YouTube, being the second largest online search engine, is the prime source for SEO professionals to drive traffic to their web pages and videos. Visual content on YouTube offers a great marketing opportunity, which makes YouTube SEO optimization more important than ever.

Having said that take a look at these YouTube SEO tips for increasing the traffic to your channel.

Optimize the YouTube Watch Time

One of the important YouTube ranking factors is the watch time, because the number of clicks on the video is less crucial than the overall length of time that a person takes to watch the video. YouTube’s watch time also clarifies that Google prefers long, appealing videos over the shorter ones. While creating the strategy for your next video, keep this YouTube SEO tactic in mind.

Choose Trending Topics for Your Videos

Just like the other forms of content on the website, the topic of your YouTube video should be relevant and unique. This helps in captivating your target audience largely and increases the number of subscribers on your channel. If you are looking for fresh ideas for your upcoming video topic, you can also avail Google Trends and discover the reach of a specific search term. You can also narrow down the results with a “YouTube Search” or by filtering the time range, location, and categories.

Title Optimization

The title of a video content is one of the first things that viewers get to see after making a search query on YouTube. It is also an on-page SEO factor, which requires professional expertise in order to avoid all sort of on page mistakes and optimizing the title in the best possible way. Create an engaging title that offers a brief, yet, strong description of the video content. YouTube will only consider your channel’s video in the search results when your title is relevant and the watch time is high. In short, the title of your video must be valuable to both the search engines and the users.

Write Long and Informative Video Descriptions

Similar to the title of a video, the users and the Google algorithm will also evaluate your video description. Compared to social media platforms, it is much easier and beneficial to use this section for promoting links and improving your YouTube SEO. You can usually add all the relevant and useful information about your video, as well as, your brand. The main focus should be on making the description more informative rather than simply filling the space.

Effective and Relevant Tags

Another great way of notifying YouTube and your subscribers about your video is through the proper utilization of tags. Use content relevant tags that are trending, as well as, popular and make your video as unique as possible.


Finally, you should create intuitive and audience-oriented content on YouTube and then apply the above-mentioned YouTube SEO tactics for engaging more traffic to your channel. YouTube is a very crowded platform, which makes your YouTube SEO critical in order to drive more traffic and achieve better rankings.

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