About O-tix:

O-tix is an event technology platform that offers event ticketing, registration and data capture to companies.
O-tix combines event ticketing with visitor data capture on a single platform. Moreover, it includes registration, event apps, websites and even e-commerce to help you create events that delivers more.

“The result was superb – a well designed animated video that concisely explains the O-tix products.”



Breaking the new ground; Let the 1000+ visitors knows about the platform and its products.

Setting up, they wanted to create a world class SaaS platform that combines ticketing, data-capture, registration and product sales through one single integrated platform.

Why O-tix needed an explainer video?

They wanted to let their audience know a much easier way through which they can easily collect their data and so they needed a video that concisely captured the product’s benefit and how does it work.

As the client mentioned about the complexity that their brand has, we were tasked with creating a short and simple animated video that explains what O-tix is and the overall product benefit to let their audiences know how the platform can be useful in delivering more ROI specifically to exhibitors and event managers.

Our Solution:

Creating an inspiring explainer video to explain how one platform could deliver more ROI to exhibitors and organizers.

Otix required an explainer video that could concisely capture the product benefits and its mechanism and so we chose to create a 60-90 sec motion graphic explainer video that shows the true value of their product.

The main goal of making this video was to aware the audiences about the products benefits. Video explainers took an approach and crafted a video along with the script and animation that not only highlighted the value of o-tix products but also also its mechanism.

Hence, the video was able to successfully communicate the core value of the product in an engaging and inspiring way.


One Introductory Video and 1000+ Signups

As a result, the video was helpful in engaging the o-tix audiences in getting increased signups. Moreover, it has been currently used as an introductory video by their sales teams in meetings with large organizations.

Client’s statement:


The result was superb – a well designed animated video that concisely explains the O-tix products.

 Working with Video Explainers was fantastic – we have a very specific vision and there was a lot of communications between them and us. But the turnaround times and the understanding of our needs were impeccable with changes being accurately reflected every time.  

Client’s Delight:

 Love the team at Video Explainers and we’re already planning to have the video translated into Mandarin.

Project Breakdown

Concept: Created by Video explainers
Artwork & Design: Designed by Video explainers artists
Tone & Style: Story-based with animation
Video Production: By Video Explainer’s team.

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