Have you seen the enchanting Disney film Tangled? It was a worldwide mega hit! Everyone fell in love with the animated characters  in the film, including me! I especially adored the beauty and inner soul of Rapunzel while at the same time appreciating the wittiness of Flynn!
I could feel a connection with the characters and the story. Now this CONNECTION is the reason why you need an explainer video for defining YOUR brand story.

Animation gets viewers emotionally connected

I say this because the viewers get interested in your product/service only if they feel emotionally connected with it. The animation and the characters in the video enable the viewers to build an emotional connection with them, and thus, your company’s offering.
The characters in the animated video represent your audience or target market who face some kind of a problem in their lives that needs to be resolved. As the users watch the video, they feel themselves getting emotionally attached with those cartoon characters that are facing the same issues they have.
The viewers get the feeling that there are actually people in this world who have the same issues as they, and this depiction of the problem and resolution ties them emotionally to the animated cartoon characters. Moreover, the animation in the video presents the situation so well that the viewers start to relate to the entire experience.

Well Presented Video Dependent upon Animation

How well the video is presented depends a lot on the quality of the animation. Such as,  how good the story-line is, how well the animated characters are created, how the scenes are connected, how the animation of the environment is done in the video and more.

Problem-Solution Methodology

The viewers don’t only feel good after viewing and relating to their problems, but they really love the SOLUTION to them! They love how animated cartoon characters are shown facing their challenges and how well the product/service is the solution.
Today, the audience is interested in how companies recognize their challenges, but what they really appreciate is that they also provide a solution.  Addressing and properly portraying the problem is relatively easier than coming up with the perfect  solution.
Because of this, there really isn’t a strong reason NOT to invest modest resources into creating and distributing an explainer video for your business when you know realize how much a single video can impact the branding, marketing, and profitability of your enterprise!
So, let’s talk some more about it.
Why do  we stress the importance of explainer videos today and why is it at the top of this blog in an article explaining why animations are the best way to explain your brand story? Come with me to discover more!

Video Marketing- Biggest Marketing Strategy

Explainer videos have revolutionized marketing! Today, digital video distribution has replaced all the obsolete ways of messaging! There is really only one BIG marketing approach these days and it’s VIDEO MARKETING.

 Your Customer’s Short Attention Span

Today’s customers don’t have enough time to read lengthy text details. They are quick and tech savvy! Imagine a prospect who’s getting ready for work. He has his smartphone in his hand. He puts that on the table and plays YOUR video. While getting ready, he can easily listen to what the video says but he can’t do the same when reading about product or service details.
Videos are made for your customers’ convenience. So that they can watch them, wherever they are!

Animation Delivers the Message

The main part of the video is the story and script. But what makes the story and script perfectly presentable for the customers is ANIMATION. The cartoon characters are animated, the environment shown is animated, and all the video scenes are well synced with the animations. So, basically the animations give the main support to the script and story.
Imagine a video that has a very good story and script and but the animations are not so good in that. You would like it? Definitely you would not!

Animation Give Perfect Display to Brand Story

The main part of the video is the story and script. But what makes the story and script perfectly presentable to the customers is ANIMATION. The cartoon characters are animated, the environment shown is animated, and all the video scenes and narration are well synced with the animations. So, basically the animations mainly support the script and story.
Imagine a video that has a very good story and script, but the quality of the animation is not up to par. Would you like it? Probably not! You would be focused on the poor quality of the presentation and not the message.
Animation perfectly brands the story
With animation, the brand story can be perfectly created and presented.  The animation that supports the story can blend with the brand and integrate them into one presentation. The customers relate the brand with the story shown in the video. The customers relate to the animated characters in the video, and also the brand. In short, animations play the most important role in extending your brand’s reach. It enables the audience to establish an emotional CONNECTION with the brand.
Once the viewers get connected with the brand and animated characters, they gain deeper insights into the product/service. The more they can relate to your product/service details; the greater the chance they will take the action you want them to take.
And, in concluding, here’s a very important statistic: Videos Increase a prospect’s understanding of the product or service by 74%!
Now, let me show you an example of how and why animation is the best way to deliver your brand message!

Did you see how well the story was executed through the use of animation?
Considering myself as an average viewer, what I took away from this is that there is a family like mine, who wants to enjoy luxuries of life or who wants to buy stuff (like my family wants) but the problem they face is having the  MONEY! (Like my family). So what’s the difference in our situation? Nothing.
This is the point where I get connected with the video. I feel a bit relaxed that there are other people in the world who have the same problem. I get the feeling that there are also people like us who are facing the same situations in life.
I feel that way because the animation in the video helped deliver the message perfectly. After watching it, I am able to connect it with my life! The animation in the video has supported the story so well that it convinced me subconsciously to connect with the story and the characters!
The best part is, the video also gives us the solution in the form of Shopping Sherlock. Now, my family and I can easily register on the site and buy products at a discount or take advantage of deals. My family can also earn money by inviting people to Shopping Sherlock.
What more information does my family need to make a decision? What else do you need to define your product/service, or idea? Is there any better way to address a problem and offer the best solution to it in a concise and entertaining way? There is none.

What Animation do exactly?

What animation does is that it presents a scenario in the video in which the product/service is perfectly showcased and the viewers remember it within the scenario shown. Whenever the viewers face such a situation, they would remember that Shopping Sherlock as the
solution long after watching the video!!!!

Roll up

The best way to present your brand story is through animation.  Animation gets people emotionally connected with the animated characters and story-line. This CONNECTION leads people to make use of the product/service shown in the video.
Animation enables the audiences to form brand perceptions. It enables the prospect or customer to relate to the brand. Not only this, the situations, brand story, and scenarios that are presented through animations remind customers of the product/service after viewing and reflecting on the message.
Video needs a good story and script in order to create impact. But what most people forget is that a good story and script needs to be well-synchronized and have high-quality animation in order to MAXIMIZE the impact!
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  1. Hari says:

    the post was very delightful and the video was awesone

  2. Veronica Richard says:

    Great article.i loved how you have related cartoons and emotional attachments! In what cases do you recommend longer videos than 60 – 90 seconds?