong somewhere. There are two most probable reasons that prevent the conversion of your viewers into customers; your bad paid ad campaign or bad website. With Google analytics, you can identify either your campaign is getting relevant traffic or irrelevant traffic. Furthermore, you can critically analyze your website in order to track the website issue that is not letting the conversions increase. After the website analyses, you can resolve the issues by following some of the valuable tips that have been shared in the blog.
Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

Animation- The Best Way to Explain Your Brand Story

Have you seen the enchanting Disney film Tangled? It was a worldwide mega hit! Everyone fell in love with the animated characters  in the film, including me! I especially adored the beauty and inner soul of Rapunzel while at the same time appreciating the wittiness of Flynn!
I could feel a connection with the characters and the story. Now this CONNECTION is the reason why you need an explainer video for defining YOUR brand story.

Animation gets viewers emotionally connected

I say this because the viewers get interested in your product/service only if they feel emotionally connected with it. The animation and the characters in the video enable the viewers to build an emotional connection with them, and thus, your company’s offering.
The characters in the animated video represent your audience or target market who face some kind of a problem in their lives that needs to be resolved. As the users watch the video, they feel themselves getting emotionally attached with those cartoon characters that are facing the same issues they have.
The viewers get the feeling that there are actually people in this world who have the same issues as they, and this depiction of the problem and resolution ties them emotionally to the animated cartoon characters. Moreover, the animation in the video presents the situation so well that the viewers start to relate to the entire experience.

Well Presented Video Dependent upon Animation

How well the video is presented depends a lot on the quality of the animation. Such as,  how good the story-line is, how well the animated characters are created, how the scenes are connected, how the animation of the environment is done in the video and more.

Problem-Solution Methodology

The viewers don’t only feel good after viewing and relating to their problems, but they really love the SOLUTION to them! They love how animated cartoon characters are shown facing their challenges and how well the product/service is the solution.
Today, the audience is interested in how companies recognize their challenges, but what they really appreciate is that they also provide a solution.  Addressing and properly portraying the problem is relatively easier than coming up with the perfect  solution.
Because of this, there really isn’t a strong reason NOT to invest modest resources into creating and distributing an explainer video for your business when you know realize how much a single video can impact the branding, marketing, and profitability of your enterprise!
So, let’s talk some more about it.
Why do  we stress the importance of explainer videos today and why is it at the top of this blog in an article explaining why animations are the best way to explain your brand story? Come with me to discover more!

Video Marketing- Biggest Marketing Strategy

Explainer videos have revolutionized marketing! Today, digital video distribution has replaced all the obsolete ways of messaging! There is really only one BIG marketing approach these days and it’s VIDEO MARKETING.

 Your Customer’s Short Attention Span

Today’s customers don’t have enough time to read lengthy text details. They are quick and tech savvy! Imagine a prospect who’s getting ready for work. He has his smartphone in his hand. He puts that on the table and plays YOUR video. While getting ready, he can easily listen to what the video says but he can’t do the same when reading about product or service details.
Videos are made for your customers’ convenience. So that they can watch them, wherever they are!

Animation Delivers the Message

The main part of the video is the story and script. But what makes the story and script perfectly presentable for the customers is ANIMATION. The cartoon characters are animated, the environment shown is animated, and all the video scenes are well synced with the animations. So, basically the animations give the main support to the script and story.
Imagine a video that has a very good story and script and but the animations are not so good in that. You would like it? Definitely you would not!

Animation Give Perfect Display to Brand Story

The main part of the video is the story and script. But what makes the story and script perfectly presentable to the customers is ANIMATION. The cartoon characters are animated, the environment shown is animated, and all the video scenes and narration are well synced with the animations. So, basically the animations mainly support the script and story.
Imagine a video that has a very good story and script, but the quality of the animation is not up to par. Would you like it? Probably not! You would be focused on the poor quality of the presentation and not the message.
Animation perfectly brands the story
With animation, the brand story can be perfectly created and presented.  The animation that supports the story can blend with the brand and integrate them into one presentation. The customers relate the brand with the story shown in the video. The customers relate to the animated characters in the video, and also the brand. In short, animations play the most important role in extending your brand’s reach. It enables the audience to establish an emotional CONNECTION with the brand.
Once the viewers get connected with the brand and animated characters, they gain deeper insights into the product/service. The more they can relate to your product/service details; the greater the chance they will take the action you want them to take.
And, in concluding, here’s a very important statistic: Videos Increase a prospect’s understanding of the product or service by 74%!
Now, let me show you an example of how and why animation is the best way to deliver your brand message!

Did you see how well the story was executed through the use of animation?
Considering myself as an average viewer, what I took away from this is that there is a family like mine, who wants to enjoy luxuries of life or who wants to buy stuff (like my family wants) but the problem they face is having the  MONEY! (Like my family). So what’s the difference in our situation? Nothing.
This is the point where I get connected with the video. I feel a bit relaxed that there are other people in the world who have the same problem. I get the feeling that there are also people like us who are facing the same situations in life.
I feel that way because the animation in the video helped deliver the message perfectly. After watching it, I am able to connect it with my life! The animation in the video has supported the story so well that it convinced me subconsciously to connect with the story and the characters!
The best part is, the video also gives us the solution in the form of Shopping Sherlock. Now, my family and I can easily register on the site and buy products at a discount or take advantage of deals. My family can also earn money by inviting people to Shopping Sherlock.
What more information does my family need to make a decision? What else do you need to define your product/service, or idea? Is there any better way to address a problem and offer the best solution to it in a concise and entertaining way? There is none.

What Animation do exactly?

What animation does is that it presents a scenario in the video in which the product/service is perfectly showcased and the viewers remember it within the scenario shown. Whenever the viewers face such a situation, they would remember that Shopping Sherlock as the
solution long after watching the video!!!!

Roll up

The best way to present your brand story is through animation.  Animation gets people emotionally connected with the animated characters and story-line. This CONNECTION leads people to make use of the product/service shown in the video.
Animation enables the audiences to form brand perceptions. It enables the prospect or customer to relate to the brand. Not only this, the situations, brand story, and scenarios that are presented through animations remind customers of the product/service after viewing and reflecting on the message.
Video needs a good story and script in order to create impact. But what most people forget is that a good story and script needs to be well-synchronized and have high-quality animation in order to MAXIMIZE the impact!
Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

9 Useful Tips for YouTube video optimization

I will be sharing some valuable tips with on how to optimize YouTube videos in order to help you gain more attention within the YouTube world. Specifically, Below are some of the Key pointers will help increase your video’s standings in Google search results.

Choose the Right Keywords

The most important thing that you need to do is to search for the right keywords related to your industry. You can use Google Adwords for selecting the best suitable keywords for your video content. You can seek out low competition keywords, particularly if you are in a niche market business.
Try to make keyword phrases (low competition) as they usually get a high number of searches. Let’s consider an example here. You can create a video title such as, “How to Optimize YouTube Videos” instead of calling it  “Video Optimization.”  It’s much more specific and people initiating this search better represent your target audience.

Produce Great Content

Believe me, people are going to watch your video if your video content answers their questions, solves their problems, provides information, and connects with them emotionally.
When you are in the process of producing video content, do analyze what your competitors are doing. See what people like and dislike about them. Also, see how they are handling their YouTube channel and how they engage their customers with their videos.
Some important things to remember when creating video content:

  • Do not make a lengthy video. Ideally, it should be less than 3 minutes.
  • Focus on the video’s quality: script, photography or animation, sound, music, and narration.

Add the Right Keywords in the Video Title

YouTube is massive.  It’s the world’s second largest search engine. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to showcase your video! Make sure that you add the relevant keywords in the video title. This would better enable the users to find your video in YouTube search results as well as other search engines.
Your video title should be under 66 characters so that Google can easily display it. Include information about the video content, and if you have room, you can add your brand name to the title, but only at the very end. It would be really good if you can add ‘video’ in the video title itself.

Detailed Video Description

By writing a detailed video description, you have the opportunity to inform, convince, educate, and persuade your users about your product/service.  You have an 800-word limit and you need to create interest by writing a very catchy and a persuasive video description. Remember also that only 25-30 characters appear in YouTube search results, so try to use your main keywords at the beginning of the title.


Optimizing Tags

Search engines use Tags for positioning in organic searches. So, that’s why it’s so important to optimize your video tags. Also, YouTube links to similar videos if they contain the same content.
You can use at least 10 tags and they can be as long as 120 characters. Make unique tags that include your keywords. You can also use your brand name in the tags.
This is important because tagging that includes related keywords and topics will enable the video to appear under this context which would eventually increase the video’s reach.

Using Annotations

Video annotations can really get your video more viewers by engaging them and compelling them to spend the time to watch the video. What you can actually do to increase the view rate is to link the video with other ones in a series, or link to a certain category, or to your website in order to get more information. Annotations can really work well in prompting users to sign up! These annotations can stay on your video screen for a few seconds!
To create powerful annotations, add video background information, link to YouTube videos and channels, and try to create a call-to-action for sharing purposes.

Optimize YouTube channel

OK, so it’s time to publish your video.  You have two options for that: either upload a video to a new channel or establish a YouTube channel and then upload the video to it. The only problem is it takes the time to make a credible YouTube channel, but then again building credibility takes time anyway!
Add your content to your channel weekly in order to engage the users and keep them coming back. Users love quality content that really solves their problems and provides them useful information.
For optimizing your YouTube channel, make sure the channel title provides the description about the contents of the channel, such as, the videos lined up in the channel or what your product/service is all about. Try to market your product/service through the titles by giving some information about the content. Add channel tags. Make sure you add your industry keywords in the tags. List your social media accounts on your YouTube account in order to link them.

 Advanced Settings

You have an advanced settings option on YouTube. It is totally up to you what settings you create. But do remember that it’s really important if you want SEO to allow your users to leave comments about your videos. Comments are a good way of interacting with your users, learn what they think about your video, and what’s important to them.

Video Sharing

Now you’ve done all the necessary work required to optimize your YouTube video! What’s next? It’s  time to share your video, as much as you can, wherever you can. Share it on all social media channels. Use Email Marketing and reach out to prospects, customers, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.
And last but not the least! Remind people about your video as much as you can by sending them the link again!
So, you just learned about the Top 9 YouTube optimization tips that you need to follow in order to increase the popularity of your video on YouTube as well as on other social media channels. Good luck!

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

The 5 Best Pros and Cons of Video Maker Software &Video Animation Company

You know that explainer videos have gained immense popularity among the masses. These days, explainer videos have become the most powerful and persuading marketing tool.
This is because explainer videos are extremely effective in communicating the product messages. Any message, idea or concept, regardless of how complicated it is, can easily be communicated to audiences in the most interesting and memorable way.
Explainer videos make the product messages interesting with animations, vibrant colors, powerful script and story, amusing background music, pleasant voice-over and animated cartoon characters. What makes it so impactful is that these videos provide a complete product/service intro to the audiences in just a few seconds.
Explainer videos help businesses to increase their conversion rates, website traffic, and sales.Considering its benefits, every business wants to create a product demo video.
But the point we need to think about is what makes one explainer video better than anotother… because there are differences in quality and effectiveness? Either you make a video today using software or you can hire a video animation company too create your product demo.
Let’s discuss in detail the pros and cons of video maker software and video animation software.

Pros and Cons of Video Maker Software

1.Free of Cost or Reasonably Priced

If you are going to make your explainer video by yourself using video maker software then  the biggest advantage you will get is that it would be either free or of reasonable cost. Making a video with video maker software is a good option for you if you are a start up business. At the birth of your business, you can’t afford to make expensive videos using video animation companies.
For example, if you approach a video animation company to make your product/service demo video, the animation company would ask you to pay $1000 or more that for the video. Obviously, as a start up, you probably can’t afford such an amount. That is why video maker software is the best solution for you in making your product/service demo video.

2.Creating a Vision of Your Brand Concept

By using this software, you can create a visual image of your product/service idea. You can use  Camtasia or Go Animate as video maker software or you can go for a video maker tool called Pow Toon.
You can make the video using this software to educate and inform people about your product/service in your own way. You just have to start using a do-it-yoursself software solution.
There are templates available with this software, and you can select any template of your choice according to your product/service and target audience requirements and create the product/service demo for your business.
Check out some interesting tutorials for making your product/service video to help you decide.

3.Compromising on Quality

But there is a trade off to using video software – lower quality. You just can’t achieve the quality of professionally produced videos using out-of-the-box  video maker software. This is because video making is not an easy task.
Many creative influences are involved using leading professionals at video animation companies so you can’t meet the level of perfection that they strive for in their business.

4.Time Consuming

If you make a video by yourself with video maker software then it will also take a lot of time to complete it there is a learning curve in using the software, and steps required in creating the video. A video animation company has the lartest professional tools and software for video making and can turnaround a video in a short time.
The professionals at animation company follow the all the steps of video making by using their expertise, creativity and state of the art technology.
If you make the video using video maker software then you will lack the technical expertise and proficiency of video making which will take more time and the quality will not be as professional.

5.Lacking Good Video Content

Your video would be lacking the good and compelling video content such as writing a compelling script within a given time frame which takes creativity and must be structured a certain way to appeal to the target audience. difficult task.
At video animation companies, there are professional script writers  employed who create video scripts to be unique, informative and entertaing. Your video won’t probably won’t have the professional story structure  if you make it by yourself with video maker, unless of course you are a script writer..
Suppose you were asked to write a story for a writing competition. What would happen then? Yes, you can write a draft but how will it compare to novelists who have been trained in the craft and structure of short story writing? The anser is obvious and so it is with explainer video script writing.

Pros and Cons of  Using a Video Animation Company

If you hire video animation company to create your product demo video then you will get a lot of advantages.

1.Video Making Process

The video animation company will work closely with you to give the best product demo video. It  believes in collaboration and values your suggestions and insights for the video and integrates them with their best video-making practices.
Video making involves a comprehensive production process. The animation company has leading professionals which follow set procedures during the whole video making process to give you the very best video product for digital distribution.

2.Professionals Who Create Your Video

A video company collaborates with many artists and technicians to create a video including professional scriptwriters, animators, illustrators, storyboard artists, and voice over talent that work in harmony to create the product demo video.

3. Video Animation Company Helps in Video Marketing

A good explainer video plays a vital role in increasing sales, conversion rates, website traffic and brand awareness.
A good quality explainer video can drive prospects to consume your product/service. It can facilitate spreading brand awareness and making a building  the brand image in the consumers’ mind.
Only a professional video animation company can provide you that amazing product demo video that can boost your sales.

4.Delivering Brand Stories

The video company helps market your product/service using brand stories tha
t can really work in inspiring the viewers. Such amazing brand stories can only be created by the video animation company since they exactly know how to best showcase your product/service to viewers.
Here’s an example how video animation companies deliver amazing brand stories!

 5.Expensive Rates

The only disadvantage of  using a video animation company is that they are a bit expensive for some budgets. But there are many some companies offering video animation services at reasonable rates, so it’s good to do some research..
But remember, having the best always comes at a price, but is offset by the payoff.
The video animation company has professionals that work exclusively on your product/service video so that you can create marketing wonders using it!
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