About Divorcio

Divorcio is a Brazilian company that offers online service for consensual divorce to couples, who have been married in Brazil.

Divorcio allows services to couples who at some point do not agree or have children less than 18 years. It offers an eligibility test which the customer has to go through and after clearing the test they get to align with the local lawyers.

Objective: Why Divorcio needed an Explainer Video?

The objective was to make an explainer video to let the website visitors understand what Divorcio is offering and how does it work.

It wanted to make people understand how Divorcio service can help them in divorce concerning matters and get rid of those bureaucratic, slow and emotionally stressful procedures.

It decided to go for explainer video for conveying the Divorcio message to the audience as the message is a bit complex and making people aware about it through the text details would not be a convincing idea.

Divorcio wanted to explain the service message to its target market in appealing and engaging way that is why it chose explainer video as the best mean of communicating its message to the target audience.


The goal was to let the audience know about the online service that is complicated to explain to the website visitors. 


Divorcio required a 60-90 seconds animated video to make the audience understand about the services it offers.

It needed to make the website visitors understand the legal processes easily. Explainer video was the best option for making this message understandable for the people as explainer video excels in delivery of complex messages in fun and engaging ways.

As cartoon style videos and whiteboard videos are most effective in complex message delivery so we mutually decided to demonstrate the real value of Divorcio and its procedures to the audience through cartoon animated video.

Video explainers worked to make cartoon style video for Divorcio so that it could highlight the service meaning in an engaging way.


 As a result, the video helped Divorcio to get the results it wanted to achieve. With our animated video, Divorcio resulted in getting the number of users to come and visit the website and inspired them to use the service.

Let’s see what the client has to say about the results:

“We were very happy with the results of the video produced. Our online divorce service is complicated to explain to website visitors and the credibility that video gives to our website has helped us significantly in reaching our goals. We also use the video in generic online advertising with Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. I’m really happy with the results”

J Ring, DivorcioAqui CEO

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