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Case study- DLL-files.com

Case study- DLL -file fixer

The DLL-file fixer is software that provides a fully automated solution to DLL-error that is based on system information. The DLL file fixer helps to choose the file version that benefits system, and installs it where it needs to be.

A DLL–file fixer includes a registry cleanser that easily fixes all PC issues which enables to speed up the PC performance in the long run. The DLL-file fixer allows installing the software or getting the app that automates everything. The DLL-file fixer app is great for heavy computer users such as gamer, free lancers who at times face these DLL errors appearing.

Objective: Why DLL-File Fixer needed an Explainer Video?

The problem DLL- file fixer was facing was that it could not target the website users as it wanted to. To specifically target the website users, it decided to get an explainer video which could help in making DLL-file fixer gain visibility for the target market.

It wanted to convey the audience about the DLL file fixer, how it works and how the users can get the software. It believed Explainer video as the best means of communicating the DLL file fixer details to the target users as explainer video excels in the delivery of all product/service messages regardless of its complexity.

Through explainer video, it wanted to increase the sales and gain users’ trust so that the users attempt to try the trial version.


The goal was to encourage the users for more signups for the free trial version of the software, so that it could prove the direct benefit to the customers.


DLL-file fixer needed an animated video to highlight the use of thee product and encourage the users to get register for free signups. Video explainers developed a custom info graphic style video that focuses on DLL-File fixer goals.

The video message was very clear to demonstrate the DLL-File fixer software and sign up procedure.
Let’s see what Bjorn Sundqvist(Market Manager DLL-files.com, Tilf AB) has to say about it:

We were very happy with the results of including the video on our website. It is still featured prominently on all relevant landing pages where the Fixer app is promoted. We decided to use Youtube for hosting, as this would also allow a public space for interaction with users through the Youtube platform.

Based on direct feedback from users (on-page survey), they found the video “helpful in briefly explaining the benefits of the [DLL-files Fixer] in an easily digestible way”.


Video explainers always aims on producing great quality content that can help our users to achieve their respective business goals with the video.

This time we were again successful in bringing out great results for DLL-file fixer.

Based on the results, it got an estimated of 17% increase in the ratio of app downloads vs. the manual free option. Also, it got positive traffic flow from YouTube where it could interact with the users.

Our Happy and Successful Clients:

Not only did the video perform better than we had anticipated, it has also helped us realize that we had to simplify our value proposition. These learning helped us further improve our conversion rate on dll-files.com, but we also replicated these favorable results with one of our sister brands as well.
Björn Sundqvist (Market Manager DLL-files.com, Tilf AB)


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