Ben Boston is the brand ambassador for The Boston Group, which is a wholly-owned group of companies that include Boston Commercial Services and Dejure Commercial Lawyers.

Boston Commercial Services is an Australian company which focuses on providing small to medium businesses with cash flow solutions and legal business requirements. Boston Commercial Services can assist with commercial litigation, debt recovery, or a complete outsourced accounts receivable program.

Dejure Commercial Lawyers is the Boston Group’s incorporated legal practice. Dejure brings together a team of lawyers that are dedicated to conducting commercial litigation work, with a focus on the areas of debt recovery, business financial, corporate and commercial transactions and contract law.

Objective: Why Ben Boston needed an Explainer Video?

Boston Commercial Services and Dejure Commercial Lawyers wanted a fun and engaging way to illustrate such an extensive service offering to anyone that visited their website.

Ben Boston was the perfect way to show how the team at Boston Commercial Services and Dejure Commercial Lawyers can make the debt recovery and legal process simple and easy to understand.


The goal was to find a way to explain to anyone visiting the website the services offerings Boston Commercial Services and Dejure Commercial Lawyers can provide to their clients. Ben Boston provided a friendly approach to a sometimes complicated process.


As an explainer video production company, we analyze what Boston Commercial Services required and what they wanted to highlight in the video.  After all the research work we decided to make a cartoon animated video for briefing the Ben Boston services in appealing and attractive way.

We decided to make cartoon animated video as it is mostly used for communicating the difficult messages in fun and engaging way. Ben Boston’s message was related to the debt recovery and legal processes so we thought a cartoon animated style can make the message interesting for the audience.

Boston Commercial Services required a 90 seconds animated explainer video to let the visitors understand the complex services that they are offering in a simple yet effective manner.

Through the script, we managed to highlight the core message of the company effectively.
The animation and illustration of Ben Boston was the most appealing thing in the video that attracted the visitors most.
With the vibrant colors used in the illustration, the animation stands out well and helps to attract the visitors more.


As a result, they were able to find a way to explain to their clients, in a meaningful and simple way, the service offerings they can provide them.

Using Ben Boston in the introductory video has provided a friendly approach to the debt recovery and incorporated legal process, which can otherwise seem very daunting.

“Our introductory video has helped our clients to better understand how we can provide them with professional, commercially-sound, systematic solutions to meet their individual needs. “
-Ben Gower

Watch the Video!